Top 10 Best dog Shampoos: Keep your pet clean and shiny

Owning a dog or any other pet for that matter can be a full time job. When you have children, they have to bath everyday take care of your hygiene responsibilities. Well, like children, or four legged children (dogs) need the same time and attention.

They can’t hop in the shower and get cleaned up on their own; they are 100% reliant on us. So what can we do to make sure that our dogs look their very best all the time? Here I have put together a few suggestions for finding the best dog shampoo for your fur baby.

Grooming is something that is not optional. Whether you have a long haired dog or a short haired dog it is something that you have to keep up with. The kind of dog shampoo you use is the first choice that you need to make. All dogs have different coats, kinds of nail , skin, and allergies, just as we do.

Recommended Review on the Best Dog Shampoo

Next, you will have an opportunity to read about 10 different brands, each offering their own pros and cons to what their products offer, to help you in your journey of finding the top rated dog shampoo for you and your pet.

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Things To Consider for the Best Dog Shampoo

Poor knowing is not a problem but if you have a pet, you have to know about its food , breed, likes, dislikes etc. Therefore, for your dog grooming you must have the knowledge on dog shampoo.

Know their skin

When you adopted your four-legged buddy I hope that you took the time to research and learn about their breed , and where they came from, what kind of upkeep they need, and they personal needs.

Dogs can get dry, oily, or itchy skin just like we do, and if your anything like me, you have your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash, well, why should our pets’ standards be any different?

Take the time to do some research, if you find your fur baby scratching a lot or, shedding more than they should be, or not enough etc.

You can talk to your vet or a professional groomer for suggestions on the best dog shampoo for you pooch. Keep in mind, if you have a puppy, their skin is very sensitive and they need their own shampoos as well.

All Natural?

We hear about all of these all natural organic shampoos and conditioners, but just because they claim they are all natural do not mean that they are the best dog shampoo for your pet’s needs.

Many of the different brands out there offer something different for each of the products. Some will have special ingredients to help with dryness, oily skin, allergies, and everything else in between. It will be important not to get a pet shampoo that offers medicated treatment for something your dog does not need.

Second Opinion

With all of the different options out there we know it can get overwhelming, and a little stressful if you just aren’t sure which is the best dog shampoo for your pet, you can always ask for a second opinion.

I mentioned this above but felt it deserved mentioning one more time.Finally, there are several options out there, but two people who are in your corner, who can be considered professionals.

 Stop in and talk with your preferred veterinarian or you’re a professional groomer. Both professionals would be able to offer insight on what brands and or ingredients to look for.

These three tips are here to help you choose the best dog shampoo you should look into for your fur baby.

1. Dr. Muller Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses - Review

Editor Rating:

When you are looking for a shampoo for your pet that can be used on more than one kind of pet.

if you have cats, dogs and other longhaired pets, you will be able to use this brand for all of them (assuming they have the same needs).

This is considered an antiseptic shampoo that allows for deep cleansing and deodorising without all the perfumes. They have created for multiple animals in mind, safe for cats, dogs and horses.


  • Created with health in mind: Antibacterial and antifungal soap
  • Can be used for cats and dogs
  • Deodorizing without the perfumes to dry out the skin


  • Only available in bulk sizes
  • Preferred for those with dermatology conditions over general use

2. TrueBlue Natural Balance Conditioning Shampoo - Review

Editor Rating:

Staunch offers a deep conditioning shampoo available in 12 oz. bottles. They provide all-natural botanical ingredients.

No alcohol or other drying materials. Scented with a grapefruit aroma , and made from all natural oils.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made from all natural oils and botanicals
  • Part of proceeds go to American Humane Society Second Chance fund


  • Safe for pets over 12 weeks old only

3. Solid Gold Supersenes Gelle Shampoo - Review

Editor Rating:

Considered one of the better options for dog shampoos that focus on sensitive skin, breeds with pure white coats, and helps relieve bites and itching from fleas and ticks.


  • A gel based shampoo, offering a thick soothing wash
  • Great for pure white coats to help clean without the chemical base ingredients


  • Based for those dogs needing treatment for sensitive skin

Editor Rating:

More and more all natural dog shampoos and conditioners are popping up on the market, but choosing the best dog shampoo for your pet’s needs, with all natural ingredients, can be tough.

The Earth bath shampoo offers a variety of aromas , perfume free and available in bulk orders.


  • Safe and gentle
  • Scented with various options
  • Soap and dandruff free shampoo


  • Long delivery time

Editor Rating:

Great dog shampoo that offers a 50:1 high concentrate that is not based on soap, perfume or detergent.

They have based their production something that will help beat fleas and ticks, dry skin and overall dirt and filth.

This is where they got their name Filthy Animal. Safe for most haired animals such as cats, dogs, puppies, horses caged animals and farm pets.​


  • Great for several breeds of animals outside of just dogs
  • Made of natural ingredients, no soaps or detergents


  • Only available in two sizes

6. Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Dog and cat shampoo - Review

Editor Rating:

A tear free super concentrate herbal and oil based shampoo and conditioner in one for your cats and dogs.

Made from all biodegradable ingredients, to help with skin issues, and make your dog’s coat shiny and clean.


  • For both cats and dogs
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients


  • Does contain lanolin which some dogs are allergic to
  • For cats and dogs only

Final Verdict

You have had the opportunity to read about 10 of the best pet shampoo on the market today. If you are looking for the best treatment for your pet’s skin and coats, you are sure to find the best quality here from one of these products.

If you have more than one pet, remember there may be instances where you need more than one kind of shampoo. The best dog shampoo for one pet may not be the same for the other. Your dog only deserves the best, each time.​

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a Pet Care consultant from Pleasant, SC. She is very much passionate writing on pets especially the dog, cat and much more!

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