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Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, bell peppers are absolutely safe for your dog but do not let your furry friend to eat too much as they may fall sick. For the first time, you may want to offer them just a few nibbles to make sure it works well.Too much of bell peppers could lead to diarrhea and stomach […]

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Expert Tips for Traveling with Small Dogs

Among the numerous dog breeds out there, small dogs are perhaps the cutest and most adorable dogs that you would ever get to see. Moreover, these dogs are so lightweight that they could even weigh as low as 2 pounds!With their small stature, they are one of the most versatile dogs because they could easily […]

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Can Dogs Sniff Out Cancer, Seizures, Narcolepsy or Migraines?

Adopted a dog recently? have some fancy questions on mind and looking for answer based on the scientific facts and statistics?Can dogs sniff out cancer?​Can dogs sniff out Seizures?Can dogs sniff out Narcolepsy?Can dogs sniff out Migraines?Can dogs sniff out Fear and Stress?Can dogs sniff out Low blood sugar and Diabetics?At today’s article, we have answered […]

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The Best Pet Tips to beat the Heat

Well folks, summer is reached most of us, and if you are anything like me, and my family, we are feeling the heat. I live in the Midwest, where we get a lot of humidity pretty much all summer long, but we do have a lot of just flat dry HEAT in the late summer […]

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Top 10 Dog Care Tips for Winter

Even though the wintertime seems so far away right now, knowing how to take care of your dog all year round is crucial if you want to keep your dog healthy and happy. The cold weather is really harsh in the northern hemisphere and dog owners are not always fully prepared for the chilly months. […]

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