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Pet Smart Water Dispenser

Pet Smart Water Dispenser - PetCareSunday

Pet Smart Water Dispenser

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Have you noticed your pet drinking a lot when the water is fresh, but totally ignoring water that’s been there for hours? Some pets—especially cats—hate the taste of stagnant water. They would rather go thirsty than drink from a water bowl that you filled up hours ago.

Our pet smart water dispenser will solve this issue.

This smart water dispenser inspires your pet to drink more water, keeping her safe and hydrated.

Key Features:

🐾 This device uses a silent design that does not interrupt you and the rest of your pet.

🐾 The radar model has a radar sensing feature, which automatically sprays water when your pet is near the fountain and avoids spreading when it leaves.

🐾 There's a cotton filter to purify the impurities in the stream.

🐾 Automatically circulate water such that the water absorbs more oxygen.

🐾 The pump has a control valve that changes the speed of the water spraying according to your needs.

Notes: Position the radar sensor module outside of the water tank and do not soak it in the water.


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