Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in the World

Large dog breeds were extremely popular in the past. They were regarded as exceptional hunters and working dogs that were capable of pretty much anything. Large dog breed was a perfect companion that served an important purpose in a daily life routine. They look intimidating so they were the ideal guards for every property.

Large dog breed might be tall and lean, or short and bulked up – there are no rules and their build mostly depends on the location and the place of origin.

Luckily, people still adore these big dogs and if you have enough space, you should definitely take a closer look at them and consider a large dog breed as a potential pet. Moreover, they are less prone to weather effect. Still, pay attention when you’re renting an apartment with your big furry pal, as breed restrictions may apply even for certain sizes.

Largest Dog Breeds:

The Great Dane

the great dane

When it comes to height, no dog can compare to the Great Dane. As a matter of fact, the tallest dog in the world is a Great Dane named Zeus. This large dog breed comes from Germany, but it is a cross breed between an Irish wolfhound and English mastiff. The average height is somewhere between28 to 30 inches, but they can get even bigger.

They can also get very heavy, depending on the height and the amount of the daily activity. Unfortunately, these dogs do not live a long life and their maximum is eight years. It is such a shame because they are absolutely stunning. Great Dane’s long legs are very strong and they have a great stamina.

This large dog breed loves walking so if you are an outdoorsy type, these dogs would be a perfect companion for your hikes and adventures. When it comes to the diet, big dogs often require big food portions, especially if they are very active.

Great Danes are generally not extremely sensitive to various food types and they will be able to consume a variety of meals unless you find out they are allergic to something.

Scottish Deerhound

scottish deerhound

Scottish deerhound has really long legs and an interestingly looking coat that make them stand out among the largest dog breeds. As you might have guessed, they were used for hunting in the past. They are still used for that same activity today but not that often. Their popularity plummeted down and they are not so common outside the Great Britain.

When it comes to height, they usually reach 32 inches. Very long legs will give them speed – they are not as fast as greyhounds but they can still be super-fast without a problem. They remain skinny with long muscles throughout their life and they require a lot of physical activity on a daily basis.

You simply have to take them out on long walks in order to keep your Scottish deerhound happy and healthy.

They are known for their mild temper and friendliness. Scottish deerhound puppies can be quite unruly but their temper changes as soon as they grow up. Additionally, their sight is exceptional.

Unfortunately, they also have a short life span and they usually live for up to eight to nine years.

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhound is pretty similar to Scottish deerhounds. However, they were used for protection against wolves. This large dog breed is one of the oldest in the world and they were primarily used for hunting and guarding. But now they are usually seen at dog shows.

Irish wolfhounds are really tall and their height can reach up to 32 inches. This large dog breed is average when it comes to weight and they are fairly thin. Since they are light, Irish Wolfhounds are very fast and their sight is extraordinary.

When it comes to personality, there are no rules with this breed. They can be sweethearts, but they can also be quite difficult. Irish wolfhound might not be the largest dog in the world, but it is most certainly among the tallest ones. Therefore, their appearance can be pretty intimidating.

Their lifespan is short and the average is seven years. Yes, some of them can live up to ten years, but those are very rare. According to US National Library of Medicine , they are prone to epilepsy so make sure you keep an eye on that.

They are easily adjustable and even though they are made for rural areas, Irish wolfhounds can live in the city as well. They might require more walks because they are really active dogs so make sure you take them out regularly.

Saint Bernard

saint bernard

The majority of us have first seen a Saint Bernard in cartoons and they were presented as caring and gentle rescue dogs. That representation is quite accurate because Saint Bernard is a work dog breed that originated in the Alps. They were trained by the monks at Great St. Bernard Pass and they were perfect for the search and rescue back in the days.

Saint Bernard became a beloved family dog in the last couple of decades and they are perfect for children. Even though their size might be quite intimidating and they are among the largest dog breeds, Saint Bernard is a very calm dog that loves to socialize and they are large goofballs.

The average lifespan of a Saint Bernard is somewhere between eight to ten years. They are prone to bone disease but that can be prevented with the regular exercise. When it comes to size, Saint Bernard is definitely a large dog breed. As a matter of fact, they can reach 35 inches in height, but the average is usually somewhere around 30 inches.

They can also be a bit heavy and will easily get to 140–260lbs when they enter adulthood. Their coat is very thick and their appearance is absolutely beautiful if you take care of them in terms of nutrition and exercise.

English Mastiff

English Mastiff

Another large dog breed with incredibly gentle nature, English mastiff can get extremely big. They are known for both their height and weight, so if you live in a really small apartment, this one is definitely not for you. On the other hand, if you can provide them with enough space, you will get a companion for life and a new best friend.

Depending on the gender, the average weight of an English mastiff is usually around 150lbs. They generally reach 30 inches in height, but some of them can get even taller. The color of their coat might vary, but they are recognizable for their distinctive black head.

The perfect diet for an English mastiff requires a lot of different products that are well balanced. So if you want your pet to develop properly, you really need to invest a bit more money in their nutrition.

This breed also requires regular exercise in order to prevent the possible diseases in their later years. Speaking of age, this large dog breed can live up to seven years, usually even longer. These dogs are kind giants that are excellent with both children, adults, and other dogs.

Dogue de Bordeaux

Dogue de Bordeaux

Since we are talking about mastiffs, it is important to mention this related breed that comes from France. Dogue de Bordeaux is one of the largest dog breeds around. They are famous for their impressive musculature and they were known back in the days as the working dogs. Dogue de Bordeaux is capable of pulling a large amount of weight and they are very strong.

They are not particularly tall, but they can grow up to 26 inches. The weight is what makes them large and the minimum mass is 99-110lbs, depending on the gender. The size depends on the amount of exercise and they need plenty of that. Their coats are short and soft, so the maintenance will be a breeze for you.

Unfortunately, the life span is extremely short and they live somewhere between five to six years. Yes, the life span of a large dog breed is not very long, but this one is unusually short.

They are generally considered to have really good health, but they can experience various problems as they reach the fifth year of their life. Make sure you are taking a good care of them and they might live even longer than expected.



This incredibly smart dog breed is a combination of a Saint Bernard and a Newfoundland. Leonberger is a dog breed that can do it all – they are large family dogs that love cuddling and playing with the children, they are excellent when it comes to the rescue, and they are exceptional companions.

This breed is truly the best of both worlds and they are regarded as one of the most intelligent dogs out there. They have a really thick coat that keeps them warm during the  colder months and a very muscular but well-proportioned body that requires regular exercise.

The temperament of this large dog breed vary, but they are generally really calm and patient. The average male size is 29 inches and 140lbs, while females are a bit shorter and can reach 27 inches and 115lbs of weight.

Their health is considered to be good but they do suffer from bad hips, especially as they age. This is a common issue with almost every large dog breed and it cannot be avoided.

You can prolong the health of your dog by taking it out for walks and keeping their joints active as much as you can. Leonberger usually lives for seven years, but there were a lot of recorded cases where they reached ten years of age.



Even though Kuvasz is a large dog breed that originated in the East, they were brought to Hungary thousands of years ago. Kuvasz is known for their long life expectancy and can easily reach twelve years of age.

This breed is also very healthy but they might still experience some bone problems. Their metabolism is simply amazing and in combination with good genetics and solid nutrition, the puppies will grow quickly and get strong fast.

Avoid giving them any additional vitamins or supplements because these dogs simply do not need them. They are very playful but also independent. As you might have guessed, this breed requires a lot of training, so if you can’t commit to them, this dog is not for you.

According to Wikipedia , their behavior can get a bit out of hand if they are not taught well from an early age. When it comes to size, these dogs are usually around 90-110lbs and 28-30 inches tall. The coat makes them very attractive – it is always white and very fluffy.

They will shed and this usually occurs in spring or autumn. It is a completely normal process so don’t be alarmed if your Kuvasz starts losing a lot of hair – it will grow back.

Anatolian Shepherd

 Anatolian Shepherd

This breed is definitely not the largest one on our list but they are extremely strong working dogs that are used to rough environments. They are very agile and fast and will keep any predator away from you or your livestock.

Anatolian shepherd originated in Turkey and they are a common sight in that country, especially in the rural areas. They will be your companion for thirteen or more years if you decide to get them.

Anatolian shepherds are not ideal pets because they are very strong willed and they are used to making decisions on their own. However, with the proper training from an early age, they can transform and leave the working dog mentality behind them.

Once they get accustomed to living in a house, you will see how intelligent they can be and you will get an excellent companion. Wikipedia states that Anatolian shepherds do not suffer from the canine hip but they can get ill.

Their skin is particularly sensitive so make sure you are keeping your eye on it. They can go up to 30 inches in height and weight between 90 and 150lbs, depending on the gender.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

This beautiful large dog breed comes from the Swiss Alps and it is considered to be one of the friendliest dogs out there regardless of its size. They are not shy at all and adore company.

Even though they are supposed to be working dogs, these dogs are excellent pets and will adapt to any accommodation. They behave well in closed spaces but still require a lot of physical exercises and walking.

When it comes to health issues, this breed is prone to cancer. They also have bone problems, especially when they get older. Bernese mountain dogs are quite big but they are still not extremely large. They are usually between 26 and 28 inches tall and weight around 110-120lbs.

Their life span is short and they can reach eight years of age. Since they have plenty of muscles, their diet should consist primarily of protein. It is also important to point out that they shed all year round and that their hair is really high maintenance. You need to brush them at least once a week if you want to keep them tidy.

Final verdict:

So these are the top largest breed dogs that are excellent pets and can be kept in your home. If you plan on getting one of the dogs from this list, make sure you read as much as you possibly can about that particular breed.

Scottish Deerhounds are my personal favorite because they are very loveable and active dogs that can become excellent pets. Their intelligence is exceptional and they have a way of cheering you up in every situation.

Plus, they are quite unusual looking so they will be a quite unique addition to your neighborhood. It might not be the largest dog in the world, but its height is still quite impressive and they will tower above the majority of your friend’s pets.

So make sure you understand the level of commitment every dog needs and once you have everything figured out, it is time to find a new member of your pet family.


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