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Electric Pet Head Vacuum Lice comb

Electric Pet Head Vacuum Lice comb - PetCareSunday

Electric Pet Head Vacuum Lice comb

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Lice and fleas are real plagues that affect both humans and animals. This flea brush for lice and fleas is one of the best alternatives. Do you want to treat Teddy the dog’s fleas? Then this comb is made for you!

This comb is a revolutionary product since it is an electronic flea killer. Here, comb and vacuum technology have been combined to ensure efficiency. Thanks to this flea prevention for dogs, your animals will receive both a gentle massage and an anti-flea and anti-lice treatment.

Key Features:

🐾 All lice and eggs captured in the disposable capture filter, which allows secure and disposable.

🐾 Rounded stainless steel teeth with adjustable combing angles as well as a compact and ergonomic designed electronic head lice comb.

🐾 The combing unit features stainless steel teeth with gently rounded edges and two adjustable combing angles.

🐾 After treatment, simply detach the capture filter and snap on the lid for hygienic disposal.

🐾 The comb is simple and user-friendly, reusable, allergy-free head lice comb for both children and adults. This gentle yet effective treatment is safe for home use and eliminates head lice and eggs (nits) without the need for harmful chemicals or special lice shampoos.

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