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PetCareSunday™ Pet Hair Remover Roller

PetCareSunday™ Pet Hair Remover Roller - PetCareSunday

PetCareSunday™ Pet Hair Remover Roller

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Is your pet shedding anywhere?

Tired of vacuuming, and using unworkable lint rollers?

So you need the PetCareSunday™ Pet Hair Remover Roller– the better way to remove pet hair from your furniture!

✔️ Works on both dog and cat hairstyles!

✔️ Stop wasting money on disposable lint rollers!

✔️ Hair Remover Roller is 100% eco-friendly and reusable!

Watch it in action below:

Key Features:

🐾 This product can remove pet hair from the furniture, sofa, carpet, bed or other furnishings.

🐾 One hand to operate quickly and comfortably, saving a lot of time and energy.

🐾 The two-way configuration has higher efficiency.

🐾 Adopting high-quality material, this product has a long service life and easy to clean.

🐾 No adhesives or sticky tape required

🐾 No batteries required

How It Works

Roll the hair remover brush back and forth a couple of times over your furniture and it'll pick up every strand of hair - even the ones not visible to your eyes!

The collected pet hair will be deposited in the back compartment for easy cleaning.

How to Use

Step 1: Roll it back and forth in short strokes to trap the pet hair into the chamber.

Step 2: Press the handle catch to open the chamber.

Step 3: Remove all pet hair from the catchment chamber.

Never buy a lint roller or replacement rolls ever again! Our Reusable Pet Hair Remover will last you a long long time. You don't have any parts to replace, and it doesn't run out. You can use it over and over and over!

Reusable, gentle & economical design – the effective two-way roller gently removes pet fur and lint without harming your clothes and furniture.

Great for any surface! Couch, bed, tables, cars, floors, carpet and so much more!

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