Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, bell peppers are absolutely safe for your dog but do not let your furry friend to eat too much as they may fall sick. For the first time, you may want to offer them just a few nibbles to make sure it works well.

Too much of bell peppers could lead to diarrhea and stomach upset. Because there are various types of bell peppers such as green, red and yellow, you need to offer him small slices of the different pepper types and notice which one they prefer.

Can dogs have red bell peppers

Can dogs have red bell peppers?

Red bell peppers are more nutritious as compared to yellow and the green ones but can they eat them? Well, the red bell peppers could be the favorite for your furry friend, but too much of these could be problematic. The best way to serve them with red bell peppers is in their pure form and steamed.

Can dogs eat green bell peppers?

Just like the red ones, these green ones need to be offered in moderate amounts, but I'm sure they'll like them.

But don’t leave yet!

Just like the red bell peppers, these are also filled with vitamins as well as beta carotene. These are without a doubt beneficial for your doggy friend. Many veggies contain the nutrients, but green bell pepper is the richest source. The green bell pepper helps improve your dog's vision and fights cancer too.

What about the yellow bell peppers?

Well, they form a crunchy treat for your doggy friend. Yellow bell peppers are juicy and crispy, and your dogs gonna enjoy the treat.

These are loaded with nutrients with a sweet and sour taste. Your dog will enjoy them in raw form.

The rule of the thumb remains that the excess of anything is bad! Be moderate especially at first.

How much bell pepper is too much?

Dogs are naturally carnivores, and their digestion is created to digest meat. Therefore, many veggies in their meals, bell peppers included, can cause problems with your dog's digestive system resulting in diarrhea and vomiting.

You need to start with a few small prices and keep increasing the quantity gradually until you can be sure that your dog is good with bell peppers.

For small dog’s in size, 1-3 medium slices a day is enough while for large dogs a half bell pepper is enough. It should not be an everyday treat as the dog can get all the necessary nutrients in the dog food.

What's the best way to serve bell peppers to your furry friend?

You can serve bell peppers to your dog in any way, but we highly recommend that you cook them first or try blending it to ensure that your beloved friend absorbs every drop of the nutrients.

Bell peppers have been found to have tough cell walls which may lessen the chances of absorption which justifies the importance of breaking down the veggie. Don’t be surprised when your doggy friend spits a raw piece of pepper out after trying to chew it.

The best way to cook bell peppers for dogs is by steaming them and preparing them in a pan using very little or no fat. Remember to remove the seeds and cores before cooking. The hard seeds may be choking on your dog, and they rarely compromise the nutrition of the veggie.

Avoid cooking the peppers with onions and garlic as the two vegetables are toxic to dogs.

What are the health benefits of bell peppers for dogs?

Among the nutrients your dogs get from bell peppers include fiber, folate, vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin K, beta-carotene, some B vitamins, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium just to mention a few.

They're loaded with vitamin C, and good to your dog when cooked or blended.

Bell pepper contain capsaicin, and due to their richness with vitamin C and other antioxidant properties, bell peppers are essential for dogs with arthritis. The ingredient is also available in chili peppers, but that's not recommended for dogs (due to burning).

Other benefits include:

  • It improves blood circulation
  • It helps in detoxification
  • No more health hazards
  • A simple treat of Bell Peppers
  • Ingredients: Bell peppers


  • Take the bell pepper and remove seeds and core.
  • Get rid of the ends.
  • Cut the veggie into strips like fingers
  • Serve in a bowl!

Alternatively, you can refrigerate the sliced strips and serve them some time to come. You can also combine other vegetables with bell peppers such as carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and cucumber.


Can dogs eat bell peppers? Well, dogs can eat any type of bell peppers, but you need to choose the fresh ones. However, this needs to be offered as an occasional treat because experimentation requires patience. Bell peppers are perfect for your doggy friend.

Does your furry friend like bell peppers?

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