What Are The Best Pet-friendly Sofa Fabrics For Your Home?

Contents1 A Few Words to Bare in Mind2 What Sofa Fabrics Should Pet Owners Look Into?2.1 Leather And Pets – It Can Happen!2.2 Synthetic Fibres And Pets2.3 Crypton is Great for Claws!2.4 Protect The Exterior of The Fabric2.5 Consider Scotchgard Stain Protection 2.6 Slipcovers Always Come in Handy!2.7 Fleece Throw3 What Are The Non Pet-friendly Fabrics […]

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Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, bell peppers are absolutely safe for your dog but do not let your furry friend to eat too much as they may fall sick. For the first time, you may want to offer them just a few nibbles to make sure it works well.Too much of bell peppers could lead to diarrhea and stomach […]

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Orijen Adult Dog Food Reviews 2017

As a pet owner it does not matter how older our pet is, we all want to see them energetic, healthy and happy, Right?If you have a aged dog at home, you may notice any of the following symptoms:-Your furry buddy weigh just the right or go every day for a long walk?Your dog become […]

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