How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs, Your Bed And Carpets?

Fleas tend to stick to just one type of species or a group of species to feed and reproduce on. However, some may feed on a different host if they have to but will not be able to reproduce. During the summer their population can grow a lot and it makes it hard to deal with them, but there are a number of ways and at Pet Care Sunday, we’ve wrapped the ins and outs for you to grasp!

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs?

The Homemade Flea Remedies.

There are a few ways to get rid of fleas from your dogs without special pesticides.

1. Try the Flea Comb.

It is a well-known and a very effective method for dealing with fleas on a dog. You should buy a comb that gets rid of fleas in all of its stages. Although their eggs or larvae will hardly be found on the host’s body, you should be sure that even if they are, the comb will take care of them too.

Also, make sure that the dog’s hair isn’t tangled and that you will not hurt it while using the comb. This method is useful and does not harm your dog whatsoever, and can be used on a couple of dogs.

2. Use Homemade Flea Shampoo or Trust the Best Products.

There are plenty of shampoos that treat fleas on the market that you can choose from. But you can also use your pet’s regular shampoo and turn it into a flea repellent shampoo. You can do that by simply adding half a cup of lemon juice and two cups of water to a half a cup of your pet’s shampoo.

Pour in the bottle and shake well. This can be used on your dog once a week. If your dog is a large breed, increase the proportions and do not let it run outside where the fleas are. You can combine this method with the comb. However, the best and 100% sure way is to combine the treatment with any of the best dog shampoos.

3. Apple Cider Vinegar Repels Fleas.

For this, you better consult with a vet because for this repelling method your dog will need to ingest diluted apple cider vinegar. The method is to add a teaspoon of the vinegar to a quarter litre of your dog’s water so it can drink it throughout the day.

The vinegar will make your dog’s skin a bit more acidic and this will repel the fleas, and even fleas. However, you should not apply the vinegar water mixture to the dog’s skin because it will irritate it. To be sure your dog is safe, ask your vet about the amount of vinegar your dog can drink based on its size and weight.

4. Wash Your Pet’s Beddings.

Every piece of fabric that is on your dog’s bed or another piece that your dog lies on often should be washed with a strong detergent and if possible, at high temperature. Also, if the fabrics can be put in a dryer, use it at maximum heat. This guarantees the elimination of all fleas, larvae and eggs. You will be surprised how effective this is.

5. Boric Acid Powder.

It is used only on places with humidity higher than 50 percent and is not exposed to much sunlight. Keep your dog away when you are dusting the area with the boric acid powder so it won't lick it off. Do not let it near the area for a couple of days. It is the time during which the eggs should dry and become neutralized, and the larvae will suffocate. When a couple of days pass, vacuum the area thoroughly to remove the powder and the dead fleas, and other debris.

6. Make Your Pet a Collar.

For this method, you can consult your pet's vet again, if you wish to be safer. In large quantities the essential oils can be harmful to pets, so consult your vet if you are not certain about the proportions. Although, no problems should be caused. To make your pet a collar that repels fleas you need to put two drops of lavender or tea tree oil, diluted in one teaspoon water, on the collar. Sprinkle or rub it on the collar and tie it around its neck. The smell of the essential oil should keep fleas and ticks at bay.

7. Vacuum the Floor and the Pet Bed Regularly.

If your dog has fleas but there is still no infestation, you should start vacuuming regularly your house because your dog goes around the house all day and carries them with itself. Regular vacuuming can prevent the multiplying of fleas in your home and garden.

Note: Check out the best pet odor neutralizers to have at hand when stinky odors occur.

How Do You Get Rid of Fleas on a Puppy?

Fleas can be dangerous to puppies younger than six weeks. But treating the fleas on a six-weeks-old puppy is also dangerous. What you can do about such a situation without harming the dog is to treat the mother, if the mother is with the puppy. Then treat the bedding and the area near the bed, without leaving the puppy there. Or if there are other dogs or cats in the house, treat them first. There are some homemade flea remedies.

What you can do about the puppy itself is to bathe it in warm water and dish washing soap. Dawn dish washing soap is widely recommended for such cases. It kills the fleas and their larvae quickly.

Fill the tap or your tub with warm water and immerse the puppy so its face and ears are not underwater. Pour a drop of the soap and gently massage the puppy. Make sure to go through its entire body, the neck and under the chin. Fleas tend to hide around the head of the animal because it can hardly reach it.

Rinse the puppy and if possible, keep it a bit under the water so dead fleas can float away. Then take it out and dry with a soft towel.

After drying the puppy you can use a flea comb (as mentioned above) to remove the fleas from the puppy, even if there are some left alive. You will need a bowl of boiling water nearby to put the fleas in.

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Your Bed

It may sound disgusting but if you have fleas in the house you will have them in your beds too. They can be carried there by your pet and if the fleas or flea eggs fall on or near your bed, and the eggs hatch, you might get a flea infestation.

Steps for Getting Rid of Fleas in the Bed:

Wash the Beddings Right Away!

When you realise what the problem is, quickly throw all beddings in the washing machine and run it at a high temperature with a strong detergent. When they are washed, if it's possible run them through the dryer. No flea will survive the hot cycle of the washer and the dryer. However, if the infestation has spread around the bed, then you will need help.

  1. Vacuum the Area!: Vacuum the mattress and the pillows, around and under the bed, behind it, as well. If you have a rug in the bedroom, vacuum it as well. Vacuuming can eliminate fleas, their eggs and their larvae. Vacuum daily and after every time, empty the bag to ensure that the fleas are gone from the house.
  2. Flea Powder!: After the cleaning of the area, you can try using flea powder to eliminate all fleas that have remained on-site. The powder is chemical-free and is safer to use on your bed. But since there are different products, make sure to read the label carefully before using it. Use the powder around and on the bed as well.
  3. Flea Bombs!: This is where the toxic chemicals come in. If the infestation is huge or the property big, flea bomb can help. It can also take hours to work and you should vacate the property until it is clear to go back in. 

How to Get Rid of Fleas in Carpet?

Homemade flea repellents:

To cleanup a carpet from fleas is not as easy as handling a pet-mess scenario! In order to get rid of the infestation for sure, one has to be persistent and follow the steps accordingly:

  • Step 1: You should thoroughly vacuum the carpet, and if possible, use the nozzle attachment. Take more time at the corners, baseboards, under furniture. Also, focus on areas where your pets tend to sleep at or spend a lot of time at. Vacuum regularly for two weeks if the infestation is heavy. Vacuum all upholstered furniture as well. The base, under the furniture, remove cushions and vacuum.
  • Step 2: Dispose of the cleaner bag, put it in a plastic bag and get it as far away from your house as possible. This is done to prevent any live fleas from returning to your home. If there is no bag but a canister, empty the canister in a plastic bag and again throw it away from your home.
  • Step 3: Steam cleaning the carpet will also help a lot. You can do it on your own if you have a steam cleaner, rent one, or hire a professional cleaner to do it for you. The steam and high temperature should kill all remaining fleas and eggs and the cost is well justified and you can add.
  • Step 4: Wash your dog or cat’s bedding. They should be washed with a strong detergent and in a sanitary cycle if possible. If you have a dryer, put them in the hottest possible setting (will also take care of stains)

"If the infestation is not eliminated after the first washing, wash them on repeat. Bugs are in fact resilient but nothing can survive a good 20 cycles in a row.” Sammy the Home Clean Expert.

Getting Rid of Fleas in Your Carpet with Chemicals:

  1. Buy for a pet-safe insecticide to spray your carpet with. After spraying, wait for it to dry and vacuum thoroughly. Vacuum daily a few days after the treatment because the spray will kill the adult fleas and the vacuuming should help get rid of their eggs. After a few weeks, you can try the treatment again. “If the insecticide you are using is not pet-safe you need to keep your pet away from the area when it is sprayed. Some products may need you to stay away from the treated area for a few hours, but to be more sure, keep your dog away from the area for a few days. “ Anna from Pup How.
  2. Another method is to use Borax or salt. Sprinkle one of the two on areas that your pet sits the most, under furniture, near doorways, baseboards, the carpet, upholstered furniture if necessary. Leave it overnight and vacuum diligently the next day. Do not let pets or children near the areas with Borax.
  3. Vinegar-water mixture. Mix equal parts of both in a spray bottle and shake well before using it. You can use either apple cider vinegar or white vinegar; spray your carpet and if necessary near baseboards, doors, under furniture. The smell of vinegar should repel the fleas and it even may kill some adult fleas.
    The vinegar can be replaced with lemon juice. Cut a lemon into thin slices and add half a litre of water in a pot and bring them to a boil. Leave them overnight and the next day use the water to spray all areas mentioned above.
  4. You can make a flea trap and try to gather all fleas in one place. All you need is water and few drops of dish soap, mix them in a bowl and put a nightlight over it. Block children and pets from entering the room with the trap. Leave the trap overnight and hopefully the next morning it should be filled with dead fleas. The light and warmth of the lamp should attract the fleas and they will land in the water where the soap will stop them from hooping out.

There also may be some flea traps sold in stores. If nothing seems to help, consult a 247 pest control company for tips and advice or even help to evaluate how bat your situation is. Infestations can be really hard to get rid of and professional advice is always worthy of consideration. 

What Are The Best Pet-friendly Sofa Fabrics For Your Home?

A Few Words to Bare in Mind

As a caring pet owner, you probably know that selecting the right type of upholstery fabric for your sofa or bed can be tricky. Since the material must comply with your furry pal’s constant attention, there are things you have to look for when choosing a pet-friendly fabric for your home.

Other than animal fur and shedding, your sofa should be able to resist the wear and tear delivered directly from your pets through an act of love, of course. Their claws, nails, and odour are vile enemies to your furnishing and what you should do is carefully consider what type of fabric you will have to deal with when purchasing a brand new sofa.

Some of the most common problems for upholstered sofas and pets:

  • Claw streaks and scratches;
  • Pet hairs on top of or clinged within the upholstery fabric;
  • Dirt and mud marks;
  • Accidental stains or spills from throwing up.
  • Nasty odour from poo or pinky accidents.

If the fabric is not pet-friendly, your new astonishing sofa can look like a mess in just a few weeks, especially for dog couches, beds or even car seats. Since you’ve probably had to cut your budget in order to get that one piece of furnishing, it is well-worth doing a thorough research for a more aware choice of the best sofa fabric to suit both you and your pet.

Without further ado, below you will find what are the best pet-friendly fabrics for you dedicated pet sofa:

What Sofa Fabrics Should Pet Owners Look Into?

Some time ago, pet owners who were trying to pet-proof their home were always advised to go for patterned or textured fabrics when choosing furnishing. As for the color, dark and muddy hues were the top choices simply because they were (and still are) good at hiding dirt particles and hairs, and generally easier to clean.

Today, you can find a variety of synthetic and natural fibres, mixed in various proportions and materials in order to deliver a truly stylish appearance. The right type of fabric can brighten your lounge area without compromising the comfort of your pet, regardless if cat, dog, bunny or any other furry companion.

Here are the most durable fabrics that successfully resist the extra wear and tear coming from pets.

Leather And Pets - It Can Happen!

Leather Sofa

The leather is a popular material that can withstand significant amounts of wear and tear. Sofas made from leather are durable, stain-resistant and freaking stylish! Cat and dog hairs can be easily brushed off and, as for the billions of muddy footprints, a simple wipe with a damp cloth is enough to erase them. Same applies to dirt, slobber, and fur. This makes leather the best pet-friendly sofa material you could bet on.

Leather furnishing stands firm against pet claw punctures, yet scratches are a common sight. If your pet’s odor is something that is bothering you, you can rely on the leather fabric as it is relatively unaffected by unpleasant pet smells. For most of the other options, you could always go for the best pet odor neutralizers ( check out extensive review to get rid of any stinky smell).

For pet-friendly homes, however, leather with a distressed pattern is better than a one that is coated, simply because scratch marks will blend with its looks. Go for a finish of full-aniline dyed leather with a high color density, which will absorb scratches easily, rather than a painted-on finish which performs worse when it comes to handling pet damage.

While choosing leather as a pet-friendly fabric can be indeed a bit expensive, it definitely comes with great value for your money, simply because it will last you in the long term. Style always comes at a certain price and leather is no exception.

Synthetic Fibres And Pets

Synthetic Fibres and Pets

Synthetic fibers are durable, versatile and you get to choose from a wide range of colors that are available on the market. Ultrasuede and microfiber fabrics are great for households with pets -- they are easy to maintain, and since the fibers are man-made, cleaning up fur is not as overwhelming as it usually is. To tackle pet stains on synthetic fabrics, all you need is a sponge, soap, and water.

Man-made fabrics are more tightly woven than natural fibres like cotton or tweed. This makes synthetic materials more resilient to claw marks, and help protect your pet’s claws from sticking into the upholstery.

Crypton is Great for Claws!

Crypton is great for claws!

Crypton is an extremely durable material and it is nearly impossible to destroy. It is stain- and odor-resistant, and can withstand the effects of severe moisture and bacteria fairly well. Crypton is designed from the ground up to resist solid wear and tear, which is why it is widely used in hospitals and industrial premises. 

This quality makes it perfect for pet households as well. The biggest advantage that the Crypton fabric has is that it is extremely easy to clean -- a damp sponge and a quick wipe will be enough to maintain it in a neat condition that will please both the pet and their owner.

Protect The Exterior of The Fabric

Besides getting a pet-friendly fabric, there are other ways for you as a conscientious pet carer to protect your precious furniture pieces:

Consider Scotchgard Stain Protection 

“Scotchgard acts like a shield to your upholstered furniture. If applied properly, it protects the fabric against stains and spills without harming its breathability at all.” - says Dean Davies, upholstery cleaning professional at Fantastic Services (London).

Slipcovers Always Come in Handy!

Slipcovers always come in handy!

Slipcovers come in a great variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. You can literally transform an old sofa and make it look like a brand new by simply laying a slipcover on top of it. A transformation that even your beloved pet will surely approve. 

Unfortunately, slipcovers are prone to shrinkage if washed too frequently, and it makes sense to choose one with a wider fit if you know it will be washed each week.

Fleece Throw

Option #3 is a temporary solution but still goes a long way for pet owners. Use a fleece throw or other covering for extra protection. This can come in handy if your sofa furnishing was present prior to your beloved pet joined your family and home.

Quality Leather Distressed Leather Synthetic Fibers (e.g., Ultrasuede, microfibers) Crypton
Dirt can be easily wiped away Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fur can be easily removed Yes Yes Yes Yes
Able to resist claw holes and scratch marks No No Yes Yes
Is Odor-proof Yes Yes No Yes
Tightly woven to resist wear and tear No No Yes Yes
Patterns may better hide if material is impaired No Yes No No

What Are The Non Pet-friendly Fabrics You Should AVOID?

So far we covered the best and top-recommended pet-friendly fabrics for sofas but there are some that pet owners should simply avoid. If you plan to have a pet or you already have one, consider the types of fabric you should definitely stay away from.

Chenille Finish is Gentle

Famous among homeowners due to its soft and textured qualities. Sadly, the finish can be easily pulled out. Once this happens, it can get soiled and become very hard, if not impossible, to repair.

Velvet Has A Hard Time With Stains.

Velvet was pretty close to making it into the above mentioned list of recommended fabrics due to its soft and sturdy pile, and the ability of dark-colored velvet to hide dirt from sight. Hair, dust and dirt can be easily removed from the fabric with a roller, pretty much the same way you would clean up carpeting. Yet, the sole reason for this type of fabric to stay outside our list of pet-friendly upholstery recommendations is mainly because stains on velvet fabric are hard to remove and (as we all know) stains are an inevitable consequence of having a pet at home.

Silk is Delicate

Yes, silk is beautiful and feels great! But unfortunately, that’s as far as it goes. Silk is extremely difficult to both maintain and clean, and pet stains are stubborn to get rid of. If by any chance, it it can be easily torn apart and furthermore - silk is not water resistant at all!

Tweed is Not Meant for Paws!

Although tweed fabric is far easier to clean, it tends to hold pet hair, making it difficult to remove. And as with chenille, if your pet damages the fabric surface, you are going to have a hard time repairing it.

Wool And Linen are Great.. But Not for Pets.

Wool and linen fabrics do not take surface damage very well and are hard to clean. They are both great options for sofas in their own right, just not in a pet-friendly household.

Conclusions And Takeaways

Having a cat or a dog is certainly something that brings a lot of positive energy, decreases stress, and has other proven health benefits for their owners. Yet, not all homes are ready to accommodate these friendly pets. To make sure your furry friend is safe, you need to apply some level of protection and make the pest-proof the home environment.

Can Dogs Eat Bell Peppers?

Yes, bell peppers are absolutely safe for your dog but do not let your furry friend to eat too much as they may fall sick. For the first time, you may want to offer them just a few nibbles to make sure it works well.

Too much of bell peppers could lead to diarrhea and stomach upset. Because there are various types of bell peppers such as green, red and yellow, you need to offer him small slices of the different pepper types and notice which one they prefer.

Can dogs have red bell peppers

Can dogs have red bell peppers?

Red bell peppers are more nutritious as compared to yellow and the green ones but can they eat them? Well, the red bell peppers could be the favorite for your furry friend, but too much of these could be problematic. The best way to serve them with red bell peppers is in their pure form and steamed.

Can dogs eat green bell peppers?

Just like the red ones, these green ones need to be offered in moderate amounts, but I'm sure they'll like them.

But don’t leave yet!

Just like the red bell peppers, these are also filled with vitamins as well as beta carotene. These are without a doubt beneficial for your doggy friend. Many veggies contain the nutrients, but green bell pepper is the richest source. The green bell pepper helps improve your dog's vision and fights cancer too.

What about the yellow bell peppers?

Well, they form a crunchy treat for your doggy friend. Yellow bell peppers are juicy and crispy, and your dogs gonna enjoy the treat.

These are loaded with nutrients with a sweet and sour taste. Your dog will enjoy them in raw form.

The rule of the thumb remains that the excess of anything is bad! Be moderate especially at first.

How much bell pepper is too much?

Dogs are naturally carnivores, and their digestion is created to digest meat. Therefore, many veggies in their meals, bell peppers included, can cause problems with your dog's digestive system resulting in diarrhea and vomiting.

You need to start with a few small prices and keep increasing the quantity gradually until you can be sure that your dog is good with bell peppers.

For small dog’s in size, 1-3 medium slices a day is enough while for large dogs a half bell pepper is enough. It should not be an everyday treat as the dog can get all the necessary nutrients in the dog food.

What's the best way to serve bell peppers to your furry friend?

You can serve bell peppers to your dog in any way, but we highly recommend that you cook them first or try blending it to ensure that your beloved friend absorbs every drop of the nutrients.

Bell peppers have been found to have tough cell walls which may lessen the chances of absorption which justifies the importance of breaking down the veggie. Don’t be surprised when your doggy friend spits a raw piece of pepper out after trying to chew it.

The best way to cook bell peppers for dogs is by steaming them and preparing them in a pan using very little or no fat. Remember to remove the seeds and cores before cooking. The hard seeds may be choking on your dog, and they rarely compromise the nutrition of the veggie.

Avoid cooking the peppers with onions and garlic as the two vegetables are toxic to dogs.

What are the health benefits of bell peppers for dogs?

Among the nutrients your dogs get from bell peppers include fiber, folate, vitamin A, vitamin E, Vitamin K, beta-carotene, some B vitamins, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium just to mention a few.

They're loaded with vitamin C, and good to your dog when cooked or blended.

Bell pepper contain capsaicin, and due to their richness with vitamin C and other antioxidant properties, bell peppers are essential for dogs with arthritis. The ingredient is also available in chili peppers, but that's not recommended for dogs (due to burning).

Other benefits include:

  • It improves blood circulation
  • It helps in detoxification
  • No more health hazards
  • A simple treat of Bell Peppers
  • Ingredients: Bell peppers


  • Take the bell pepper and remove seeds and core.
  • Get rid of the ends.
  • Cut the veggie into strips like fingers
  • Serve in a bowl!

Alternatively, you can refrigerate the sliced strips and serve them some time to come. You can also combine other vegetables with bell peppers such as carrots, broccoli, asparagus, and cucumber.


Can dogs eat bell peppers? Well, dogs can eat any type of bell peppers, but you need to choose the fresh ones. However, this needs to be offered as an occasional treat because experimentation requires patience. Bell peppers are perfect for your doggy friend.

Does your furry friend like bell peppers?

Written by Sophia

I am Sophia, and I love cute puppy when I was a child. My passion in life is to help animals through my writing, therefore, I specialize in animal-related assignments.If you wanna more information about dog,welcome to my blog  lowsodiumdogfoods​.com

Zignature Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2018

Finding the right dog food seems is NOT a big deal, right?

But let me tell you from a personal aspect, I just adopted a boxer, and she likes Zignature dog food. Which is great, but I was unfamiliar with this dog food brand up until recent days.

Therefore, I have two dogs, one small and another from large breeds, and prefer feeding them the same food. Luckily, I am taking advantages of Zignature brand, they cater to all breeds, ages and sizes of dogs. Most importantly, they are unique from their competitors.

I was interested in Zignature when I was researching on healthy and nutritional dog foods for my sensitive and allergenic dogs and in this article Zignature dog food reviews I explained everything about the brand, recall history and coupons.

Zignature Dog Food Reviews - Top 8 Picks 2018

Let's have a look inside of each product. We will try to discover what is the main ingredients in each products and which is best for your dog. Meanwhile, if you got a stinky dog at home and want to get rid of dog odor, then I recommend you to have a look on our ​best pet odor neutralizers post. 

1. Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Dog Food Review

Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Dog Food is made with Trout and Salmon for those dogs that have allergies to beef and chicken.

In this meal, Trout, a freshwater species of fish provides a high-quality complete source of protein which is loaded with essential heart-Friendly Omega-3 Fatty Acids and about 80% water.

The other main ingredient is salmon, which contains 280% more protein than any other fresh fish.

Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Dog Food

Salmon oil has many health benefits as well as physical beauty benefits. The protein helps create a soft, beautiful, lustrous coat and contributes to building strong bones and healthy muscles.

You can be assured that their bones and all organs are getting the necessary vitamins. Essential nutrients and antioxidants serve as high-quality nutrition. This food is free of corn, grain, wheat, and soy, so it is helpful for dogs that are affected by allergies or have sensitivities to food. I hope your dog will like the flavor of the food. This food is offered in a 4-pound pack.

Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry, won our highest rating from all 8 Zignature Dog Food Reviews product due to the premium quality ingredients and widely available for all types of dogs. 

Key Features of Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Food:

  • Preferred Pet: All Dog (puppy, young adult, adult, senior)
  • Item model number: 31020
  • Product Dimensions : 24 x 16 x 4 inches
  • Size :27 lb
  • Item Weight: 27 lbs
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • Produce high-quality protein.
  • There are no artificial preservatives added.
  • Added nutrients and antioxidants provide superior nutrition.
  • No more itchy skin.
  • Great hypoallergenic food for small dogs
What we didn't like
  • The dog may not like the flavor of the food
  • Some dogs had nausea after consumption
  • It has limited ingredients.

2. Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food Review

Zignature Turkey Formula is made with farm-raised Turkey from the American Midwest. A natural source of protein in the wild, turkey is the main ingredient in this dog food for both puppies and adult dogs.

There are no any artificial preservative in it. Customers bought this for their healthy dogs as well as pets that required a special diet (soft food) based dog food. This dog food should visibly improve your dog’s itchy skin.

Zignature Turkey Dry Dog Food

Your dog will grow a softer and shinier coat. Their digestive system will also improve and reduce their gas levels, which is a benefit for everyone. All the customers who purchased this brand said they would purchase again in the future.

I highly recommend this food to anyone that's looking to have a healthier and happier dog. If you want the smaller size of this dog food, you can try the 4-pound pack, if not you can get the full 13.5-pound pack.

Key Features of Zignature Turkey Formula:

  • Item model number: 31105
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 4 inches ; 27 pounds
  • Preferred Pet: Adult dogs
  • Size: 27lbs
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • Great for young puppies
  • This dog food is for all stages of a dog’s life
  • The kibbles are small
  • The dogs love the variety of flavors.
  • Great dog food with high-quality ingredients
  • Dog’s skin gets a shiny and healthy coat.
What we didn't like
  • The price is getting somewhat high.
  • The food has a lot of fiber, so your dog may be going to the potty more often

2. Zignature Lamb Dog Food Reviews

Lamb dry dog food, flavored with allergen free formula- Designed for dogs that are just a puppy to adult dogs of all breeds.

It is made with lamb from New Zealand farmlands which produces high protein, which is a great nutrient for all dogs. Zignature also offers a canned version of this product now.

It is an entirely hypo-allergenic meat and is the first recipe that is made without chicken.

 Zignature Grain Free Lamb  Dry Dog Food Review

 Therefore, this product helps to reduce all types of food allergies and create a shiny silk fur. There are no preservatives in it. Overall review from customers was that their pets were very happy with the food, and their dog’s diet and nutrition was on point.

Key Features of Lamb dry dog food:

  • Preferred Pet: All Dog (puppy, young adult, adult, senior)
  • Item Dimensions : 16 x 24 x 4 inches
  • Item weight: 27 lbs
  • Size: 27 lbs
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • Rich in protein
  • Complete and balanced diet for dogs of all ages
  • Helps reduce all types of food allergy and skin problems
  • Creates shiny silk coat and keeps the fur soft
  • It keeps dogs happy, healthy, and energetic
  • Helps with digestive issues
  • Best dog food for dogs with a sensitive stomach
What we didn't like
  • The carb ratio is very high in this formula
  • Sometimes not suitable for all breeds
  • High-Priced item

4. Zignature Zssential Formula Dog Food Review

Zignature Zssential Multi-Protein Formula is made from Turkey and Turkey Meal from the American Midwest, Duck Meal from France, Salmon from the Northwest, and Lamb Meal from New Zealand.

The zssential formula is exceptionally rich in protein, with heart-friendly essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

A wide variety of ingredients containing vegetables, fruits, natural oils, and a blend of real meats have been mixed to make this excellent dog food.

Zignature Zssential Formula Dog Food Review

Customers who bought this for their dogs felt that this was the best option for their dog's special diet need and preferred this to prescription foods. It provides the superior nutrition that they need without fillers, which gives your dog a long and healthy life.

I recommended it to for your picky; sensitive skinned dog with food allergies.

Key Features of Zignature Zssential Multi-Protein Formula:

  • Item model number: 31181
  • Product Dimensions: 24 x 16 x 4 inches ; 27 pounds
  • Preferred Dog: Special diet needs adult dogs
  • Sizes: 4 lbs./13.5 lbs. /27 lbs.
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • All ingredients are made in the USA
  • Helps with itching and other skin problems and allergies
  • Great food with quality ingredients.
  • Dogs have more energy and better stool
What we didn't like
  • If the product does not suit your dog, it may cause it to get sick from the ingredients
  • High Price

5. Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food Review

This is another great dog food from Zignature. The first component is made from farm-raised duck from Western France, offering a favorable source of abundant protein and is rich in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. It is suitable for those dogs that have a sensitive stomach.

This food item created with a variety of powerful antioxidants from fruit, vegetables, and no other grain-based ingredients. Zignature uses chickpeas and garden peas instead of potatoes which create low glycemic food as well as being high in fiber carbohydrates.

Zignature Duck Formula Dog Food

Most customers who left Zignature Dog Food Reviews in the internet, felt that this was the best diet option for their canines, and would purchase again. This food is free of the most common potential canine allergenic., corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and chicken. A limited ingredient dog food your dog will love, as will their stomachs.

Key Features of Zignature Duck Formula:

  • Item model number: 31136
  • Product Dimensions: 20 x 12 x 3 inches ; 13.5 pounds
  • Preferred Pet: All Dogs (puppy, young adult, adult, senior)
  • Size: 27lb
  • Item Weight: 27 lbs
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • There are no artificial preservatives added.
  • Complete with powerful antioxidants from fruits
  • Limited Ingredient and no grain and potato starchy ingredients
  • ​The kibbles are AAFCO-approved.
  • No ingredients from China
  • Perfect for those dogs with allergies and food sensitivities.
  • High in quality protein
What we didn't like
  • Some dog breed did not find the food appealing
  • This food does not use as many ingredients as the other food.

6. Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food Review

Zignature Whitefish Formula has significantly helped dogs who suffer from allergies. This Whitefish Formula has primarily uses Whitefish protein, since this fish is great for dogs with skin problems.

After consuming this meal, the dog is not only not itchy, but will enhance the appearance of its fur. Additionally, it is also great for your dog’s teeth, behavioral and digestive problem.

Zignature Whitefish Formula Dog Food

So, I recommended this product to all dogs who have sensitive skin. This food also stabilizes the digestive system, which in turn balances the dog’s stool. If your dog is allergic to chicken and grains, then this product will be a fantastic choice for them. It will keep your dog full and happy, while relieving their stomach and skin problems.

Key Features of Zignature Whitefish Formula:

  • Item model number: 31389
  • Product Dimensions : 24 x 16 x 4’’
  • Preferred Pet: Adult dogs
  • Size: 4lb
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • Whitefish is a source of complete protein
  • Grain-free and limited ingredient formula
  • No cheap fillers
  • Recommended for dogs sensitive allergen skin and stomachs
  • Fiber-rich low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Free from corn, wheat, soy, dairy, and chicken
  • Well-balanced diet food
  • Provide high-quality protein for strong muscles.
  • Antioxidants from fruits and vegetables
What we didn't like
  • Some dogs do not like the whitefish flavor.
  • The price is steep

7. Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food Review

Kangaroo formula is made with quality kangaroo meat from Australia. Kangaroo provides a unique source of high protein. Kangaroo formula is completely chicken and egg free with no saturated fat.

It is a great source of Vitamin B12 and is rich in Iron. Essential Omega-3 Fatty Acids gives your dog a healthy and shiny coat. It offers powerful antioxidants from fruit and vegetables and fiber with rich low glycemic carbohydrates.

Zignature Kangaroo Formula Dog Food

The food product improves digestive issues. Good for dogs who do not have allergies. The price may be high, but it worth it, for such high quality meat.

This kangaroo formula will completely fulfill your dog's nutritional needs. Limited Ingredient Kangaroo method is a well-balanced diet dog food for the adult dog.

Key Features of Zignature Kangaroo Formula:

  • Item model number: 31327
  • Product Dimensions : 24 x 16 x 4 ‘’
  • Preferred Pet: Adult dogs
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • Kangaroo has virtually no saturated fat
  • Powerful antioxidants from a natural ratio of fruits and vegetables
  • Limited ingredient and grain free dog food
  • No more yeast infections
  • Great for skin problems
What we didn't like
  • Some dogs couldn’t handle the peas.
  • Smelled a bit of grass so puppy may not like it.
  • Apparently, the dogs did not like the taste.

8. Zignature Venison Formula Dog Food Review

Zignature venison dog food is made with venison from New Zealand. Venison formula is always an excellent meat choice from Zignature food brand which provides a high and complete protein, more than other any red meat. It is very filling for the dog as well.

This dog food is rich in iron, which keeps your dog active and energetic. Like the other dog food of the brand, Zignature, it is not mixed with chicken, soy, corn, wheat, and potatoes.

Chickpeas are like carbs and are full of fiber, which improves your dog’s digestion system. Sunflower oil also helps build healthy and strong bones.


Key Features of Zignature Venison Formula:

  • Item model number: 12713142
  • Product Dimensions: 5 x 5 x 5’’
  • Preferred Pet: Special diet needs adult dogs
  • Made in the USA
What we liked
  • Free from corn, wheat, soy, dairy, or chicken
  • Venison contains high protein
  • Limited ingredient and grain free.
  • Low fat ensures a balanced diet.
What we didn't like
  • Not suitable for young puppies
  • Little more pricey dog food.

Why Should You Buy Zignature Dog Food?

Now obviously, the fact that my dog has been eating this food for the last 6-9 months is one indicator that it is the right dog food for my new dog, but they cannot always know what is best for them.

In addition, it has a numerous positives feedback online which prompted me to write a complete article on Zignature Dog Food Reviews.

I wanted to take a closer look at the Zignature brand, and want to know about the opinion of others. With that in mind, I wanted to learn the best way to choose the right dog food for the proper care during the cold season for my furry babies; both of them.

Primarily, you need to know what it is that sets your chosen dog food apart from the rest and that should be one of the top selling points for you.

With Zignature they set the bar rather high, and set themselves apart from the pack by setting one ingredient standard: meat first and foremost. It is their main ingredient in all of their dog food flavors.

Whether it is meat or fish, there is only one priority. No fillers, no carbs, and if they do add carbs they are all low glycemic carbs such as chickpeas or other pea based foods, which are very helpful for sensitive dogs and dogs suffering from allergies.

Take this standard and compare it to the other competitors on the market, and see where you stand. You will not find another dog food on the market today offering meat or fish as their first two ingredients. Always check the remaining ingredients as well.

When you choose your dog food, select a brand that offers information on a transition food period. As with the Zignature brand, you will see a schedule; it is safe to switch foods in one day but it is recommended with this brand to offer a gradual change over the course of two weeks.

A small amount of Zignature in each meal for two weeks will help your dog’s stomach cramps and prevent diarrhea. When choosing the right dog food, it is important to know where the ingredients come from.

This is often looked over. When looking at Zignature brand, you will see that their food ingredients come from all over the world. All of which are verifiable. Their fish comes from the Northwest, poultry from the United States and France.

Finally yet very important, their lamb and vegetables come from Australia and North America as well. This is always good to ask where the food will be manufactured, Zignature product is made right here in the United States; more specifically, Perham, Minnesota and South Dakota.

Availability of the dog food you choose is also an important thing to think about. If you choose a dog food that has only been seen on the shelf at your vet or a specialty dog store, you may want to make sure that if those places are not open, or if they close permanently, that you can get them somewhere else.

Zignature pet product is available in most retail stores where pet supplies are sold. On top of that, they offer a free sample of their foods in 4-ounce packages. What I thought was great was that my retailer did not have samples, so I contacted Zignature customer support, and they sent me one directly!

Many people wonder why it is so important to find a dog food that does not contain corns, grains, wheat, soy and dairy. The bottom line is these are the same ingredients you see doctors warning people about as well.

They all are known canine allergens, as well as unhealthy for a balanced diet. Zignature product recognizes this and eliminates them from their ingredients.

Zignature Dog Food Recall History:

During our research, We did not find any specific recalls or recall history on FDA website Recalls Record for Zignature brand. So, they seem to be a trustworthy and fair player in the USA pet food market.

Zignature Dog Food Coupons:

Get your online coupons and coupon codes for Zignature products by clicking on the links below. You can save a bunch of money on this great dog food!

Zignature coupons

Final Recommendation:

From the Eight different Zignature Dog food reviews that you just read, there is one brand called Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Dog Food which I have purchased for my dogs recently. My both dogs are different breeds, under a year old, and they both enjoy this food very much.

So, I recommend Zignature Grain Free Trout Dry Dog Food, as both of my dogs love it. It offers all of the nutrients needed for a daily balanced diet as well as the flavor my dogs love. Further it got countless positive reviews from the customers on Amazon.

Last but not least, we truly rely on feedback from our readers. If you want to report a product change or request an update of any review, please contact us using this form.

Best Dog Jogging Strollers – Guide & Reviews in 2018

You find yourself surfing the internet looking at best dog jogging strollers. Suddenly, you stop and you think to yourself, “Am I really shopping for a stroller…for my dog?”

Then you smile and think of the amazing bond you and your large four-legged buddy have and find yourself thinking “Well yes, why not?!” Our dogs become a part of our family.

Whether you are looking for a stroller for a furry baby that has gotten older and needs a little assistance traveling but still enjoys getting out, or you are simply just looking for a way to pamper your pooch, there are several dog strollers to choose from. How do you know which dog stroller is best for you?

Best Dog Jogging Strollers - Top 10 Picks

Top 10 Dog Jogging Stroller Reviews

1. Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry Review

This manufacturer has perfected and implemented the No-Zip entry in most of their products. This is a stroller that comes in three different colors so you can choose which one works best for you.

Your dog will also enjoy the elevated paw rest as well as the panoramic views from their window.

One great addition to this jogger is the parents tray, which can hold keys, water or your cell phone, a must when leaving the house for a jog and do not want to carry those things on you. This is one of the best dog jogging strollers in the market.

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry Review

The stroller also has a large storage basket if you decide to bring along larger items for your outing.


  • No-Zip entry
  • Front wheel may be fixed or could swivel
  • Comes with a parent tray and a large storage basket
  • Panoramic views for the pup


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not intended for the large breeds

2. 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller Review

As the name states, this is a great stroller for those who regularly go on jogs with their four-legged buddies. For those who enjoy exercising outside and have small to medium size pets, this is a great buy!

One major feature to keep in mind is that in the stroller mode the maximum capacity is 85lbs, if converted to the trailer, the capacity does rise, all the way up to 135lbs. Definitely refer to this when deciding if this is the right product for you and your excessive companion.

2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller Review


  • Convertible from jogging stroller to bicycle trailer
  • Can hold more weight as a trailer
  • Very durable


  •  Somewhat expensive
  •  Not intended for the large breeds

3. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, Sky Line Review

This stroller gets great reviews from customers, and we can see why! It is created with both the pet and their parent in mind. Convenient No-Zip entry, so there is less struggle when putting your little furry pet inside.

They also get to enjoy their stroll as they have a panoramic view window with three position canopy. The stroller is well produced and features 12’’ Air Ride tires. The seller also provides a bolster pad and a weather cover with your purchase of the stroller.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, Sky Line Review


  • No-Zip entry
  • 12’’ Air Ride Tires
  • Comes with a bolster pad and weather cover
  • Panoramic views for the pup


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not intended for the large breeds

4. Promenade Pet Stroller Review

This stroller tries to give your pet the most space with their Smart-Canopy mesh, which opens up and moves out of the way. Your pet can enjoy the outside weather by being inside the jogger, but not enclosed behind a mesh window.

For the parents that’s pushing their pet around there’s the Smart-Reach handle which allows for more kick space. There is also a basket underneath the seat to store all your necessities as you enjoy a nice day out with your furry baby.

Promenade Pet Stroller Review


  • Zipper opens up completely
  • Smart-Reach handles
  • Comes with a parent tray and a large storage basket
  • More affordable than other strollers


  • Not intended for the large breeds
  • Can hold only up to 50 pounds

5. Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller Review

The makers of the No-Zip strollers came up with this special edition stroller that comes in four different colors. It is a little bit less expensive than their other strollers, while retaining the integrity of the high-quality brand. This stroller includes rear safety backers as well as front shock absorbers.

The front wheels are able to swivel, ideal for smooth surfaces, but you are also to use this stroller on rough terrain as you properly make us of the wheel lock. This stroller is great for small pets, under 45 pounds.

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller Review


  • No-Zip stroller
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Able to use on smooth surfaces as well as rough terrain
  • More affordable than other strollers of this brand


  • Not intended for the large breeds
  • Can hold only up to 45 pounds

6. AT3 Generation 2 All Terrain Pet Stroller Review

This is another option for a stroller that has received good reviews all around. It comes in two different colors and your pet will enjoy the large compartment inside that is lined with a fleece pad and waterproof tray. Now you are able to take out your pet no matter what the weather may be like.

One of the advantages of this stroller is the easy one-hand fold mechanism, as pet owners know this is great when trying to multi-task.

AT3 Generation 2 All Terrain Pet Stroller Review


  • Waterprof tray
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Includes a parent tray and a basket
  • One-hand fold mechanism


  • Not intended for the large breeds
  • Very expensive

7. Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer Review

If you would like to go on a bike ride with your pet, this is a great trailer that you can attach and feel comfortable that your dog is safe and comfortable. Unlike many products on the market, this trailer comes in different sizes, so you can choose one that is appropriate for your four-legged pal.

You can also choose the material, whether that would be aluminum or steel, whatever you may prefer.

Solvit-HoundAbout-Pet-Bicycle-Trailer Review

Constructed with waterproof floorboard, zippered with a mesh screen as well as a vinyl windscreen to block wind from your pet, if desired. If the weather permits, open up and let your pet enjoy the ride to the fullest.


  • May chose the size and the metal material
  • Comes different colors
  • Waterproof floorboard
  • Comes in aluminum or steel


  • An expensive option

8. All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller Reivew

This is a great option if you do not want to invest too much mney into your pup’s stroller, but still reek all the benefits of one. This stroller comes in three different colors, folds easily and provides front and back enry for your pet.

It also contains a large storage basket, so you do not have to worry about carrying anything extra yourself. This will do the job required and has received great reviews from those who purchased this stroller.

All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller Review


  • May chose from three different colors
  • Has a large storage basket
  • Folds easily
  • More affordable than other strollers


  • Suitable for smaller breeds

9. Petzip-Sport Pet Stroller Review

The main benefit of this stroller is the large interior compartment, your dog will appreciate the space as they do not feel so restricted. Keep in mind, this stroller is made for dogs under 30 pounds, so the larger compartment will only feel large to the smaller breeds.

Another great feature is the one-button, one-handed fold, collapsible system.

PetZip Sports XL Pet Stroller Review


  • Lightweight-only 15 pounds
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Includes a parent tray and a basket
  • One-hand fold mechanism
  • Large inside compartment


  • Not intended for the large breeds

10. BestPet Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller Review

This a fun and great inexpensive option for your dog that weighs under 30 pounds. Since so many strollers are very expensive, it feels nice to find an option that does its job, has great reviews and is affordable.

This is all you truly need to take your dog out for a walk.

BestPet Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller Travel Folding Carrier Review


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes different colors
  • Includes a basket
  • Folds easily


  • Not intended for the large breeds

Tips to Choose The Best Dog Jogging Strollers:

While shopping for items for your pet can be a lot of fun, take it from someone who knows, it is very easy to get carried away, and buy too much stuff, or impractical dog items that we think are just “the cutest things ever” when our dogs are looking at us like we are crazy!

Therefore, here are a few tips to keep you on track to finding the right dog stroller for your practical and fun needs.

First Tip of the Day: Size is Everything

At least when it comes to your furry baby, size does matter . When you are thinking about buying a dog stroller, have you stopped and reminded yourself that you are going to be the one pushing, or pulling this four-legged pup around? How much do they weigh?

Do they like going for rides, will the four legged fur baby stay in there, and will they fit? Bottom line is this, is it practical? I am assuming since your reading this, then it must be something that is on your mind as well.

Now that you know you “need” a dog stroller, we just need to find the right size. Several pet strollers have a weight capacity or maximum of 160-170 lbs.

Now really that is the size of an average person, but let us be honest, there are some BIG dogs out there! It is important to look at reviews, and weight restrictions when shopping for the right dog stroller.

You want something they will be comfortable sitting straight up in, and laying down in, so not only does it need to be LONG enough, the stroller needs to be TALL enough as well.

Secondly, What are You Going to Use It for?

Are you a jogger? Are you wanting to take “Fido” with you when you jog along a trail, sidewalk or even on the beach? Maybe you have a service dog you want to take to retail stores with, or long excursions. If this is the case, a regular stroller would do just fine.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and enjoy to bike or run, and go through rough terrain, you will need something built to endure that type of environment.

There are dog strollers made just for jogging, biking and “off road” terrain. All of these are important when choosing the best dog stroller.

Four Wheel Drive comes in Third:

As mentioned above the type of terrain you are going to be using the stroller on is going to be important. If you are on the beach, well, then you are very ambitious!

However, if you are looking for something for on the beach or other rough terrain there are specific dog strollers for this kind of use. A standard stroller for dog will not work on those type of surfaces.

Safety First (usually) but Fourthly:

Safety is very important with anyone or any puppy. Several dog strollers out there come with very standard and secure safety features . Stop and ask yourself do you have a nervous pup?

Will they be moving around? Try to jump out? If you are pulling the stroller behind you, how will you know? Unless they are in there securely.

Most of the puppy strollers do come with a safety belt, and they are adjustable (with most brands). It is important to read the dog stroller reviews of the different brands and find what works best for you.

Five Fans:

As a golden rule in today’s retail, always read the reviews. We highly recommend reading at least 7-10 reviews, as you are going to get a wide range of opinions.

If you can find a brand that offers at least 4-5 positive reviews than they have something good going, meaning they have a good product that their customers are satisfied with. This is just a suggestion, but it is always good to read all the reviews available.

Tip Six: Meet the Needs of Your Fur Baby

You want a dog stroller for your needs, whether it is to take care of your pup when you are bike riding, or taking them on vacation, where leashes are not allowed, or whatever the case may be.

Be sure that you are meeting your fury baby’s needs especially in emergency . Dogs cannot speak our language so we have to read their body language and behavior to know if they are happy.

Let your dog sit in, test out, and sniff the stroller; see what they feel most comfortable and safe in. Would you buy a car that you did not sit in or test drive?

Final Recommendation:

The bottom line is there are several best dog jogging strollers out there, and they all offer their own benefits and features. Finding the right fit for you and your dogs can be a task, but in the end, you are investing in a tool for you and your furry baby. I recommend Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry this stroller .

Go through the tips, find what works for you, and always read the reviews, know their return or exchange policies and find what your pup likes and what works best for you both.

Best Flea Collar For Dogs – Top 5 Picks for 2018

Flea is a disgusting thing. Isn’t it?

Dogs hate getting fleas on their bodies and the feeling is mutual with their owners, who hate cleaning them up when they litter their home. Flea and ticks can cause very harmful diseases for your dog. At first, it can make your dog lethargic and nauseous. But in a severe case, it can cause your dog lot of pain or even lead to their death.

In this case, there are many kinds of treatment for your dog. Some are oral medication, and some are topical ointments. But the best option will be to use a flea collar for your dog.

A flea collar can be just what you need to keep fleas and ticks away from your dog as it has been proven that they are the smartest way to do this.

You can discuss with your veterinarian about how to keep your dog safe from fleas. But I’d recommend that you use the best flea collar but how do you find the best collar that will suit your dog?

You might think that you know how to choose the flea collar for your pouch but you could be wrong and that’s why we have combined the best flea collar for dogs that will keep your dog safe.

Best Flea Collar For Dogs : Comparison Table

Best Flea Collars For Dogs Reviews 2018

1. Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs

Out first listed product is seresto flea collar. It’s a perfect preventing flea collar for your dog. It’s ideal for puppy and dogs.

Their sustained released technologies would provide your pet with 8-month protection of flea and tick.

Most of the veterinarian recommends that you use this collar for killing disgusting flea and ticks. Its unique feature is preventing medication and stopping the transmission of disease.


These flea collars are non-greasy and odorless. And you can easily use the collar on the neck of your dog. This collar is water resistance. You can bath your dog and swim with these collars. However, this collar won’t fit a big dog.

I can highly recommend this flea collar for your dog from best flea collar for dogs article. 


  • Its technology ensures you 8-month flea and tick protection.
  • It shoots all type of dogs.
  • These flea collars are non-greasy and odorless.
  • These collars are water resistance.
  • Easy to handling.
  • It’s made for under 18 pounds dog.


  • Its only fit a small dog.
  • Sometimes it may make your dog sick.
  • In a rare case, it can cause seizures.

2. Arava Flea and Tick Control Collar for Dogs and Puppies

Our next flea and tick collar is entirely made of natural ingredients. It’s Eco-friendly and not harmful to human.

It contains more than 11 natural ingredients that are not detrimental to your pet and your child.

Their designs are better than all kind of flea and tick collar. It fits all types of dogs. Its designs are very stylish and comfortable.

Arava Flea and Tick Control Collar for Dogs and Puppies

Their designs are better than all kind of flea and tick collar. It fits all types of dogs. Its designs are very stylish and comfortable.

It’s all used ingredients are non-hazardous and eco-friendly. Their light scents make your pet more comfortable than other collars. It's long-lasting and waterproof.

If you are a nature lover, then you should pick this natural flea collar for your dog.


  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • ​Environment-friendly and not harmful to your pet and humans.
  • ​It contains more than 11 natural ingredients.
  • It’s all ingredients are not non-hazardous.
  • Their light scents make your pet comfortable.
  • ​Its design is unique and stylish.
  • Best preventing collar for flea and ticks.


  • Some customer says that it doesn’t prevent fleas.
  • Some dog doesn’t like these collars.

3. SunGrow Flea and Tick Collar Review

Sungrow is the best flea and tick collar for your pets. Its unique collar keeps away flea, ticks, larvae, lice and mosquito. When your dog put on the collar, you won’t have no worry.

You can trust this collar for preventing flea infestation. Almost every collar uses the toxic ingredient to prevent insect. 

But this collar uses only natural essential oil to prevent flea and ticks. It’s non-greasy and odorless.

SunGrow Flea and Tick Collar

This collar will provide 3-month protection. So don’t need to worry about flea infestation. This collar looks very stylish. And your pet feels comfortable with this collar.

Its unique waterproof designs make it very durable. If your dog is wet, you don’t need to worry. This collar is perfect for big dogs and putting it on your dog’s neck is easy.​

You can buy it for your big dog.


  • These collars prevent all type of insect’s protection.
  • ​Non-greasy and odorless.
  • ​Used natural essential oil.
  • ​Its ensure you 3-month security.
  • ​Looking very stylish and waterproof.
  • ​Easy to put on dog neck.
  • Reasonable price.


  • You can only use it for bigs dog.

4. Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar Review

Seresto is a renowned brand for flea and tick collar. It’s specially made for big dogs. But you can also use for your small dog that are 7 weeks or older. It’s a 2 pack big dog collar.

Its kills flea and tick for up to 8 months. These collars are safe for almost all kind of dog and works effectively.

When you use one of the best flea collar for dogs, you won’t have to worry; Because Flea Infestation cannot harm your dog. And no diseases can affect your pouch.

Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar

These collars are non-greasy and odorless. You can easily use this collar for your pet. This collar is water resistance also. So your dog can bath and swim comfortably without any hamper on the flea collar.

I can suggest these collars for your valuable money and your cute pouch.


  • You can use the collar for your large dog.
  • It can kills flea for almost 8 months.
  • Safe to use for small dog 7 weeks and older.
  • These collars are no-greasy and odorless.
  • You can easily fix on your dog.
  • It’s completely safe for puppies.
  • These collars are water resistance.


  • Some customers say manufacture guarantee is not available.
  • Others insects may be not prevented by this collar.

5. SOZO Safe Pet Flea Tick Collar Review

SOZO Safe pet flea and tick collar is another one of the best collar available in the market.

SOZO Safe ensures your small dog most protection from flea and ticks.

It's the best pest control product that comes at a reasonable price. At a lower price, you will get the highest satisfaction for your small dog. It is the best flea collar for small dogs.

SOZO Safe Pet Flea Tick Collar - SMALL DOG

This collar prevents flea, ticks and other pests also. So it will feel relaxed on your pets. When the collar is worn on their neck, you won’t have to worry because no pests can harm your dog. Each and every collar uses pest chemical.

But the pest chemical that this collar uses is not harmful to your dog or humans. One important thing is that, if you use drop for your dog, then don't need to use the collar.


  • It gives your small dog flea and tick protection.
  • Best flea collars with a reasonable price.
  • It prevents flea, tick and another pest also.
  • The chemical that is used on the collar is not harmful to pets.
  • This collar is effective for a minimum nine months.


  • People say it doesn’t work if it is wet.

Things to Go Over Before Purchase a  Flea And Tick Collar?

Size - size is the most important aspect to consider when you are buying the best flea collar for dogs. If you have a small puppy or small pouch, you have to find the perfect size.

Safe for dog skin -flea collars are safe for dog's skin. But you have to prepare for any kind of irritation because the skin of your dog might not adjust cannot to all kinds of flea collars.

How Long Will It Last - Another important thing to note is how long the flea collar can fight against fleas and prevent your dog from flea infestation.

You have to make sure above three things before buying a flea collar for your dog to avoid insect infestation and ticks.

It’s a good and perfect collar for your pet. I can also recommend SOZO Safe Flea Tick Collar. Our team spent a lot of time looking the best flea collar for you. So you can trust us without any doubt. But I would recommend that you read my full reviews.

If you read our article, you can gather complete knowledge about flea and tick collar. That will help you choose you the best collar for your adorable pets.

Why the Sergeants 20 and Bayer Seresto Brand Flea Collar are Not on My List?

A lot of people are wondering why I didn’t put the Sergeants 20 and Bayer Seresto on my list. This answer is quite simple, there are so many products available.

They all are very useful for preventing flea and tick. With all latest features that are available also. They have a warranty also and are much more comfortable and easy to use as well. They are also a superior product and all are a reasonable price.

So why are using this product that is this expensive? When, you can get a better collar at a low price. So I think you are just wasting your money.

But you can collect these two brands if you are very conscious about the health of your pet. You can get full satisfaction with this product.​

Flea and Tick Collar Chart


Kills Flea?

Controls Flea?

Kills Ticks

 Repels & Kills Mosquitoes

Minimum Age to Apply

Active Ingredients





7 wks or older







6 months or older

Geranium, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemongrass





6 months or older

natural essential oils





7 wks or older







Small Dog

Geranium, Peppermint, Cinnamon

How do Flea Collars Work?

Fleas are the most disgusting, uncomfortable and harmful bug in the world. And they are dangerous for your dog also. It can latch on your dog and feed on her blood. Flea infestation can cause excessive scratching.

And this type of scratching and licking can cause skin infection. So flea collars are a preventive measure and can protect your pouch from flea and ticks.

Two types of collars are available. One emits a gas. And that is toxic to insects. This kind of collars can kill fleas that are nearby. Thus, those around the tail can often survive.

Another one has medication, which is absorbed by a fat layer on your dog skin. So when flea bites, it poisons them. This type of collars is most useful for preventing flea infestation and ticks.

Flea collars should not be worn at all the times. Only wear it on your dog when you plan taking your dog out of the thicket. You can wear flea collar your dog for just day. It’s important but your dog doesn’t have to wear it all the time.

Remember not to put a flea collar on your dog if she is getting already another type of treatment. Such as oral or topical treatment. Overmedicating or flea treatment can create serious health problem to your pup or pouch.

Flea collars are designed only for your pet. So be careful when you are handling it. Human skin is sensitive from a layer of fur. So you can easily get infected from your hand when you carelessly handle the flea collars.

It can harm your eyes. So always make sure wash your hands are properly washed after handling flea collars. Please make sure other pets like cats are safe from your dog flea collars because it can harm another pet.

If you need flea treatment for you others pets, then you should go to the veterinarian and get them medication with proper specific treatment.​

Safety Precautions

In flea collars use toxic and insecticides to get rid of flea and ticks. But in small doses, the treatment is safe for your dog but deadly for insects. Deltamethrin, a synthetic pyrethroid, is one of the safest insecticides. It has minimal effects on both humans and our furry friends.

Pyriproxyfen is another kind of insecticide. It destroys flea eggs. It makes sure they are unable to reproduce another insect generation. Propoxur insecticide kills the nervous system of insects.

As a result, fleas are cannot increase their production. But this is harmful to human. So you have to be careful when you are handling this type of collar, they contain propoxur insecticide.

Tetrachlorvinphos (TCVP) is the most dangerous insecticide for human and pets. Everyone should avoid this type collar those are provided with these harmful pesticides. Children are vulnerable to effects of TCVP. This pesticide is banned from flea collars.

Good quality, comfortable and efficient collar can be safe for you and your pet. You pouch won’t feel any pain. And you won’t have to worry about the disgusting flea. Flea collars are safe for preventing fleas in your adorable pets.

Here are Some Common Frequently Asked Questions About Flea as Well as Tick Collars of Dog.

Is the Collar the Most Effective Way to Avoid Fleas From Dogs?

Yes, without any doubt flea collar is the best way to prevent fleas and ticks in dogs. It’s the most valuable tool in the fight against flea and ticks. But you should ensure to right collar for your dog. Otherwise, it can be harmful to your pet, because your dog or another dog can chew or licking that collar. If you don’t choose the right collar, then your dog will suffer from flea collar.

Is It Safe to Put on the Flea Collar Regularly?

All the time it does not need to wear flea collar your dog neck. It just depends on the situation. If your environment is clean and no infestation of flea, then you should not wear a collar all the time. But the flea infestation is high then you should wear the collar all the time. Otherwise, you just wear your pet collar when you plan to go outside.And you should avoid the collar for a pregnant dog or small dogs less than 1-2 month.

Should I Remove My Dog's Flea Collar When It Takes a Bath or Goes Swimming?

Now a day’s all the flea collars are water resistance. So you should not think about during bath or swim your dogs. But if your dog's flea collars are not water resistance, then you should remove flea collar before a shower or swim your pet.

How Often Should I Need to Change the Collar?

Every flea collar has an expiry date of protection flea prevention. It’s better to change the collar before out of date. Then you can ensure the proper safety of flea.

Can I Use Other Flea Medicine While Having a Flea Collar?

Yes, you can use another medicine of flea prevention. Flea collars just a way of flea prevention. You can use another form of prevention such as flea tablets, drops, etc.

Final Recommendation:

If you read my full review of best flea collar for dogs, then you will agree with me, that flea collar is the best way to prevent flea and ticks. There are many ways to prevent flea and ticks. But flea collar is the best option for you.

In the above table, we choose best flea collars for dogs and puppies. All products are the best product in the market. But if you are in a hurry to protect your dogs, then you can choose Bayer Seresto Flea.

And I can ensure you that if you read my full article with consciously then you can find the best collar for your dogs and puppies. If you want to more about flea and tick collar, then please feel free to share with us. Our team is always ready to serve you

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Top 10 Best Dog Shampoos: Keep Your Pet Clean and shiny

Taking care of a dog is like taking care of a child. Just like children, they need to be properly fed, groomed and showered. Yes, having a pet in the house is a full-time job, just like being a mom or dad is a full-time job.

Just like children, our dogs rely on us to take care of them properly, which means to get them showered and cleaned, not only to look their best but as we know being clean is detrimental to their health.

For this task, it is important that we choose the best shampoo for our dog's specific needs. Once we do that, we can lather them up and have them enjoy as we massage them and take care of them.

Grooming is not something that is optional and should be taken lightly, no matter what if you have a long-hair breed or short-hair breed dog. It is a necessity and not just because we like to cuddle with our furry babies and show them off.

We have done the research and have provided a list of the best shampoos on the market, but you still need to choose one as your dog is an individual and may have certain allergies or needs that you will need to address when choosing the right shampoo for them.

Things to Consider for the Best Dog Shampoo

When it comes to your pet you need to be properly educated on everything, you have to know what's the best food, what is their breed, and their personal likes and dislikes etc. Grooming your dog is no different, and you should be acquainted with the different shampoos, brands and their specific features.

Know their Skin

When you adopted your four-legged buddy I hope that you took the time to research and learn about their breed, and where they came from, what kind of upkeep they need, and as time went on I am sure you learned about their individual needs.

Dogs can get dry, oily, or itchy skin just like humans do, and if you are anything like me, you have your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash, well, why should our pets’ standards be any different?

Take the time to do some research, if you find your furry baby scratching a lot or, shedding more than they should be, or not enough etc. that is something definitely to consider.

You can talk to your vet or a professional groomer for suggestions on the best dog shampoo for your pooch. Keep in mind, if you have a puppy, their skin is very sensitive and they need their own shampoos as well.

All Natural?

We hear about all of these all natural organic shampoos and conditioners, but just because they claim they are all natural do not mean that they are the best dog shampoo for your pet’s needs.

Many of the different brands out there offer something different for each of the products. Some will have special ingredients to help with dryness, oily skin, allergies, and everything else in between.

It will be important not to get pet shampoo that offers medicated treatment for something that your dog does not need just like it would be for something they do need. So please read the label carefully.

Second Opinion

With all of the different options out there we know it can get overwhelming, and a little stressful if you just aren’t sure which is the best dog shampoo for your pet, you can always ask for a second opinion.

I mentioned this above but felt it deserved mentioning one again. Finally, there are several options out there, but don not worry, there are always people you can reach out to and talk about your pet’s needs.

Stop in and talk with your preferred veterinarian or a professional groomer. Both professionals would be able to offer insight on what brands and or ingredients to look for.

These three tips are here to help you choose the best dog shampoo for your furry baby.

Recommended Review on the Best Dog Shampoo

Next, you will have an opportunity to read about 10 different brands, each offering their own pros and cons to what their products offer, to help you in your journey of finding the top-rated dog shampoo for your pet.


Product Name

Main features



Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

100-percent bio-degradable,Safe, gentle and effective, Soap-free shampoo


Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Shampoo Plus Conditioner

Made from all natural ingredient,Works well as a pet deodorizer.100% biodegradable and made with recycled materials


OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner

Tear free soap less shampoo, Delicate balance of essential oils ,All natural ingredients


Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo

For dry, sensitive and itching skin, Wahl Shampoo is PEG-80 Free


TropiClean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

All natural 70% organic shampoo, Soap and Detergent Free


TrueBlue Shampoo

All-Natural Botanical Ingredients -- No parabens, phosphates, or alcohol, Deep cleans, without stripping the skin ,Tear-free with a great lather


Dr. Muller Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Deep cleansing & deodorizing, Antibacterial Antifungal


SOLID GOLD 937785 Supersen Gelle Shampoo

Extra mild shampoo, Non-allergenic, All natural


Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Dog and Cat Shampoo

Gentle, pH-balanced shampoo, Biodegradable formula rinses out in seconds


Kelco 50:1 Filthy Animal Shampoo

Natural, pH balanced and biodegradable. With natural herbs, extracts and essential oils


Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Shampoo Plus Conditioner for Pets with Allergies and Sensitive Itchy Dry Skin

Editor rating:

Pro pack works hypoallergenic shampoo is specially formulated for sensitive, itchy dry skin dog. Unlike the other shampoos, the product is smell free, alcohol-free, artificial color free.

Aloe Vera and almonds oil work for pet’s soothing skin and coat and leave your dog a freshen smell.

This shampoo mixed with aloe extracts and almond oil that contain A, D & E. So, during bath time it will never irritate your dog’s eyes, nose and skin. The company also conscious about the environment that the shampoo is 100% biodegradable and made it with recycled materials.


  • Alcohol, detergent and sulfate free.
  • It is hypoallergenic and organic for dogs
  • Gentle but effective dog shampoo.
  • Not only for dogs but also can be applied it to the other pets.
  • Suitable for regular use.
  • Great shipping service
  • Smells good and washes out easily


  • Some customers claim that it smells like kid’s syrup.

Dr. Muller Keto-C Shampoo for Dogs, Cats, and Horses

Editor Rating:

When you are looking for a shampoo for your pet that can be used on different pets or different breeds, for example, if you have cats, dogs or other longhaired pets, you will be able to use this brand for all of them (assuming they have the same needs).

This is considered an antiseptic shampoo that allows for deep cleansing and deodorizing without all the perfumes. They have created this product for multiple types of animals in mind, therefore, it is safe for cats, dogs, and even horses.


  • Created with health in mind: Antibacterial and antifungal soap
  • Can be used for cats and dogs
  • Deodorizing without the perfumes to dry out the skin


  • Only available in bulk sizes
  • Preferred for those with dermatology conditions over general use

TrueBlue Natural Balance Conditioning Shampoo

Editor Rating:

Staunch offers a deep conditioning shampoo available in 12 oz. bottles. They provide all-natural botanical ingredients.

No alcohol or other drying ingredients. Scented with a grapefruit aroma, and made from all natural oils. So, won’t create dryness or itching. The USA made cruelty- free shampoo works gently but cleans thoroughly to your pet’s skin.


  • Made in the USA
  • Made from all natural oils and botanicals
  • Part of proceeds go to American Humane Society Second Chance fund


  • Safe for pets over 12 weeks old only

Solid Gold Supersenes Gelle Shampoo

Editor Rating:

Considered one of the better options for dog shampoos that focus on sensitive skin, breeds with pure white coats, and helps relieve bites and itching from fleas and ticks.

This is the mild shampoo that does not give any chemical preservatives and uses natural oils So, it is non-allergenic. Moreover, it will leave no side effects.


  • A gel based shampoo, offering a thick soothing wash
  • Great for pure white coats to help clean without the chemical base ingredients


  • Based on those dogs needing treatment for sensitive skin

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo

Editor Rating:

More and more all natural dog shampoos and conditioners are popping up on the market, but choosing the best dog shampoo for your pet’s needs, with all natural ingredients, can be tough.

But All ingredients of the shampoo are natural, biodegradable, and gentle.

The best part of the product is that the shampoo would not harm any pet or environment. The Earth bath shampoo offers a variety of aromas, perfume free and available in bulk sizes.


  • Safe and gentle
  • Scented with various options
  • This shampoo is suitable for sensitive skin and all types of pets
  • Soap and dandruff free shampoo


  • Long delivery time

Kelco 50:1 Filthy Animal Shampoo

Editor Rating:

Great dog shampoo that offers a 50:1 high concentrated that is not based on soap, perfume or detergent. Their goal is to help beat fleas and ticks, dry skin and overall dirt and filth.

This is where they got their name Filthy Animal. Safe for most animals such as cats, dogs, puppies, horses and most farm animals. ​


  • Great for several breeds of animals, not just dogs
  • Made of natural ingredients, no soaps or detergents


  • Only available in two sizes

Bio-Groom Econo-Groom Dog and cat shampoo

Editor Rating:

A tear free super concentrate herbal and oil based shampoo and conditioner in one for your cats and dogs.

Made from all biodegradable ingredients, to help with skin issues, and make your dog’s coat shiny and clean.


  • For both cats and dogs
  • Made from biodegradable ingredients


  • Does contain lanolin which some dogs are allergic to
  • For cats and dogs only

OxGord Natural Oatmeal Dog-Shampoo and Conditioner - for Relieving Dry Itchy Skin

Editor Rating:

This quality pet shampoo by OxGord, offer not only a natural shampoo but also a taking a good care and treatment to dog’s skin and coat. Because of they only use natural ingredients in their shampoo.

Natural oils and extracts contain tear free formula that gives a playful bath to your dog.


  • Natural pet shampoo
  • Great for dry and sensitive skin dogs
  • Environment friendly
  • Nice and gentle for puppies too


  • Not good enough for sensitive dog’s skin
  • Some dogs break out some side effects
  • The smell of the shampoo does not too long

Wahl Natural Pet Shampoo

Editor Rating:

Wahl's Oatmeal Shampoo provides those ingredients that are suitable for dogs dry, sensitive and itching skin.

As a conscious pet owner if you want to avoid harsh chemicals for your lovely pet, then it will be a perfect shampoo because it is PEG-80 free. Additionally, it will improve your dog coat and reduce shedding.


  • Natural shampoo with light fragrance
  • The shampoo does not cause any skin irritation
  • Good for dry skin


  • Sometimes makes puppy stinks
  • Some pet is affected by allergy

TropiClean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Pet Shampoo

Editor Rating:

This product is soap and detergent free natural shampoo for your dog. This shampoo is containing vitamin E, oatmeal and tea tree that give proper moisture to your dog’s skin without dandruff and scales.

It is soap free that can be applied regularly to a pet skin without harmful side effects.


  • Soap and detergent free pet shampoo.
  • To smooth itchy and dry skin.
  • Safe for frequent use
  • Made in the USA


  • Not useful for sensitive skin.

Final Verdict

You have had the opportunity to read about 10 of the best pet shampoo on the market today. If you are looking for the best treatment for your pet’s skin and coats, you are sure to find the best quality here from one of these products.

Earthbath All Natural Pet Shampoo is one of the best shampoo. More than a thousand customers share their experience in the Amazon. If your pet has a sensitive skin and allergies to food, grass and flea bites, then choose Pro Pet Works Hypoallergenic Organic Shampoo.

If you have more than one pet, remember there may be instances where you need more than one kind of shampoo. The best dog shampoo for one pet may not be the same for the other. Your dog only deserves the best, each and every time. ​

The Best Dog Food for Golden Retriever: Peak Healthy Life and Nutrition

Over 10,000 dog owners choose right decision for their Golden Retriever. Hope we also find out the best dog food for your golden to considering dog owner decisions.

According to American dog owner survey, Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dogs in the U.S.

They are so attractive, adorable, lively and full to the brim with loyalty dog. That’s why all dog owners want to keep them a healthy, shiny and long coat. But it’s not an easy task. You have to always be aware that they get proper nutrition and healthy life. So you should choose the best dog food for your pet.

Few things should keep in mind before buying your dog food. Some foods enriched with healthy ingredients but your pet doesn’t like it to chew and some foods contain unwanted ingredients those are harmful to your dog. So, to avoid this entire unnecessary problem you should know detail about Golden Retriever dog food.

And that’s why we will describe some best food for your dog. We choose these products consulted with breeders, registered dog trainers, and vet for your loyal golden. So you can easily find the best food for your dog from our list.

Quick click: Best 5 foods for Your Adult Golden Retriever

**You will find the detailed review of our expertise from Below. You can choose the best food for your dog. You can also see the current price and review on Amazon to click above links. **

Quick click: Best 5 Foods for Your Puppy Golden Retriever

**You will find the detailed review of our expertise from Below. You can choose the best food for your dog. You can also see the current price and review on Amazon to click above links. **

Diet & Nutrition Needs for Golden Retriever

1075 Cal Older dogs
1345 Cal Typical Adults
2100 Cal Active Dogs

N.B: It's an estimated value according to the average weight of dogs. Every dog is different category and sizes. So you should talk to your vet before making your dog’s diet.

The Golden Retriever is a good-looking and adorable dog. This kind of dog is pretty big sized. So they need more calories than other dogs. But calories depend on many several factors like Weight, age, metabolism, activity level and whether she spayed. This all things are main about issue to make a diet plan for your golden retriever.

We know every dog is different and different sized. So we just make a diet plan and calorie plan to take an average weight. Here we based 70-pound dog on estimating our diet plan but it may little high for a bitch.

Generally, a typical dog needs around 1400 calories per day. But if your dog is old or lazy, or your dog’s energy went down after spayed than calories needs to be lower. Probably then needs around 1200 calories per day for your golden retriever dog.

On the other side, if you have a highly active dog or if your retriever is a working dog, then she needs more than 2200 calories per day.

These all are an estimated value for your golden retriever diet chart. Please make sure and talk to your vet to know that exactly what type of amount calories needs to your dog.


You have to make sure your golden gets the proper and appropriate amount of macronutrients like (protein, fat, and carbs).

Firstly, you want your dog to gets proper protein from the food. So make sure your dog gets at least a quarter of its total calories from protein. So you have to very careful on your dog food level on the back side. Follow the main and first ingredients on the level. You should select those ingredients food which are providing the exact amount of protein that your dogs need.

We know, the golden retriever has long and luxurious coats on the whole body. So you should need an extra and special care for her. So make sure they are getting proper fat. So you should select that food contains good and natural omega fatty acid for your golden retriever dog.

A few carbs are enough for your dog. Just make sure there has no gross stuff like corn, sugar, and soy. It’s really disappointing to know still there are many companies in the market that food contains like this shit. So be careful when select a good dog food for your luxurious golden retriever.

Golden Retriever Health Problems & How Food Can Help

Golden retrievers have few potential health issues that you should look out for them. You can avoid those risks just simply change to your dog’s diet.


Golden are prone to allergies. It usually starts with skin irritation. If your dog has to itch all over, then it’s sure to allergies or something like that. It may occur probably the low ingredients of dog foods, like corn, wheat, and soy.

So if you think its allergies problem then you should take her to vet. And feed her some hypoallergenic food by recommendation of your vet.

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus

Gastric Dilation and Volvulus is a serious issue for your Golden Retriever. It also called bloat. It happens when your dog stomach twisted and folds over itself and if they have digest problem.

Generally, there has no exact issue of bloat but it may occur two ways.

  • If your dog eats a large meal each day and
  • If they exercise shortly after taking meals.

Just make sure your dogs don’t do that and give her daily at least two meals per day. After taking meal doesn’t let her play more than one hour.


Obesity is a big problem for your dog. It’s easy to gain weight for Golden Retriever. So you should be careful on your dog diet plan. It’s better if you don’t give her people food.

Another good way to keep standard weight is to add more protein and veggies into their food because of protein and veggies have lower calories than carbohydrate. But it will be really dangerous if you avoid totally carbohydrate. Carbohydrate is also important for your dog.

The best idea will be if you make your own dog food keep concern about all ingredients. Then your dog will get the exact amount of protein and carbohydrate from her food.


Cancer is a common issue for every golden retriever. Most common are hemangiosarcoma and osteosarcoma. You just help to your dog to avoid cancer by feeding high quality and premium dog food. The lower quality food contains a preservative, artificial sugar, artificial flavors, and colors. These are the main cause of cancer.


Hypothyroidism is another most common culprit for a golden retriever. That’s the main reason to fast weight gaining all of a sudden to your pet. That’s only the way to prevent these diseases by the little amount in her diet. It means you should take your dog to vet instead of this diseases and proper course of medicine.

Which factors should have a good dog food?

To finding the best dog food there are some factors to ensure. According to our veterinarian and our dog breeder, the best dog food should have

  • Should have to meat based protein in a decent amount.
  • Should have carbohydrate content but not a high amount.
  • Should have harmful chemical free.
  • Artificial color free.
  • Should have fat protein but not more than 70 percent.
  • Animal fats free.
  • Should unidentified meats and harmful ingredients free.

Above all factors are helps to mark or choose the best dog food for your golden and another way to finding a good food is if all the ingredients are suitable for human consumption.

What Should You Choose Wet or Dry Dog Food?

What type of food you feed your dog wet or dry it has a standard range of factor?

Dry food is always good and popular for the dog owner because it’s so popular and affordable as well. It also helps your dog to easily chew and it helps to keep your dog teeth strong. Your dog can be safe from teeth problem.

On the other hand, wet food so much popular for any dog. However, this food needs to refrigeration if your dog doesn’t eat all food once you put in the bowl. Wet food always comes in an airtight packet. So don’t need to any chemical to preserve it. Wet foods are nutritionally best and older dogs are like to eat this food.

So probably the best decision will be if you feed your dog by mixing wet and dry food together.

Should You Go Grain-Free or not?

What is grain free? Actually, we all think grain free is always good. Many dog owners also think grain free foods are good for their dogs but it’s not true always.

Grains are a great source of carbohydrate and carbohydrate is essential for your dog health. Carbohydrates are easily metabolizing your dogs.

Almost all dogs have a same allergic problem in particular grains. So unless you find out or diagnose with the allergic problem, you should not avoid grain free food those are free from selected grain.

Your Golden Is Thriving on Their Food or not how you can understand?

If your dog is thriving on with their diet, it’s not so hard to understand. Signs are so easy to find out.

  • Bright eye.
  • Fresh breath.
  • ​Shiny and long coat.
  • ​Healthy and energetic.
  • Regular stools.
  • Healthy weight.

Above all signs are the way of understanding your dog is thriving on or not. If your dogs are suffering from allergies, itchy, diarrhea, vomiting and Hunger recession than they might be not adjusting in this food. However, it may not the food problem. So you should take your dog for a checkup to vet.

Detail Review of Adult Golden retriever dog food

Editor Rating:

Royal Canin is a great dog food for Golden Retriever. It has some special ingredients that just effective and perfect for Golden Retriever.

Main ingredients are Chicken Meal, Brown Rice, Chicken Fat, Oatmeal, corn gluten meal, and many others. These all ingredients are ensuring your pet get a balanced diet and perfect meal.

It has vitamin B1, vitamin B2 and vitamin E and citric acid. It helps to support healthy cardiac function and also helps to support a good skin coat. It’s also a good source of fiber content and high-quality carbohydrate.

Their exclusive kibble shapes are encouraged to grasp and chew to your pet. A healthy skin is important for every Golden Retriever. That’s why you should select an appropriate food. Only Royal Canin can ensure you EPA, DHA, and also contain omega 6 & 3 fatty acids which help you maintain a healthy skin for your dog.

The Golden Retriever is known for its healthy skin and natural softness. Their Golden Retriever adult formulas are contributed to maintaining to health long coat. Royal Canin designed exclusively his food for over 15-month age dogs and 30-pound size dogs. This Royal Canin food is great for an adult Golden Retriever and also a great golden retriever puppy food.

Things we liked

  • It’s make sure your dog’s healthy skin.
  • Their exclusive kibble shapes designed are encouraged to grasp and chew.
  • ​It’s contributed to maintaining to health long coat.
  • ​It has all natural ingredients which help your dog digestion.
  • It helps to maintain ideal weight.
  • It’s perfect for over the 15-month aged dog and 30-pound size dog.

Things we disliked

  • Some customer complaints about its ingredients list.
  • Some dogs don't like this kibble shaped food.

Editor Rating:

Merrick Grain free dog food is a unique and high-quality food. It has all natural ingredients. Its first and main ingredients are deboned chicken.

And other ingredients are fresh produce like sweet potatoes, apple, blue Barry, potatoes, and peas. All ingredients are provided the perfect level of nutrition and healthy skin.

Its Omega 6 & 3 are ensuring healthy skin and long coat of your dog. For healthy hips and joints, it has to include the perfect level of glucosamine and chondroitin foster. In this recipe have no unwanted ingredients like corn, soy, and wheat. That’s why Merrick dog food is a perfect balance nutritious Golden dog food.

It’s all used ingredients are collected from U.S. and it’s cooked also in U.S. so you can trust this food quality. This grain free dog food is perfect for stage and all size of breeds. Its main ingredients deboned chicken helps to provide 70% meat and fish source. And 30 % are ensuring fresh produce ingredients.So it would be the best dog food for your Golden Retrievers.

Things we liked

  • It has main and premium quality ingredients deboned chicken.
  • It has 70% meat protein and 30 % fresh produce ingredients.
  • ​It’s a grain free recipe.
  • ​It provides your dog balance meat and nutrition.
  • ​Its Omega 6 & 3 helps to give healthy skin and long coat.
  • ​Things we disliked
  • Some owner says their dogs are sick after eating this food.

Things we disliked

  • Some owner says their dogs are sick after eating this food.

Editor Rating:

Modern science proves Wolves DNA shares by today’s dogs. So today’s Golden Retriever dogs are very strong like wolves. As a result, they need more protein and nutrition.

Taste of the Wild made this type of food for an adult golden retriever. Its grain-free formula gives your adult dog high-quality digestive energy and nutrition.

This food is made with real roasted meat and protein. That offers your dogs a great taste sensation. Vegetable and fruits give antioxidants and healthy life. Your dog will enjoy a great taste of a healthy life. It’s used main ingredients are Buffalo, lamb meal, egg product, pea protein, and many other things. Those are ensuring a perfect balance meal.

All type of vitamins like B1, B2, B6, and B12 supplement provides an exact ratio of the vitamin for your growing pets. It’s the best dog food for golden retrievers.

Things we liked

  • Its grain-free formula gives your dog strong digestive energy.
  • Real roasted meats are giving a great test sensation your puppy.
  • Vegetable and fruits give antioxidants and healthy life.
  • All used ingredients are given a perfect balance meal and nutrition.
  • Vitamin and supplements are giving a strong health to your growing pets.

Things we disliked

  • Some dogs are May not like this taste.

Editor Rating:

Blue Wilderness is a unique food for golden retriever dog. It has real salmon, fish meal and chicken meal. All ingredients are making it a great taste of food. Your golden retriever dog will love this food definitely.

Its high protein and grain free recipe make it healthy food. It’s a great source of carbohydrate and calories. That helps to support a perfect dietary that your dog needs in daily meal.

Modern science proves Wolves DNA shares by today’s dogs. So today’s dogs are very strong like wolves. As a result, they need more protein and nutrition. That’s why this food is inspired by a diet of wolves. It’s the best food for golden retriever puppy.

Things we liked

  • It has real salmon, fish meal and chicken meal.
  • It ensures your dogs a great taste.
  • ​This food is a great source of high protein and calories.
  • ​It ensures your dog daily dietary meal.
  • This food is inspired by a diet of wolves.
  • If your dog has allergies problem, then it will be the best food for her.

Things we disliked

  • Some dogs are cannot adjust with this food.

Editor Rating:

Wellness is a complete health natural dry dog food for your larger breed. It’s a different recipe for your dog. It’s a turkey and oatmeal recipe for an adult dog.

It’s featuring a kibble size, especially for the adult dog. All natural ingredients provide your dog an ideal balance diet. This is exactly needed for your dog. It provides your dog exact nutritional support.

Main ingredients are Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Salmon Meal, Oatmeal, and many other important ingredients. It has vitamin A, C, E and D supplement. All are a support to help build strong bone and healthy and ensures a good digestive system.

All are item guaranteed you that your dog will love this food. It’s the best dog food for golden retrievers.

Things we liked

  • Ensure you complete and balance diet in every meal.
  • Its different type recipe turkey and oatmeal formula will love your dog.
  • All ingredients are fully natural.
  • It's USA product so you can trust it for your pet.
  • It’s good for build strong bone and healthy.
  • It’s perfect for small breed and ensures you good digestion system.

Things we disliked

  • Some customer says that their dog cannot adjust with this food for the first week.
  • Food size is tine so your dog may not like this food.

Detail Review of Puppy Golden Retriever Dog Food

In the table above, we have chosen top 5 dog food for puppy Golden retriever for you. All of them are best for your Dog. If you are so much worried about your Golden food, then you can choose from our two selected products. Because CANIDAE Large Breed Puppy Food All Life Stages and Holistic Select Dry Dog Food for large & giant breed are the best in the market.

They are also the best-selling product in the Amazon. Customer review of these two products is highly satisfactory. But if you have time I suggest you read our reviews. So please read it first. Then you can take a decision to choose the best dog food for your pet easily.

Editor Rating:

Wellness is a complete health natural dry dog food for your larger breed puppies. It’s a different recipe for your dog.

It’s a deboned chicken, brown rice and salmon meal recipe for a larger breed puppy.

It's larger breed puppy formula and its larger kibble size food makes it more delicious.

That’s why all ingredients are supported to provide calories and it helps to build healthy bone, eye, and brain development.

All natural ingredients provide your dog an ideal balance diet. This is exactly needed for your dog. It provides your dog exact nutritional support. They are not using any artificial flavor, color, and preservative in their recipe and they also don’t use any corn, soy, and wheat.

Main ingredients are Deboned Chicken, Chicken Meal, Ground Brown Rice, Salmon Meal, Oatmeal, and many other important ingredients. It has vitamin A, C, E and D supplement. All are a support to help build strong bone and healthy and ensures a good digestive system. All are item guaranteed you that your dog will love this food. So, can be the best dog food for golden retriever puppies.

Things we liked

  • Ensure you complete and balance diet in every meal.
  • Its deboned chicken, brown rice and salmon meal recipe will love your dog.
  • All ingredients are fully natural.
  • It's USA product so you can trust it for your pet.
  • It’s good to build healthy bone, eye, and brain development.
  • It’s perfect for larger breed puppy and ensures you good digestion system.

Things we disliked

  • Some customer says that their dog cannot adjust with this food for the first week.
  • Sometimes this food has moth and moth larvae issue.

Editor Rating:

Larger breed dogs are really bigger than to smaller breed. That’s why they need more nutrition. So you have to make sure your larger breed puppy is getting more and proper nutrition.

Hill’s Science large breed dry dog food will be the best puppy food for golden retrievers.

This food is chicken meal and oats recipe for your larger breed and it’s recommended for up to 1-year-old puppies. It contains the best level of calcium and develops bone growth. It also a natural source of glucosamine and chondrotine that helps to build healthy joints and cartilage. It has vitamin C and E which helps to support a healthy immune system of your puppy.

It also clinically proved that antioxidant blend. They make their recipe by full natural ingredients. They don’t use nay artificial color, flavor and preservative. That’s why it’s easy to digests. They also give you 100 % money back guarantee. It’s the best food for golden retriever puppy.

Things we liked

  • Helps your puppies to keep up a good health and healthy immune system.
  • It’s perfect for 1-year-old larger breed puppy.
  • ​It’s a great source of calcium, glucosamine, and chondrotine.
  • ​It’s clinically proven blend to antioxidant.
  • No artificial flavor, colure, and preservative.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Things we disliked

  • Some puppies are May not like this food.
  • Sometimes people getting a bad batch.

Editor Rating:

CANIDAE is a unique dog food. This brand is unique for their simple strategy. They make their recipe for all life stages. That means if you have multiple dogs in your house then you can buy this product and give it to your all dog.

This vet formulated food is for all puppies, breed and adult dog.

They use all premium ingredients for their recipe. Those are providing optimum protein and nutrition. They don’t use any corn, soy, and wheat. They make their recipe with different flavor like duck meal + calcium & phosphorous. Those are very much-loved your dog?

Others ingredients like brown rice, peas, and papayas which provide the maximum level of carbohydrate and make sure your dog gets the perfect balance meal. They never use any type of artificial flavor, colors, preservative and any type of antibiotics with their recipe. It’s the best puppy food for the golden retriever.

So you can take it decisively for your all life stages dogs.

Things we liked

  • These foods are totally unique for their recipe.
  • This vet formulated food is perfect for all life stages.
  • They use only premium quality ingredients with their recipe.
  • All ingredients make sure your dog gets the perfect balance meal and exact quality nutrition.
  • They have many type flavors.
  • They never use any artificial flavor, colors, preservative and any kind of antibiotics.

Things we disliked

  • Few customer reviews say their dogs start vomiting and diarrhea after feeding this food.

Editor Rating:

Purina Pro Plan is an extraordinary golden retriever dog food. It’s taste like almost all type of dog. They are specially made this food for large breed puppy.

They make their food by chicken and rice formula. Main ingredients are chicken. They ensure high-quality protein in their recipe.

It’s a great natural source of glucosamine. Glucosamine helps to develop your dog’s joint and cartilage. Their foods are full of DHA from omega-rich fish oil that helps to build the vision and nourish brain development. For developing strong immune system needs rich antioxidants. Antioxidants are providing exact portion from this food.

You can choose this food for all type of dog small to large.

Things we liked

  • It’s specially made for large breed puppy.
  • They made their recipe with chicken and rice formula.
  • ​It’s a great source of protein and main ingredients are chicken.
  • It’s a great source of glucosamine that helps to provide joints and cartilage.
  • ​Its rich fish oils which come from omega helps to build vision and brain development.
  • Antioxidants help to build a strong immune system.

Things we disliked

  • Some owners say this food gave their dog loose stools.

Editor Rating:

Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food offers a variety of flavored food with multiple sizes. This food will keep an excellent care to your puppy’s digestive system. It is the complete and balanced diet for Shih Tzu.

Holistic always remind the special care for a special breed. That’s why the kibble of the food is small enough for a small breed.

It supplies natural ingredients with chicken, prebiotics, digestive enzymes, probiotics, natural fibers, & botanicals and no meat by-products, wheat, wheat gluten is added to this food. DHA of the food will help support eye and brain development. It’s the best puppy food for golden retrievers.

Things we liked

  • Improves digestive problems
  • Small kibbles are suitable for small breed
  • ​Protein and fat ensure proper development
  • All breed like the food very much
  • ​No by-products meet, wheat, wheat gluten
  • ​Never added any artificial colors and preservatives.
  • The USA made dog food.

Things we disliked

  • Some puppy does not like the smell
  • Little bit pricey
  • Made my dog's skin really dry and flaky

Final Verdict

I think now you get a clear idea what actually Golden retriever like and what type of food you choose for your pet. You have to choose the best commercial food that will give exact nutrition level and perfect energy to your adorable Golden.

After a lot of researches, we found Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food for Adult Golden Retriever and Blue Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food would be the best dog food for your adult dog because thousands of customers give their positive comments towards the food.

We also choose for your puppies, and I'm sure you like CANIDAE Large Breed Puppy Food All Life Stages and Holistic Select Dry Dog Food for the large & giant breed. Both branded food healthy, totally enriched with natural ingredients and nutrias without any side effect. So, just make an order and get them that you have not worried about your pet feed.

The 101 Guide to Cleaning Pet Stains from Your Upholstery

For all the fun and excitement that pets bring to the table, they can also make up for that with some truly disheartening messes that even the magical powers of Mr Proper won’t be able to fix. From mud and grass paw prints on suede sofas to smelly accidents on comfy mattresses, our animal companions can sometimes really give us a small taste of what hell might look like.

Well, we’re here to change all that. For your convenience, we’ve gathered several handy tips on how to clean your sofa, mattresses, blinds, chairs, and other upholstered furniture based on the type of stain you’re facing. To help you avoid yet another nervous breakdown, we also shared some advice on how to prevent Archie from staining your furniture in the future.

“Refrain from using harsh cleaning chemicals or too much ammonia or vinegar. Although overwhelming to humans, their smell will not be enough to mask your pet’s natural scent.”- Dmitri Kara from Fantastic Cleaners London says.

Common Types of Pet Stains and How to Get Them Off Your Upholstery

The most important bit you’ll have to remember is that you have to completely deal with the stain as soon as it appears. The longer you leave it be, the deeper it will embed itself into the fabric and the harder it will become to remove it. The average cost to reupholster a couch is surely an expense pet owners can’t undertake on a regular basis. By cleaning the mess on time, you will also discourage your pets from re-staining the same spot in an attempt to mark their territory.

Find out what you’re up against

Urine, fecal, and vomit stains all require a different cleaning approach, so it’s important to know what the stain is and where it’s located. While the odour will often give you a pretty good hint of what you have in store, the stains themselves are not always easy to spot. If you’re having trouble locating your pet’s wrongdoing, get an ultraviolet lamp and switch the lights off. This will make any biological material on your furniture to fluoresce, revealing its exact location.

Good news – mucus stains are the easiest to clean

As with humans, mucus plays a vital role in the wellbeing of animals in that it keeps their internal organs lubricated and protects them from malevolent bacteria. However, it’s not uncommon for this slimy substance to land on your brand new sofa, especially if your furry friend has ingested some grass or hair shortly before taking a nap. But even then, mucus stains are pretty simple to clean as they are pretty much odourless both for upholstery and carpet cleaning. To remove them, mix some water with about a teaspoon of dish soap. Apply this mixture on the stain and blot it with a clean rag until it’s gone.

What if we told you that you can do something about that pet hair?

While not exactly a stain per se, pet hair can be exceptionally annoying to deal with, specifically due to its impressive ability to glue itself to your clothes almost as soon as you sit in your favourite armchair. Luckily, there are plenty of efficient and low-cost solutions out there that will make your woes a thing of the past. Here are some of the things you can try out for yourself.

One way to deal with your pet’s shedding fur is by wrapping your fingers with some sticky tape. Make sure that the sticky part is faced outwards, then simply press the tape against the fabric and repeat this process until all the hair has vanished. You can also use dampened rubber gloves or a slightly wet sponge to achieve the same effect. Other alternatives include:

  • Applying a mixture of water and fabric softener and wiping it from your upholstery;
  • Using a lint brush or dry sponges (both can be obtained from your local pet store);
  • Purchasing a hand vacuum cleaner with a motorised beater-bar attachment.

If your dog Poop a lot you should buy a pooper scooper from a range to top selection from my friends blog.

When dealing with dog or cat urine stains, speed is everything

No, we’re not saying that just because of the permeating odour. Pet urine is slightly acidic, which can lead to fabric discolouration if you don’t act quickly! Given enough time, it can also sink deep into the fabric, and your only choice then would be to call in professional upholstery cleaners and use diapers.. So, what can you do if your pet has decided to relieve himself due to stress or as an act of revenge?

To do away with the stain, mix 1 cup of warm water with two tablespoons of white vinegar inside a plastic spray bottle. Then, simply apply the solution to the stain and blot it with either a soft cloth or a newspaper to absorb as much of the moisture as possible. Once the vinegar acid merges with that of the urine, the resulting reaction will eliminate the smell entirely. Finally, fold a clean towel and place something heavy on top for a few hours to absorb the remaining moisture.

Vomit and feces are not as scary as they look

Accidents happen even to the most disciplined of pets, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for them. If you suspect that your pet mistook your furniture for his bathroom or that he has a tummy ache, be sure to act as soon as you spot his deed. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  1. Scrape off any solid material from your fabric using a small dustpan or a similar tool.
  2. If the stain has dried, make sure to vacuum it thoroughly to get rid of all remaining solids.
  3. Mix 2 cups of water with dishwashing detergent and vinegar (1 tablespoon of each).
  4. Apply the solution to the stained area and blot it with a kitchen roll or a clean cloth.
  5. Keep blotting the stain as many times as needed until the whole mixture is absorbed.

Refresh your pet-stained bedding with enzymatic cleaners!

Unfortunately, the realm of pet stains does not end at your living room. And every now and then, your beloved fuzzball may do something unpleasant while snuggling with you in your bed due to digestion issues or because you’ve shut the door that leads to their designated bathroom.

Whatever the case, the best course of action is to immediately take your bedding to the washing machine. Then, add one pound of baking soda to the wash to eliminate the odour. If the smell or the blemishes persist, add an enzymatic cleaner before giving your sheets another wash.

More on enzymatic cleaners: These eco-friendly products contain hungry bacteria that will quickly eat up all organic matter. They are great for dealing with blood, grass, urine, sweat, and other similar stains. You can purchase these solutions at any pet or grocery store in your area.

Facing Stubborn Stains? Here’s What Else You Can Do!

Use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia

Before trying out this formula, make sure to apply a single drop of both hydrogen peroxide and ammonia on a “hidden” spot of your upholstery to prevent potential discolouration. If the treated surface doesn’t show signs of damage, then go ahead and apply a couple of hydrogen peroxide drops and a few drops of ammonia directly on top of the stain. With the stain defeated, use cold water and a clean cloth to gently blot the area until all traces of the cleaning solution are gone.

Rent a steam cleaner or a carpet shampooer

If the stains are still visible or your pet soils your upholstery much more often than you would like, a good solution is to head online and rent a steam cleaning machine. However, this method doesn’t come cheap, so make sure to do some research first to find the steam cleaner that best fits your needs and budget. Also, do note that steam cleaners are NOT suitable for cleaning urine stains as the heat emitted by the machine will permanently ingrain the stain into the fibres.

As an alternative, you can also rent a carpet shampooer. Despite its name, this piece of equipment is just as efficient at cleaning upholstery blemishes, particularly with urine stains. To use it, you’ll need nothing but standard carpet shampoo and warm water. The machine works by pumping water into the fabric and then extracting it back along with all dirt particles. Before trying this treatment, check the material of your upholstery as not all fabrics react well to water. If you still have a hard time tackling the stain, learn how to maintain an immaculate carpet in the presence of pets.

Purchase a pet odour neutraliser

In some instances, unpleasant odours can persist even after the original stain has been dealt with. To combat this, you can get the best pet odour neutralising product from just about any pet store. Before using such a product, always refer to the instructions on the back of the bottle and test some of its contents on an inconspicuous area of your upholstery. According to Mark Whitman from Accelerate Homes, both odour and signs of pets can significantly affect the market price of a property if you want to either sell or buy. It is absolutely mandatory to take care of all signs of odours.


For best results, make sure that your upholstery is stain-free, otherwise the effect on the upholstery will be far weaker, not to mention that some fabrics may never get fully rid of pet odour.

A Few Prevention Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Sure, knowing how to deal with pet stains on the spot is useful. But wouldn’t it be great if you also knew how to prevent them from ever coming to light? Well, we’re going to help you do just that. Check out our tips below to ensure that your home will remain stain-free no matter what.

Tired of cleaning animal hair? Give your pets something to lay on

Nobody has the time to wrap their hands with duct tape three times a day. Which is why we are proposing an even better solution – placing an old towel, a sheet, or a cosy sweater on the couch or any other piece of upholstery that you know your pet really likes. This way, all that annoying fur will land straight on the covering instead of on your furniture. Just shake the improvised bed outside every once in a while to keep your place nice and tidy. Combine this with regular grooming for best results. Your pet will make sure to thank you later.

Use positive reinforcement every chance you get

This is especially important if you’re looking after a kitten or a puppy. Potty training your pets from an early age will cut your accidents rate by half. Don’t forget to also compliment your cat or dog each time you make some progress to encourage them to adopt this positive behaviour.

If you have an older pet who breaks the rules more often than usual, take him to the vet to rule out any potential health complications, such as chronic diarrhea or vomiting/urinating issues. With the proper medication and a good diet, your pet will be back on its paws in no time.

Make the stained area unattractive for your pet

As long as you pet can sense his personal smell, he will do anything in his power to maintain it. This could turn into a bad habit really fast, which is why you should work towards neutralising not just the stain, but its corresponding odour as well. Eventually, this will discourage your animal companion from repeatedly going back to the crime scene.

Top 5 Halo Dog Food Reviews: Best Healthy Feed for Your Pet

The time has gone when people bought their dog food without thinking or doing an extensive amount of research. Today, we educated ourselves to give our dog the best, just like we would for our children.

Therefore, we do not even think to compromise when it comes to choosing the proper dog food. One of the brands that dog parents have trusted and depended on is Halo dog food. The renowned Halopets has a history of satisfying their customers with innovative and nutritious dog food for over 30 years.

Recommended Halo Dog Food Reviews

 Halo Spot Stew Chicken Recipe Dog Food - Best For Adult Dog Review

1. Halo Spot Stew Chicken Recipe Dog Food - Best For Adult Dog Review

Editor Rating:

This is the best-recommended Halo dog food for your furry child. Most of the users are satisfied with this item. Halo utilizes the best nutrients and foods in creating this wonderful product.

​You can find the entire list of ingredients on the label, but the most important ingredient that I came across was the real meat, butcher-quality chicken, vegetable broth and other mixed nutrients etc.​

Moreover, you will get instructions on how to properly feed and what quantitates to feed your dog based on their weight.


  • Holistic nutrition, with real ingredients
  • Avoids using rendered meat
  • No gluten, wheat or corn
  • Home style recipe
  • No added preservatives, synthetic color, and artificial odor
  • Available in 15 or 20 lbs. bags


  • All chicken based, no other meats
  • It is not good for puppies

Our Review: The best reviews mentioned the fact that their dogs preferred the taste of this food, in comparison to other dog food.

 Halo Spot’s Stew Salmon Recipe Dog Food - Best For Adult Dog Review

2. Halo Spot’s Stew Salmon Recipe Dog Food - Best For Adult Dog Review

Editor Rating:

This is the best fish recipe in the Halo dog food products. This is especially for those dogs who love fresh fish and vegetable flavor.

Surprisingly, this salmon fish recipe does not contain a dried salmon like odor that can annoy your dog. Like many of the dog foods, it does not contain pig residues.

Therefore, you know you are providing the best for your dog.


  • Holistic fish product without synthetic nutrients
  • Available in two sizes, either a 10-14 lbs. bag or 28 lbs. bag
  • No gluten, wheat or corn
  • It avoids using rendered meat, fish and animal or plant meals
  • Has an outstanding vegetable smell which is not salmon like
  • No pig residue to make your dog ill


  • Does not contain chicken or other meat
  • There are reports of poor shipping quality and package spilling

Our Review: Although genetics play an important role in your dog, structure, and behavior, proper food has a huge impact on their lives. Many customers recommended this food for better nourishment, as it is less likely to make your dog sick.

3. Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Wholesome Chicken for Small Breed Dogs - Best for Small Breed Review

Editor Rating:

Halo spot's stew Holistic dry dog food is a unique combination of Turkey, Duck, and Pheasant along with whole eggs, fruits and vegetables, and added vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

All the Halo food products are beef free and natural. It is one of the best choices for many pet owners because Halo foods do not contain gluten, corn or wheat.

The food ensures a healthy amount of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats for your loving dog. This dog food will improve your dog's digestive problem, and I hope they will like the taste as well. It also contains essential omega 3 and 6 vitamins for a healthy and shiny coat.


  • Complete and balanced diet for all life stages
  • Added no artificial colors and preservatives
  • Excellent choice for small breed dogs
  • Kibbles are small and easy to digest
  • Price is reasonable
  • Made in the USA


  • Some dogs may not like the taste
  • Not grain free dog food

Our Review: This Turkey, Duck, and Pheasant along with whole eggs, fruits and vegetables make a unique taste for the dog. People who have staph trouble with their dogs get better results with changing their previous dog food to this one.

4. Halo Liv-a-Littles Natural Treats for Dogs - Adult Dog Review

Editor Rating:

This chemical free 100% salmon, freeze-dried protein will take care of your pet’s immune system.

It is natural, no color added and undoubtedly beneficial for your dog’s health. You can completely rely on this food. It can be a competent source of high-quality protein for your furry child.

It is completely free from any harmful artificial products. This food is able to supply the proper amount of proteins for your pet without adding any synthetic preservatives, odorant, by-products or fillers.


  • Free from all kind of artificial product, flavors, and by-products.
  • Easy to digest for dogs
  • 100% salmon, no rendered meat or meal.
  • Marinated chicken can improve your dog health
  • Simply digested


  • Do not have vegetable broth
  • Manufacturer do not certify as grain free
  • Not easy washable.

Our Review: This mixed fish and chicken make a nice treat for your dog. Most of the reviewers found this as a favorite treat for their dogs. Some also say that after using this they forget to use appetite enhancer for their furry child.

Why does your pet need Halo dog food?

Do you know what type of Halo dog food you want to purchase for your cute puppy? You should start by having a look at the Halo dog food reviews.

After a long web search and as an experienced pet owner, I present some useful tips that you may help you make up your mind.

Before making that final decision you have to consider the following facts.

Firstly, you have to know the age of your furry child as the dog has an average life span of 10-13 years. If you have a dog that is young, I recommend dry kibble, as this contains the nutrients that it needs. There is no excess fats or salt.

Although most of the experts love dry food, semi-moist and canned foods are also recommended with the progression of age.

Canned food fulfills the demand of extra fat for the dog while semi-moist have the extra amount of sugar and salt needed for preservation. Some experts recommend these at an older age. ​

Then you simply have to observe which food your dog actually likes or prefers. It may be dry or wet. ​

​Again, are there any medical restrictions for your furry child? Do you puppy have any allergies to any foods or need some control over a certain food element? These are the most essential questions that you need to find answers to.

Finally, you have to look at the number of times you have to feed your dog, their weight and the price tag makes a difference as well.

Like many experts, I prefer Halo dog food for my dog. As Halo offers all the above-discussed benefits, I strongly recommend this dog food for you.

Final Verdict

I have discussed the best five Halo dog food in my review. All of them have premium quality meat, fish and or vegetable stuff.

However, if you want to buy the best product for your adult dog I will recommend Halo Spot Stew Chicken Recipe Dog Food but if you are buying for your cute puppy I will suggest for Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry Wholesome Chicken.

Therefore, do not waste your time with going here and there. Make a firm decision and purchase it now to give your dog the best. ​

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