Best Wireless Dog Fence: An Ultimate Guide & Reviews

With a growing “dog pound” I have to say that I have really started to consider the option of a wireless dog fence. I started with one large dog, and then adopted a min pin, then another large dog, now a second min pin. Therefore, they need some freedom to run, and I have it available.

Nevertheless, I cannot chase three dogs in three different directions. That is why I started looking into my options. I looked into a traditional dog gate or fence, but to no avail, I had decided on the wireless dog fence. The reviews had me sold right away.

Recommended Wireless Dog Fence Reviews

Reasons Behind Choosing Wireless Dog Fence

I had to admit that determining which of the fence options were best was something that I really struggled. I had always wanted a fenced in yard for my kids, so it made sense to want one for the dogs.

However, after watching my German Shepard dig in her outdoor kennel that seemed a little redundant and I knew I needed to look into alternative options. A wired fence can keep the pets inside the desired perimeter for only so long. They learn their limitations, and learn what is keeping them restrained, and will retaliate (dig).

From that point, there are many safety issues to take into consideration. If you have a jumper they could jump too far and land in harm’s way (the road) or not give themselves enough clearance and jump too short, impaling themselves. Either way, it is not a good ending to a proper care story. Another reason I chose the wireless dog fence.

There are several different kinds of wireless fences. There are those that are meant for being buried under the ground. These go under the ground, offering several different features depending on the brand and model you choose.

It is kind of like buying a car; you pick a manufacturer, and then go through their basic models, up to the elite, each offering something fancier than the previous model. A basic in ground system is wired, with a transmitter that stays within a 5-acre size limitation.

Now the wireless systems are just that wireless, and no digging our burying anything. Offering a safe zone for your pet it sends radio signals through the air, by transmitter. This makes it easier than having wires buried in the ground. If you are unsure which is best for you, you should consider a few things.

Be sure that you read all of the wireless dog fence reviews for each of the different brands, and their particular models. If there is a frequently asked questions section, read this as well. You would be surprised how many things you did not think of asking or looking into.

When available be sure to look for a comparison chart. This will allow you to look at the different options side by side, which can help you make the best decision.

When it comes to deciding how much to spend on a wireless dog fence, that is something I cannot offer a whole lot of advice on. The bottom line is what do you want it to do?

Do you want to keep your dogs safe within your property lines? Than your good with a baseline wireless dog fence. If your wanting something with a few more bells and whistles your looking at the upwards of $399 or more. It just depends on what you are looking for.

Something to remember is that your pet is going to need an open area to run and get exercise, but you do not want them to get too far out of range, and into the road or some other area where they could get hurt. Alternatively, if you have an aggressive dog, you want to make sure that the wireless fence will keep them under control.

That will not be the case and that is why it is important to look at all of your options. Which brings us to training your dog once you do find the right wireless fence for your pet and property?

There are several different methods out there for fence training. Some may be effective for your family but not the all. Therefore, these are just a few tips and suggestions to help you get on the right track.

Training Tip for Wireless Dog Fence

The first thing you need to understand is that when the dog collar starts beeping for the first time your dog is going to be confused, and not know exactly what is going on. Therefore, you expect them to stop and not go past the perimeter the first few times. The collar will beep which is a warning for them to stop going towards the boundary line.​

When they do not stop, the metal within the collar will give small and short static shock for attention. This is not intended to be hurtful but rather remind them they are out of bounds per say. When you start training for the wireless dog fence, you want to set realistic goals. To start you want to teach them that when they DO cross the perimeter there are consequences.​

Secondly, you want to help them realize that they can avoid the shock or consequences by walking away from the perimeter lines. Over time, they will learn where they are “safe” to roam and where they are not. How long it will take your dog to notice this will vary depending on the age and breed of your pet.​

You want to use a regular leash, collar, the shock collar, treats, training (perimeter) flags, and treats for learned or good behavior. There are going to be five main phases or steps (Boundary awareness, Introduction to static corrections, distractions, off leash supervision or training and finally monitored free roaming) for training your dog to use the wireless dog fence.​

You want to do short frequent training sessions over the course of 1-2 weeks. You want the sessions to be short from 10-15 minutes each time, several times a day. Perhaps when you let them out to use, the restroom walk the perimeter. There are several different things that you can do to help your dog adjust to their new perimeter.

They will of course, naturally want to just run through the meadows like a wild deer the first time they are off their leads/leashes, but the system should kick in and remind them that they cannot do that and it’s just not an option.​

You have to remember to reiterate that as well. When you are training, walk the perimeter. This will help them learn, and it is always good to stay a few feet away from the “warning” perimeter so that they don’t want to venture out further than what they REALLY need to.​

PetSafe PIF-300 Wireless 2 dog fence - Best for Small to Large Dogs Review

Editor Rating:

With this model, you will have a wireless radio-fence system that will allow two dogs to be connected to the system at any one time, and the weight limit for the dogs is 8 lbs. or more.

It offers a 180-foot diameter cover area and a static shock when dogs go outside their perimeter.

Customers who bought this thought it was great that it accommodated to more than one pet at a time.

Pet safe Stay+ Play wireless fence - Best for All Dogs Review

Editor Rating:

This outdoor pet area/wireless fence system allows for safe area for your dogs to play and roam around while within their perimeter. There are no wires, no radio. Everything is portable with this system.

You are able to cover up to ¾ of an acre, and 105 feet in every which direction.​

Setup is easy and since its portable you can travel or go camping with the system. The receiver/collar is waterproof and durable, and charge lasts for up to 3 weeks, depending on how much it is used.

If you happen to need assistance, they offer great service with PetSafe customer care for all of their wireless fence customers. Pet owners who bought this have recommended it to others, and most have used this camping.​

 Friendly Pet Products Wireless Review - Dog Fence All Dogs

Editor Rating:

This system operates on Wi-Fi and radio transmitters. You are able to take this with you to different locations and adjust the perimeter.

You are given complete control over where your fur baby can go and when. You can adjust the perimeter on the fly.

If there is a smaller dog in your yard, you can keep your pet from being near it by adjusting the perimeter. Customers, who bought this became happy with the product.

4. Stubborn No Wire Dog Electric Fence   Review

Editor Rating:

This is a great option for those who may already have an in-ground wire system and want upgrade. This wireless dog fence system was designed for the larger dogs, 15 lbs. and more.

There are four different settings of shock/stimulation to help your dog adjust to the new perimeter.

The collar is waterproof and designed to withstand the elements. Customer who bought this was upgrading their current system, and said that it was great for an upgrade rather than a standalone system.

Pet safe Wireless Fence Extra Transmitter  - All Dogs Review

Editor Rating:

This is an extra transmitter for your current setup. Basically what this does is adds a little more space to your current perimeter.

You will be able to add ½ acre to your current PetSafe wireless fence perimeter.

This does require the petsafe wireless fence collar and system to work. This is an extender or upgrade. Customers who bought this did so needing more space/perimeter room for their larger dogs, which needed more running room.

Final Verdict

When you stop and look at all of the different wireless dog fence option it may seem like they are all offering the same thing, but the bottom line is they are all different in one way or another. When I needed to find something for my three dogs, all of which are very different in size I decided to go with the PetSafe stay play system.

This allows me to take my dogs with me when I go up to the lake cabin, or camping, and of course to set up different perimeters within my property at home. Of course, what works for you may not be the same as what my needs were?

Be sure to read the wireless dog fence reviews for each product you look at and see what is best for your needs, and the needs comfort of your dogs.

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