10 Dog Training Books: Prepare Yourself to Train Your Dog!

Helen Hayes made a great comment over dog and that is “All my dogs have been scamps, thieves, and troublemakers and I have adored them all.” I have faced the same issues as her comments with my newbie dogs. My newbie stole food from kitchen, messed up the hall room and dislike to stay with me.

For making a friendly relation with him, I have trained my dog with experts. Few things had changed but it did not respond to my call as it did for the expert.

Top 10 Best Dog Training Books: A Quick Comparision


Book Name

Topic Discussed

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Train a dog well-behaved

Nourish a perfect puppy dog

All about dog training

Walking, potty and crate training of puppy.

The power of positive reinforcement

Sleeping training of puppy

7 Days complete puppy training

Manual training for dog owners

7 Days unique dog training

A happy dog trick and techniques

At the mean time

While I have faced the problems, I suddenly read an article of Angelica Steinker, a dog-training expert. I have understood the psychology of dog behavior and the necessity of dog training.

From then I step forward

I have read lots of books journals and participated in seminars to train my four-legged friend in house. I have found this is truly effective and I promise it is the best way to train your doggy.I have spent tons of time on reading the dog-training guide. Nevertheless, if you want to know about my favorite, it is obviously Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog


Not all the methods are effective in true sense but some are amazing. I have read hundreds of dog training guide and selected the top ten best dog training guide for you.

Why You Should Trust Me?

I am a house dog training expert and book reviewer since 2009. I have read hundreds of books and thousands of articles on dog training. I know the best about the difficulties, people face during training of their pets by themselves.

With a helping intension!!!!

I have studied about 70 books available in Amazon on dog training. During reading, I have scrutinized the information provided in those books. In addition, I have also considered their usefulness and effectiveness.

At this instant

I have presented the top 10 dog training books from my reading. Without any surprise, all of them are available on Amazon.

How to Choose a Dog Training Book

The Author

You want to consider who wrote the book. Cesar Milan is one of the most well-known dog trainers, and his books offer plenty of insight. You want to get a book that is written by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Subject Matter

Depending on the type of training you want to do, you should consider what the book is talking about. Learning about dog behaviors can be beneficial to understanding your dog, but may not clue you in on how to train properly.

Know what!!!

You want to teach your dog, and find a book that correlates with your goals.

Training Style

Training styles for dogs are dependent on their owners. Some use military training to help their dogs learn, while others use different techniques.

Find a book that translates to your learning style, and use the book to help you train your dog in your way​

1. Cesar's Rules : Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog Review

Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved - Dog Review

Editor Rating:

When your dog doesn’t listen to you, and you don’t know what to do, you can turn to this book. Your dog may be misbehaving, and you don’t know why.

This book can help you figure out what the issues are and how to correct them. Cesar Milan shows up again to give his insight into how dogs act and how to correct bad behaviors.

His dog about dog training is essential for teaching your dog the proper behaviors.​This book will help narrow down some of the most common tips and techniques to help your dog learn new things.

It uses positive reinforcement, ways to teach basic obedience, and the importance of balance. It’s one of the best dog training books available.​

If you have a dog that is misbehaving, this is the book for you. It is a #1 New York Times bestseller, and you’ll be able to increase your communication with your dog.​

Here is the video of Cesar's Rules, you must watch !

You can learn about:

  • Encouraging guidance by using clicker
  • Complete care on dog’s behavioral issue
  • Complete command over most common tips
  • Socialization of your dog

2. How to Raise the Perfect Dog : Through Puppyhood and Beyond Review

How to Raise the Perfect Dog : Through Puppyhood and Beyond Review

Editor Rating:

This book looks at how training in the early years of a dog’s life can help them learn new things. When the dog starts learning early, they can continue to benefit from all the training they’re receiving.

Your puppy will grow up to be the dog you want them to be. Cesar Milan uses his own personal experiences to give you some knowledge about raising puppies.

If you’ve ever seen the show Dog Whisperer, you are probably familiar with his work with dogs. He has worked with lots of breeds in his career.

You will know what to expect from your puppy as they grow, proper nutrition, vaccinating, teaching obedience, avoiding common mistakes, and how to fix any issues before they’re a problem.

This is the perfect book for anyone who wants to learn about puppies and how to take care of them. You can teach your dog proper manners in their early lives.​

Watch The Video Of 'How to Raise the Perfect Dog'

You can learn about:

  • How to choose the right puppy for you
  • Dog training at its early life
  • Common mistakes people did while train their dog
  • How to take perfect care to your dog (Meal, Nutrition & Vaccination)
  • Might not much effective for older dog training
  • Book is full of wordiness rather instruct

3. DOG TRAINING: Beginners Guide : Dog Training Guide, Puppy Training Review

DOG TRAINING: Beginners Guide : Dog Training Guide, Puppy Training Review

Editor Rating:

If you’re having issues with your dog not listening to you, and peeing on the floor, this book will give you some insight on how to correct the issues.

It explores the relationship between you and your dog, and how you can work together to achieve respect for each other.

Dan O'Brian takes from his experience of working with dogs to give you some helpful advice when it comes to training. He has trained numerous dogs to learn new tricks. His affinity and love for dogs helps people who don’t know how to train their dog.

The book covers techniques that can help you housebreak your dog so they listen to you. It goes day by day and tells you what you can do every day. The book offers advice to you when you don’t know how to correct a behavior.

If you’ve never owned a puppy before, this is the book you want to get. It gives you all the basic information you need to make sure you’re training your dog properly and correctly.​

You can learn about:

  • Very useful dog training tricks
  • Complete understanding of dog socialization process
  • How to train your dog like an expert in house
  • Not much information about the right dog selection

4. Puppy Training : Proven and Fast Working Techniques Review

Puppy Training : Proven and Fast Working Techniques Review

Editor Rating:

When you get your first puppy, you probably wonder how to train them. This book teaches you techniques to handle and train your dog properly.

Even if your puppy is a newborn, you will teach them what they need to know. Robert Matthews and Marilyn Willows give you the insight you need to teach your dog properly.

You can use their information to help your puppy learn how to learn about your puppy’s body language. You will learn about the different stages of a puppy’s development.

It also describes the matters that puppy kindergarten teaches puppies.

You can use the book to help crate training, and how to avoid common mistakes by puppy owners. You will be able to tell if your new puppy needs new training.

If you want to stop your puppy from chewing, or teaching your kids how to play with a puppy safely, this is the book for you. It’s the best way for the whole family to teach their dog how to act.​

You can learn about:

  • Advance dog training technique
  • What puppy kindergarten teaches puppies
  • Ensure your kids and puppy safety while playing
  • Advanced guidance and fruitful instructions
  • It don’t provide any details information

5. Training the Best Dog Ever : A 5-Week Program Review

Training the Best Dog Ever : A 5-Week Program Review

Editor Rating:

This book focuses on positive reinforcement to help you train your puppy. Positive reinforcement includes giving your dog a treat every time they listen to you.

It generates a positive reaction for listening to you, making them more willing to learn from you.

Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz and Larry Kay give you the information to help your dog learn new tricks. You want your dog to listen to you, and using positive reinforcement will help your dog learn new tricks easily.

You can correct issues such as leash pulling, jumping, and barking by using the right techniques. You can learn how to make your dog comfortable in a world they don’t understand. It’s ideal for teaching them how to be a gentle dog.

If your dog has some behavioral issues, especially around strangers or in new places, this book will help both of you. It is five-week training program, used by President Obama that is guaranteed to show results.​

You can learn about:

  • Some tricky tips about dog training
  • Complete understanding of dog vaccination
  • How to socialize your dog
  • Ex US President uses this five weeks five week training
  • Good for dogs and may not be suitable for puppies

6. Puppy Sleep Training  - The Exhausted Puppy Owner’s Nighttime Survival Guide Review

Puppy Sleep Training  - The Exhausted Puppy Owner’s Nighttime Survival Guide Review

Editor Rating:

Sleep is important to you and your dog, and if your puppy can’t relax enough to go to sleep, this book will help you out.

It’s one of the first books that explores how to teach your puppy how to sleep peacefully through the night.

Rebecca Setler owns a housebreaking website. She knows how important sleep is to you and your puppy, and she provides advice on how to calm your puppy. You can use her website to help housebreak your puppy.

You will get everything you need to know about settling and calming your puppy when it’s time for bed. You will know how much sleep your puppy needs, what to expect, and how to stop crying in their crate overnight.

This book is for anyone who just got a new puppy and wants to know how to make them sleep in their crate. If you have an older dog that you just acquired, you can help them adjust to a new sleep schedule.​

Wath the video of Puppy Sleep Training !

You can learn about:

  • How to control night barking of your dog
  • Sleep training of puppies
  • Complete knowledge of your puppy (Food, Sleep, Behavior)
  • Best for puppies and newbie not for the older dogs

7. Puppy Training : The Complete Guide to Housebreak Your Puppy Review

Puppy Training : The Complete Guide to Housebreak Your Puppy Review

Editor Rating:

You will know how to train your puppy in just 7 days with this book. It provides a lot of tips you need to help your dog become a properly trained puppy. You will even be able to teach them new tricks.

Dan O’Brian uses his experience and teaching skills to help you learn how to properly train your dog. He has a lot of experience of working with a variety of puppies of different breeds.

You will get all the information you need to housebreak your puppy in a week. It breaks down the schedule each day so you can focus on a single day. It does have a section for using positive reinforcement, as well.

If you’ve just gotten a puppy or want to teach your dog a new trick, you can do so using this book. It’s perfect for anyone who wants their puppy to learn how to do different things without any yelling.

You can learn about:

  • Perfect information and instruction for dog create training
  • Control doggy misbehave
  • Socialize your dog
  • Shortest and tricky way of dog training
How to Be Your Dog's Best Friend?

Editor Rating:

This book uses pictures and updated information to help housebreak your puppy. It is the ultimate training manual for those who want to housebreak their puppies. You can talk to your dog like they’re your best friend.

The Monks of New Skete, who have practiced using different techniques over the years to teach dogs, write the book. Their insight is powerful, and the material is rich.​

You can learn about new techniques and equipment to help you train your puppy the right way. You will explore a variety of techniques, and case studies to help you get in the mind of your furry friend.

If you’re thinking about getting a dog, or want to get closer with them, this is the book for you. You will be able to raise a dog, no matter where you live. You and your dog will have a bond that’s stronger than other people’s relationship.​

You can learn about:

  • Variety of techniques to teach your dog
  • Manual training for house barking
  • Advanced techniques and equipments of dog training
  • Understand the behavior of your dog
  • Perfect instruction for case study

9. Lucky Dog Lessons : Train Your Dog in 7 Days Review

Lucky Dog Lessons : Train Your Dog in 7 Days Review

Editor Rating:

Using tips from CBS’ show Lucky Dog, you will learn some of the common commands taught to dogs.

You can help your dog overcome any behavioral issues they have and help them become more relaxed and happy.

Brandon McMillan, the host of Lucky Dog and celebrity dog trainer, provides the information you need to help your dog. He has helped dogs turn around their behavioral issues to become happy pets.

The book covers the basics of building trust, and focusing on control. The book uses the 7 Common Commands to help your dog learn new tricks. There are easy to understand steps, examples, and tips to help your dog learn new tricks.

If you have a puppy or a dog with behavioral issues, this is a book you can count on to help you out. You’ll get some wonderful insight on how to make your dog act properly.​

You can learn about:

  • Easy way to teach 7 important command
  • Complete care on dog’s behavioral issue
  • Quickest and effective trick to house train your dog

10. Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog : 98 Essential Tips Review

Cesar Millan's Short Guide to a Happy Dog : 98 Essential Tips Review

Editor Rating:

This book by Cesar Milan helps teach you the psychology of a dog. It uses real-world applications to connect with the reader. You’ll be able to get the insight into a dog’s brain to have them listen to you.

Cesar Milan takes some information from his TV show, Leader of the Pack, to help people train their dogs. He explores the connections between human and their dogs. He also elaborates how to make the relationship better.

You will learn the basics of dog psychology, instinctual behaviors, and choosing the best dog for your family. You can teach your dog to adjust into new life transitions.

If you’re looking for a dog for the family, but doesn’t know what to get, this book is perfect for you. Even if you’re interested in a dog’s mentality, you’ll be able to get a lot of information about a dog’s mind and behavior.​

Watch The Video Of 'Cesar Millan's Short Guide'

You can learn about:

  • Full of dog training tricks and tips for both old and new pet owner
  • How to develop a good relation between you and your dog
  • Choosing best dog for your family
  • How to manage common misbehavior
  • Information are conveyed through story which might annoying

Training the best dog ever

Training your dog takes a lot of time, patience and effort. If there were an easier way to train your dog, you would do it, right?


There are thousands of books available. This review will talk about ten of the best dog training books available right now. You will be able to get tips from Cesar Milan, one of the world’s foremost dog trainers.

You will get to understand why the relationship between a person and his dog is important for both of them. It will explore the tips that can help you to become a better dog trainer.

If you want to make your dog obedient, then find out the right book that can help you to do so. No matter what you want your dog to learn, you can get the best dog-training book to show you the right path.​

Good Owners, Great Dogs

You can watch all the TV shows about training dogs, but your dog still won’t listen to you.

You have spent countless hours trying to teach your dog how to sit when commanded, but they run off.

A perfect dog-training book can give you some more insight into the behaviors of dogs, and it will help them to learn.​

You can cross-reference different books to help you learn different techniques to teach your dog.

While TV does a good job of entertaining and giving out a few tips, they are heavily edited and do not explain everything. Reading a dog-training book can tell you how to act when you are training your dog.

Not only teaching your dog, but also you can pick up a lot of good information about teaching a dog new trick. It is the perfect way to bond with your dog, especially when you both are learning new things.​

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the perfect dog training book, there are plenty to choose from.

If you want the best one, Cesar's Rules: Your Way to Train a Well-Behaved Dog is recommended. It has all the information you need to help your dog curb bad behaviors.


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