Best Dog Jogging Strollers – Guide & Reviews in 2018

You find yourself surfing the internet looking at best dog jogging strollers. Suddenly, you stop and you think to yourself, “Am I really shopping for a stroller…for my dog?”

Then you smile and think of the amazing bond you and your large four-legged buddy have and find yourself thinking “Well yes, why not?!” Our dogs become a part of our family.

Whether you are looking for a stroller for a furry baby that has gotten older and needs a little assistance traveling but still enjoys getting out, or you are simply just looking for a way to pamper your pooch, there are several dog strollers to choose from. How do you know which dog stroller is best for you?

Best Dog Jogging Strollers - Top 10 Picks

Top 10 Dog Jogging Stroller Reviews

1. Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry Review

This manufacturer has perfected and implemented the No-Zip entry in most of their products. This is a stroller that comes in three different colors so you can choose which one works best for you.

Your dog will also enjoy the elevated paw rest as well as the panoramic views from their window.

One great addition to this jogger is the parents tray, which can hold keys, water or your cell phone, a must when leaving the house for a jog and do not want to carry those things on you. This is one of the best dog jogging strollers in the market.

Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry Review

The stroller also has a large storage basket if you decide to bring along larger items for your outing.


  • No-Zip entry
  • Front wheel may be fixed or could swivel
  • Comes with a parent tray and a large storage basket
  • Panoramic views for the pup


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not intended for the large breeds

2. 2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller Review

As the name states, this is a great stroller for those who regularly go on jogs with their four-legged buddies. For those who enjoy exercising outside and have small to medium size pets, this is a great buy!

One major feature to keep in mind is that in the stroller mode the maximum capacity is 85lbs, if converted to the trailer, the capacity does rise, all the way up to 135lbs. Definitely refer to this when deciding if this is the right product for you and your excessive companion.

2-in-1 Small Dog Bicycle Trailer and Jogging Stroller Review


  • Convertible from jogging stroller to bicycle trailer
  • Can hold more weight as a trailer
  • Very durable


  •  Somewhat expensive
  •  Not intended for the large breeds

3. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, Sky Line Review

This stroller gets great reviews from customers, and we can see why! It is created with both the pet and their parent in mind. Convenient No-Zip entry, so there is less struggle when putting your little furry pet inside.

They also get to enjoy their stroll as they have a panoramic view window with three position canopy. The stroller is well produced and features 12’’ Air Ride tires. The seller also provides a bolster pad and a weather cover with your purchase of the stroller.

Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry, Sky Line Review


  • No-Zip entry
  • 12’’ Air Ride Tires
  • Comes with a bolster pad and weather cover
  • Panoramic views for the pup


  • Somewhat expensive
  • Not intended for the large breeds

4. Promenade Pet Stroller Review

This stroller tries to give your pet the most space with their Smart-Canopy mesh, which opens up and moves out of the way. Your pet can enjoy the outside weather by being inside the jogger, but not enclosed behind a mesh window.

For the parents that’s pushing their pet around there’s the Smart-Reach handle which allows for more kick space. There is also a basket underneath the seat to store all your necessities as you enjoy a nice day out with your furry baby.

Promenade Pet Stroller Review


  • Zipper opens up completely
  • Smart-Reach handles
  • Comes with a parent tray and a large storage basket
  • More affordable than other strollers


  • Not intended for the large breeds
  • Can hold only up to 50 pounds

5. Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller Review

The makers of the No-Zip strollers came up with this special edition stroller that comes in four different colors. It is a little bit less expensive than their other strollers, while retaining the integrity of the high-quality brand. This stroller includes rear safety backers as well as front shock absorbers.

The front wheels are able to swivel, ideal for smooth surfaces, but you are also to use this stroller on rough terrain as you properly make us of the wheel lock. This stroller is great for small pets, under 45 pounds.

Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition Pet Stroller Review


  • No-Zip stroller
  • Comes in four different colors
  • Able to use on smooth surfaces as well as rough terrain
  • More affordable than other strollers of this brand


  • Not intended for the large breeds
  • Can hold only up to 45 pounds

6. AT3 Generation 2 All Terrain Pet Stroller Review

This is another option for a stroller that has received good reviews all around. It comes in two different colors and your pet will enjoy the large compartment inside that is lined with a fleece pad and waterproof tray. Now you are able to take out your pet no matter what the weather may be like.

One of the advantages of this stroller is the easy one-hand fold mechanism, as pet owners know this is great when trying to multi-task.

AT3 Generation 2 All Terrain Pet Stroller Review


  • Waterprof tray
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Includes a parent tray and a basket
  • One-hand fold mechanism


  • Not intended for the large breeds
  • Very expensive

7. Solvit HoundAbout Pet Bicycle Trailer Review

If you would like to go on a bike ride with your pet, this is a great trailer that you can attach and feel comfortable that your dog is safe and comfortable. Unlike many products on the market, this trailer comes in different sizes, so you can choose one that is appropriate for your four-legged pal.

You can also choose the material, whether that would be aluminum or steel, whatever you may prefer.

Solvit-HoundAbout-Pet-Bicycle-Trailer Review

Constructed with waterproof floorboard, zippered with a mesh screen as well as a vinyl windscreen to block wind from your pet, if desired. If the weather permits, open up and let your pet enjoy the ride to the fullest.


  • May chose the size and the metal material
  • Comes different colors
  • Waterproof floorboard
  • Comes in aluminum or steel


  • An expensive option

8. All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller Reivew

This is a great option if you do not want to invest too much mney into your pup’s stroller, but still reek all the benefits of one. This stroller comes in three different colors, folds easily and provides front and back enry for your pet.

It also contains a large storage basket, so you do not have to worry about carrying anything extra yourself. This will do the job required and has received great reviews from those who purchased this stroller.

All Terrain Extra Wide 3 Wheels Pet Dog Cat Stroller Review


  • May chose from three different colors
  • Has a large storage basket
  • Folds easily
  • More affordable than other strollers


  • Suitable for smaller breeds

9. Petzip-Sport Pet Stroller Review

The main benefit of this stroller is the large interior compartment, your dog will appreciate the space as they do not feel so restricted. Keep in mind, this stroller is made for dogs under 30 pounds, so the larger compartment will only feel large to the smaller breeds.

Another great feature is the one-button, one-handed fold, collapsible system.

PetZip Sports XL Pet Stroller Review


  • Lightweight-only 15 pounds
  • Comes in two different colors
  • Includes a parent tray and a basket
  • One-hand fold mechanism
  • Large inside compartment


  • Not intended for the large breeds

10. BestPet Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller Review

This a fun and great inexpensive option for your dog that weighs under 30 pounds. Since so many strollers are very expensive, it feels nice to find an option that does its job, has great reviews and is affordable.

This is all you truly need to take your dog out for a walk.

BestPet Pet Stroller Cat Dog Cage Stroller Travel Folding Carrier Review


  • Inexpensive
  • Comes different colors
  • Includes a basket
  • Folds easily


  • Not intended for the large breeds

Tips to Choose The Best Dog Jogging Strollers:

While shopping for items for your pet can be a lot of fun, take it from someone who knows, it is very easy to get carried away, and buy too much stuff, or impractical dog items that we think are just “the cutest things ever” when our dogs are looking at us like we are crazy!

Therefore, here are a few tips to keep you on track to finding the right dog stroller for your practical and fun needs.

First Tip of the Day: Size is Everything

At least when it comes to your furry baby, size does matter . When you are thinking about buying a dog stroller, have you stopped and reminded yourself that you are going to be the one pushing, or pulling this four-legged pup around? How much do they weigh?

Do they like going for rides, will the four legged fur baby stay in there, and will they fit? Bottom line is this, is it practical? I am assuming since your reading this, then it must be something that is on your mind as well.

Now that you know you “need” a dog stroller, we just need to find the right size. Several pet strollers have a weight capacity or maximum of 160-170 lbs.

Now really that is the size of an average person, but let us be honest, there are some BIG dogs out there! It is important to look at reviews, and weight restrictions when shopping for the right dog stroller.

You want something they will be comfortable sitting straight up in, and laying down in, so not only does it need to be LONG enough, the stroller needs to be TALL enough as well.

Secondly, What are You Going to Use It for?

Are you a jogger? Are you wanting to take “Fido” with you when you jog along a trail, sidewalk or even on the beach? Maybe you have a service dog you want to take to retail stores with, or long excursions. If this is the case, a regular stroller would do just fine.

If you are an adventure enthusiast and enjoy to bike or run, and go through rough terrain, you will need something built to endure that type of environment.

There are dog strollers made just for jogging, biking and “off road” terrain. All of these are important when choosing the best dog stroller.

Four Wheel Drive comes in Third:

As mentioned above the type of terrain you are going to be using the stroller on is going to be important. If you are on the beach, well, then you are very ambitious!

However, if you are looking for something for on the beach or other rough terrain there are specific dog strollers for this kind of use. A standard stroller for dog will not work on those type of surfaces.

Safety First (usually) but Fourthly:

Safety is very important with anyone or any puppy. Several dog strollers out there come with very standard and secure safety features . Stop and ask yourself do you have a nervous pup?

Will they be moving around? Try to jump out? If you are pulling the stroller behind you, how will you know? Unless they are in there securely.

Most of the puppy strollers do come with a safety belt, and they are adjustable (with most brands). It is important to read the dog stroller reviews of the different brands and find what works best for you.

Five Fans:

As a golden rule in today’s retail, always read the reviews. We highly recommend reading at least 7-10 reviews, as you are going to get a wide range of opinions.

If you can find a brand that offers at least 4-5 positive reviews than they have something good going, meaning they have a good product that their customers are satisfied with. This is just a suggestion, but it is always good to read all the reviews available.

Tip Six: Meet the Needs of Your Fur Baby

You want a dog stroller for your needs, whether it is to take care of your pup when you are bike riding, or taking them on vacation, where leashes are not allowed, or whatever the case may be.

Be sure that you are meeting your fury baby’s needs especially in emergency . Dogs cannot speak our language so we have to read their body language and behavior to know if they are happy.

Let your dog sit in, test out, and sniff the stroller; see what they feel most comfortable and safe in. Would you buy a car that you did not sit in or test drive?

Final Recommendation:

The bottom line is there are several best dog jogging strollers out there, and they all offer their own benefits and features. Finding the right fit for you and your dogs can be a task, but in the end, you are investing in a tool for you and your furry baby. I recommend Pet Gear No-Zip Jogger Pet Stroller, Zipperless Entry this stroller .

Go through the tips, find what works for you, and always read the reviews, know their return or exchange policies and find what your pup likes and what works best for you both.


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