10 Best Dog Harness Reviews 2018

There are so many tools available that will help you train your dog properly. If you are having troubles with your pet while you are taking it on a tour, my suggestion is to try a dog harness.

Dogs can develop bad habits that they keep repeating every time and the best way to deal with this problem is to work on ways to solve the problem. Therefore, if your dog keeps tugging on the leash and refuses to walk by your side, a dog harness is the answer. It is more comfortable than the standard collars and it will keep your pet right by your side.

I would like to suggest you the best dog harness for your lovely dog. Let's have a look what we have on our top 10 list!

Best Dog Harness - Comparison Table

Best Dog Harness Reviews 2018

1. Dean & Tyler 34-Inch to 47-Inch Dog Harness Review

Dean & Tyler 34-Inch to 47-Inch Dog Harness comes in black color only and it is suitable for medium to large dogs. Smaller breeds might not fit in this one so if you have a tiny dog, we suggest looking up some of the other harnesses from my list.

The harness is heavily padded because it is intended for dogs who are moving around a lot, durable, and very comfortable to wear for hours.

Dean & Tyler 34-Inch to 47-Inch Dog Harness Review

You will also receive a six feet long leash made from high-quality materials alongside the harness.

It is ideal for therapy and working dogs, but it can also be used on your pet, especially if you are going on long hiking trips that last for hours or days. Make sure you have your measurements right before you order this harness.

2. PetSafe Reflective Easy Walk Dog Harness Review

Just as the name of this product suggests, the Easy Walk Dog Harness is made for long walks and training your dog. If your pets have not used a harness before, this should be the first one.

It comes in different sizes and you will easily find the one that will fit your dog perfectly. You will be able to choose from a couple of color combinations: black and silver, and red and black.

PetSafe Reflective Easy Walk Dog Harness Review

The dog harness reviews are very positive and both dogs and the owners seem to adore it. It is the best dog harness in this article. The leash is attached to the front of this harness which will give you enough control and you will be able to keep your dog by your side at all times. It is very comfortable and easy to put on as well.

3. Dean and Tyler Viking Leather Dog Harness Review

If you want to buy your dog a unique harness that will definitely stand out from the crowd, your choice should be Dog Harness. It is made of leather from the outside, but the inside is padded.

It will fit medium sized breeds but a slightly larger dog might fit in as well. Additionally, it is very comfortable and suitable for walks. It is a back clip harness so it might not be the best choice for dogs that are just starting to learn how to behave on a walk.

Dean and Tyler Viking Leather Dog Harness Review

This harness has many details that will look stunning on your pet and he or she will be very noticeable. The quality is outstanding and it will last you for a long time.

4. Cynology War Labs Hot Weather Half Vest K9 Harness Review

Even though this harness might look a bit heavy duty, it is simply amazing. The dog harness was inspired by the military vests and it has multiple purposes.

Besides providing your dog with comfort, it will keep him or her cool at all times, especially during long hikes. It will fit medium or large dogs when properly adjusted.

Cynology War Labs Hot Weather Half Vest K9 Harness Review

It has several extras such as the ability to fit light supplies and accessories in the side pouches. This harness comes in three colors – black, coyote, and ranger green.

Therefore, if your dog enjoys long walks through nature and you want to get him or her proper equipment for your numerous adventures, this right harness will please both of you and make your hikes even more enjoyable.

5. Mod-Tec Service Dog Harness Review

Designed with service and therapy dogs in mind, this harness by Mod-Tec is simply amazing. It is made of durable materials and it will last you for years. It also has removable storage bags that can be placed on the sides of the harness.

It is very easy to put on and once the straps are adjusted, the harness will not move, letting you have a complete control of your dog during your strolls.

Mod-Tec Service Dog Harness Review

It is available in four sizes, so you will not have any trouble finding the right one for your four-legged friend.

It is intended for working dogs but you are free to use it as well because I think that it is exceptionally made. Additionally, you will receive a service dog patch that can be placed on the harness if needed.

6. The Original AllSafe Harness Review

This multi-purpose dog harness has been among the most popular models for years because this excellent product is useful in multiple situations. It can be worn as a safety harness in your car if you want to keep your pet safe while you are driving.

You should simply attach it to the seat belt and your dog will be protected. This product has passed several car crash tests and it does work. It can be easily turned into a comfortable walking harness as well.

The Original AllSafe Harness Review

It is made of high-quality nylon that is tear resistant and it features reflective stripes on the front. It comes in four different sizes and the chances are your puppy will find the right fit after brief adjustments.

7. Ruffwear – Omnijore Joring System Review

If your canine friend and yourself are fans of Joring and enjoy this activity a lot, Ruffwear System will make it even more exciting. This Joring system comes with a dog harness, a towline, and a hip belt.

When it comes to the harness, you will be able to choose from three sizes, but have in mind that the harness itself is easily adjustable and you will make it fit your dog in just a couple of minutes. The towline is durable and safe.

Ruffwear - Omnijore Joring System Review

The hip belt can be easily detached from the towline in a case of an emergency. It is adjustable as well. Once you get all of these parts together and test it out in the field, you will see how great this activity really is. The Joring System is strong and reliable, that is for sure.

8. Dean and Tyler The Victory Solid Brass Hardware Dog Harness Review

Dean and Tyler really excel at making interesting and stylish dog harnesses. The Victory Solid Brass Hardware Dog Harness is another model from their selection that will allow your dog to move easily while still providing you with full control.

The outside material is leather and the padding is on the inside of this harness. The harness is handmade and even though it might be a bit pricey, it will last for years, so it truly will pay off in the end.

Dean and Tyler The Victory Solid Brass Hardware Dog Harness  Review

The fit is suitable for medium or large dog breeds and the brass buckles can be adjusted and tightened up.

You can order it in either brown or black color, which is quite alright for a leather dog harness. It is really easy to use and your dog will be in or out of it in no time.

9. Dog Harness Premium Leather Review

Leather harnesses are very useful if your dog likes to chew on anything he or she sees. This product is made of premium leather so it will not be so easily damaged.

It is perfect for learning your dog how to walk because it is very firm and you will be able to communicate with your pet with just a slight movement of your arm. What I personally love about this harness is the fact that you can assemble it yourself and each piece is replaceable. When it comes to leather it is one of the best dog harness. 

Dog Harness Premium Leather Review

It comes in two colors and you will be able to combine them in order to create a completely new design. Your dog will feel very comfortable in this harness and that will make the learning process a lot easier for both of you.

10. Adjustable Car Harness Review

We have already pointed out the importance of your dog's safety while traveling. Investing in a good harness that can be used in your vehicle should be on the top of your list. This adjustable car harness might seem basic, but it will keep your dog secure.

I love the fact that a dog is able to move or lay down on your back seat while still strapped in this harness.

Adjustable Car Harness Review

It comes in three colors and two sizes but has in mind that the straps can be made bigger or smaller.

The seat belt connector can fit all car models. This harness will protect your dog against sudden movements and possible accidents, so investing in a car harness is definitely worth it.

The Top Reasons Why to use a Dog Harness?

If a dog harness is well fitted and it sits on your dog the right way, it will take the pressure off its neck. This is very important because you surely want to keep your four-legged friend happy and content.

You will be able to communicate with your dog more efficiently if he or she is in a harness. The harness will help you “speak” with your dog in the right way.

By gently pulling, the leash and the dog will understand your signals perfectly without any additional strain on the neck that might leave him or her feeling very nervous and agitated.

Various Types of Dog Harnesses:

Dog harnesses come in different sizes and shapes so it is crucial that you read all the dog harness reviews you can find before you actually purchase one. Back-clip harnesses are perfect for smaller dogs that have sensitive necks and these types are very easy to be accustomed.

They are made for walking and the majority of dogs simply love them. On the other hand, if your dog is a bit temperamental, controlling it with a back clip harness might be a bit more challenging.

Pulling harness is more suitable for unruly dogs because the harness will tighten up around the chest area if a dog makes any sudden movements. This type of dog harnesses will help you train your pet properly.

Walking harness is the most basic one and they have a clip in the front. They will provide you with enough control during your outings and they are very gentle to your pet neck.

Making The Selection A Best Dog Harness:

Selecting a perfect dog harness for your pet mostly depends on the purpose. Different harnesses are used for walking, hiking, or running.

First, you need to know the size of your dog in order to get the right fit. Start by measuring its collar, and then move on to the length of your dog's back, as well as the girth of the ribcage right behind the front legs.

Secondly, you need to know your dog's personality and if he or she behaves well on your walks or not. If you are training your dog to be always by your side and not to tug on a leash, experts recommend using a pulling dog harness.

However, if you plan to take long walks with your dog or you two are going jogging through the neighborhood, a simple walking harness will do the job perfectly.

You should definitely invest in a high-quality dog harness if you are going hiking because it needs to be durable and withstand long usage. It is also important to point out that a back clip harness can be used for this activity as well because it will allow your dog to move freely with almost no restraints whatsoever.

Final Recommendation:

When it comes to choosing a perfect harness for your dog, take some time and read dog harness reviews. You will definitely learn a lot about a certain product and that will help you make the right decision.

With that said, I think that the best dog harness and the most versatile dog harness is PetSafe Reflective Easy Walk Dog Harness. You can use it for both long and short walks and it will suit your dog perfectly once you adjust all the straps.


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