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PetCareSunday.com is a Pet care blog. It is overseen by a team of highly professional pet bloggers and ardent Pet aficionados. PetCareSunday.com is neither of the intension to provide veterinary advice nor its content a substitute for veterinary guidance.

However, we provide a top-quality, well researched and advanced materials and guidelines, as well as reliable information, which will help you grasp a better understanding of your pet and ultimately enrich your pet care experience.


Meet Mary Ann

Founder, Pet Care Sunday.


Mary Ann is a Pet Care consultant from Pleasant, SC, USA. She is a lover of pets and highly enthusiastic about writing on them – most especially the common dogs and cats. Her wealth of experience in professional research, data crunching & analysis, has given her work a strong empirical foundation.

Her expertise cuts across many niches of pet care and this includes dog training, dog food, dog nutrition, dog care and behavior, which are what she covers particularly at PetCareSunday.com

You can email Mary at mary@petcaresunday.com

Shannon Lafountain

Chief Editor, PetCareSunday.

Shannon Lafountain

Shannon is the senior editor at Pet Care Sunday. Aside being the chief editor at PetCareSunday, Shannon is required in heaps of various projects – including her personal writing projects, theater productions, and a podcast.

As a senior editor at PetCareSunday, she structures the bulk of the overall content strategy. She lives in San Francisco, CA together with her tiny, amazing dog, Perry, where they frequently take jaunts along Lakeshore Drive. They also love to go to the dog beach.

Michael Cod

Editor, PetCareSunday.

Michael Cod Editor, Petcaresunday.

Michael is a resident dog health expert and content editor. He’s a veterinary student in Chicago, probably incepted from his passion for pets. He invests the majority of his time at PetCareSunday fact-checking dog health-related information.

His expertise is in dog care, dog nutrition, senior dogs, and dog weight management. During his free times, he engages in writing about fun stuffs and also about human interest journalism in which her own dog–Biscuit makes an appearance.

Terry Alford

Senior Contributor, PetCareSunday.

Terry Alford Senior Contributor, Petcaresunday.

Terry is a senior contributor at Pet Care Sunday & covers product-related news including product recalls, scientific developments, and technology related issues. Because of this, Terry’s dog is often used as a guinea pig.

He also handles product purchase and manufacturer communication. Terry currently lives in NY, where he’s involved in dog activism and helps save homeless, feral and street dogs.