Best Dog Coats for Winter: Keep Your Dog Warm with Stylish

Do you know that recently, I have faced a problem of buying dog coats for my new Chinese crested? Actually, for having a Bernese mountain dog for last five years, I have forgotten the necessity of dog coats. To keep my pet warm in the winter or protect her from rain, there is just no alternative to having a waterproof dog coats.

However, I wanted to give my furry baby the best gift after a month I brought her in my house, which will bring comfort and luxury to her life.

Therefore, I set up a mission to find the best dog coats for her. I have spent a lot of time on the internet, visited few expertise shops, and found some exclusive products. Now I have decided to share all my experience that I gained in this journey with you so that you can save your time with refer to my newly gained knowledge on the subject.

So here is what I found out and here are the best dog coats for winter that I would recommend you taking a close look at for your dogs.

Best Dog Coats for Winter: Comparison Table

Best Dog Winter Coat at a Glance

1. Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat Review

Zack and Zoey make this blanket coat to provide comfort to your dog and save it from the harsh weather gnaw.

They have made the dog coats with 100% polyester. It is waterproof, with a Velcro collar and stomach fitting mode. The coat offers a reflective lining to help see you pup in the dark.

It is soft, durable and machine washable, and available in 12 different colors.

Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor'easter Dog Blanket Coat Review

Customer Rating: Customers all raved about this dog coat, and overall all of the customers stated that they would buy again.

2. PetCee Dog Jacket Waterproof Fleece Review

PetCee understands the dog coats are not only for weather safety but also for comfort and style. They have created this 100% Polyester raincoat and made the outer layer from nylon cloth.

They have used a warm material inside for your pup to stay warm and dry. These are available for just about every breed, which falls in the toy, small to medium size breeds.

PetCee Dog Jacket Waterproof Fleece Review

They are easy to put on your dog, have excellent artisanship with superb quilted lines, and overall, make your dog look great at the same time.

Customer Review: Overall, the customers were very happy with their fleece lined dog coats. They were all able to find something for each of their dogs from this one company, and they all said that they would order again.

3. Casual Canine Reflective Jacket for Dogs Review

This adorable dog coat offers a leash opening for your convenience, allowing you to take your dog for a walk when the weather may not cooperate otherwise.

The jacket protects your four-legged pup from the elements and keeps their joints warm during the walk as well.

Casual Canine Reflective Jacket for Dogs Review

Customer Review: Overall, all the dog owners who bought these dog coats were happy with their purchase and would recommend them to other dog owners.

4. Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Review

The warm fleece dog coats are available in over 9 different colors. It is free from the O-ring attachment, for safety reasons, most of the pet care experts recommend to avoid the vigorous use of the ring while going outside for a walk.

This coat is 100% polyester made, a soft and comfortable coat that is machine washable and offered in a ready to wear form.

Gooby Every Day Fleece Cold Weather Dog Review

Although it is available in XL form, it is not suitable for the larger breeds. Rather, it is suitable for a large dogs of the small breed.

Customer Review: It is one of the best dog coats for winter because of this  product as a perfect match to their dogs. They love the thin clothing. Some of them confirm that they never bought a product like this for their pup before, but are happy that did so now.

5. WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat Review

Parka makes this coat great because it is water resistant, long lasting and comfortable.

It is a soft polyester product with poly filler for keeping the doggy warm. It has strap lining and easily washable in machine.

The high neck of this coat provides extra protection to the dogs. It also found beneficial for warming the aged dog with arthritis.

WeatherBeeta Parka 1200D Deluxe Dog Coat Review

Customer Review: Most of the customers who purchased this coat recommend this product for large breeds and elder dogs . Some say it is like a blanket for the winter and able to surpass the expectation on the warming capability.

6. WeatherBeeta Reflective Parka 300D Deluxe Parka Review

This is another awesome creation by Parka. It differs from the Parks 1200D by the materials used in the lining. It has a wraparound Velcro strap to help secure the dog blanket coat for the larger dogs. 

The mobility and flexibility allows your dog to run, jump, play, and all the other things they enjoy doing without feeling restricted by the coat itself. They can be comfortable and warm at the same time.

WeatherBeeta Reflective Parka 300D Deluxe Parka Review

In addition, Parka uses soft poly fills for the waterproof dog coats.

Customer Review: Customers were happy with this dog blanket since they did not want the traditional dog coats. Most of the reviewers love the lining and they said it is well visible at night.

7. Kakadu Pet Nylon Shell And Fleece Lined Dog Coat Review

Do you have a medium size dog breed that you love to dress with nylon comfort? Kakadu Pet makes this perfect coat for your dog.

Mainly for the shell, Kakadu Pet uses 100% nylon while for the fleece lining they use 100% polyester. It is also lined with Velcro allowing for easy adjusting, and comfort.

Kakadu Pet Nylon Shell And Fleece Lined Dog Coat  Review

Moreover, this coat is easily washable by washing machine and can suit the doggy from neck to tail.

Customer Review: Most of the client give satisfactory feedback and feel happy with the Velcro lining for added comfort for their dogs.

However, they recommend it for small and medium size dogs, not the large dogs.

8. PetsLove Doggie Thickening Jacket Coat Review

Do you want to experience something that is neither polyester nor nylon for your furry child’s clothes? Love Pets Love brings the coolest fashionable jacket, which has a woolen collar. They use the best eiderdown outwear for its construction.

You must refer to their own size chart as it differs from most other companies, so please keep this in mind if you decide to order from them.

PetsLove Doggie Thickening Jacket Coat  Review

However, this coat is not very durable. To make it last longer, avoid washing it in the washing machine and just hand rinse it when you feel necessary.

Customer Review: Most of the reviewers recommend it for their small dog although it was a perfect fit for the large and medium breed as well. Most of the reviewer noted the life span of the coat, while keeping the price in mind.

9. Dogloveit Fashion Elegant Windbreaker Jacket Review

If you are passionate about dog coats, you must know about Dog love it product. This woolen like fiber materials in the maker's trendy design, keep your dog warm in the cool winter.

This brand is fun, as they turn their clothes into costumes. You can keep your dog warm while dressing them up as a magician, clown or even a vampire. Having fun with your pet, while keeping their needs in mind, what more can you ask for?

Dogloveit Fashion Elegant Windbreaker Jacket Review

If you do not want to dress up your dog, you are welcome to chose the best dog coats for winter, still stylish and warm. 

Customer Review: Most customers seemed to love the coats, whether they ordered a costume or the regular coat, most seemed pleased with their purchase. The comments included that the coats were well made and kept their dogs warm.

10. Fashion Pet Reversible Arctic Dog Coat Review

Fashion Pet brings this padded coat for your dog's comfort in the winter and has a reversible color scheme. The color on the reverse side is black, which is stylish and convenient for multiple uses. If one side gets unremovable stains, you can always reverse it and have your dog be warm, while not spending any more money.

With the Fashion Pet artic dog coat, your pet will stay warm and dry all winter long.

Fashion Pet Reversible Arctic Dog Coat Review

They have created a thick, well-padded coat with more than one layer of material, but plenty of breathing room at the same time.

Customer Review: Most of the owners recommend this product for its stylish look and best quality insulation.

Why You Need the Best Dog Coats for Winter for Your Dog?

When buying a coat for your dog, it is helpful to ask the questions I provided below. The answers to these questions will lead you to the right coat for your dog.

Firstly, I ask myself, “Does my dog even get cold?” and I have learned, yes, she is sensitive to cold. Small, medium and non-hairy dogs cannot protect their skin from temperatures below 30 degrees, whereas the larger and long hair breeds can be fine up to minus 40 degrees.

At this point, the winter or waterproof dog coats play a vital role in warming up my dog.

Again, I asked, “Is my furry child comfortable with these coats?” Believe me, this was the hardest part of the whole process. In the beginning she did not want to be in any of the coats, but after just a few days, she got used to it and actually started to enjoy her new outfit.

Now, she loves to put on different that provide her with comfort and a new look. However, I will recommend not to use this for your old large dog unless it is absolutely necessary, since the saying goes, “You can not teach an old dog new tricks”. It is just bothersome to them.

Final Recommendation:

As promised, I discussed what I thought were the best winter and waterproof dog coats for your pet.

I hope I was clear in my descriptions of the products, in regards to their comfort levels, when is the best time to wear each coat and which dog breed is suggested for each one. I hope this would make it easier for you, when you are choosing a coat to keep your doggie warm.

However, if you my opinion on a winter coat I would suggest Zack & Zoey Polyester Nor’easter Dog Blanket Coat.

Keep your mind open and have fun with your dog. Keep them comfortable and warm at the same time, at the end of the day only you know what is best for them, and if you are reading this we know you care, so go and buy the coat that you see fit.