Top 10 Best Blue Wilderness Dog Food Reviews

Finding the right dog food for your pet is something that many people do not give a seconds thought to. The fact of that matter is your dog’s diet is one of the top defense systems for their overall health. Blue Wilderness Dog Food manufacturers offer one of the leading veterinarians’ choice dog foods on the market today.

Owned by Schell and Kampster, it is from the United States, in three different locations. Why is it a top choice for veterinarians? Blue wilderness dog food is high in protein, and stays low on the crabs.

A dog’s diet is just as important as it is to humans. Secondly, the dog food is grain free, which is not something you will find with many of their competitors.

Choosing The Best Blue Wilderness Dog Food for Your Pet​

If you are unsure which flavor or diet is best for your pet, we recommend watching a few of the videos available on their website, or talking to your vet. If you are still unsure as to which style or choice is right for your dog, narrow down your options.

Start with choosing from the 4-5 star rated dog foods, read reviews, find which represent similar dogs as to what you have, and then narrow the search down to two or three. It is recommended to add a little of the new dog food to your current food for a few days, then slowly take away the previous food, and now your pet is eating the Blue Wilderness brand. If you see they are not too happy with the new food, when it mixed with the current food, this may be a sign that you need to try a different diet or ingredient.​

One way to know if you have chosen the right food is to watch their coat. If it is glossy and healthy than you have chosen the right food. If it's dry and they shed more than usual, it may be time for something new.

Why Blue Wilderness Dog food​

When choosing dog food, often times we stand there in front of the aisle in the store and look at all of the bags. See what dog is on the picture, stop and read the dog food reviews, ingredients or the food is supposed to taste like etc.

Nevertheless, when it boils down to it, what makes each brand different from the other? Blue wilderness dog food separates itself from the pack by offering all natural, grain free dog food.​

When something is grain free, such as the Blue Wilderness dog food line, they eliminate ingredients such as oats, corn, rice, wheat and similar items. In their place, they add chicken, fish, beef and other meats.​

How to Feed your Dog​

Knowing when and how much to feed your fur baby is just as important as the food that you offer them. Start with talking to your vet for recommendations based on their breed, age and overall health. From there you get an idea to set up a meal plan.​

For an adult dog, you want a balanced diet to help with their overall health. Once you find the right Blue Wilderness line for your dog, read the label for recommended feeding schedules. When you are not sure how often or how much to feed your dog, look for the feeding chart and put accordingly in your automatic dog feeder schedule.

This will depend on their weight, daily activity level and the Blue Wilderness dog food you chose. Clearly, smaller lap dogs will get about 10% less that what is recommended, and those that are highly active should be up to 40-45% more than recommended. This is just a gauge to help you distinguish how much you can offer your pet per feeding.​

Here Our TOP 10 Recommended Product: The recommendation top to downwards?​

Final Verdict

Overall, there are several different lines of Blue Wilderness dog food, although they are all grain free, and made from real meat. Offering all of the nutrients and none of the crabs, our pets need.​

If you are not sure which is the best, keep an eye on your fur baby while you taste test a few options at a time, watch their coat, and overall activity level to see which meets his or her needs the best.​

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