Can Dogs Sniff Out Cancer, Seizures, Narcolepsy or Migraines?

Adopted a dog recently? have some fancy questions on mind and looking for answer based on the scientific facts and statistics?

Can dogs sniff out cancer?

Can dogs sniff out Seizures?

Can dogs sniff out Narcolepsy?

Can dogs sniff out Migraines?

Can dogs sniff out Fear and Stress?

Can dogs sniff out Low blood sugar and Diabetics?

At today's article, we have answered all the fancy questions based on the scientific facts and stats to satisfy your curious mind, keep reading.....

In many ways, dogs are different than humans. Their smell reception ability is a million times greater than human. That is the reason they are being used as hunting and tracking companion.

A healthy dog is good for anything from hyper smelling to hunting. From cancer to diabetes, dogs can give us a heads up in some of the crucial diseases on time.

Physical pain like a migraine to mental disease like Narcolepsy. A dog can detect countless smells through their smell receptor. Even the changes that occur in our bodies also can be detected by the dogs.

It is known that, when it comes to the matter of smelling, they pick up a sense called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) Dogs can even sniff out some of the medical compounds that even doctors weren’t aware of.

 Even the trainers and researchers do not properly know the real theory but they are running lots of tests on the dogs. And they are trying to figure out how dogs even sense out tiny bits of changes of the human body. But in this post as a blessing, we will discuss some of the medical conditions that dogs can figure out.

Can dogs sniff out cancer? Yes!

Many of the studies show that dogs are specifically accurate in detecting cancer. Yes, that’s right. Cancers including colon cancer, skin cancer, bladder cancer and Breast cancer. According to researchers, just by smelling breaths or urine sample they can detect cancer accurately.

Some of the study says that they can detect cancer more accurately than the standard tastes. Researchers after 20 years of study tell us that dog can sense 91-97% cancer patients.

Dogs can do it by sniffing their breaths and urine respectively. Even InSitu Foundation a California-based cancer research center stated that dogs can detect cancer even when the stage is zero.

Yes and the answer is surprising. Dog researchers say that a dog can detect the smell in parts per trillion.

Penn State University published news that cited how a trained cancer sniffing dog can detect the smell. They said it’s like detecting one drop of blood from a 20 Olympic sized swimming pool.

We know that cancer cure is not at its best till now. Medical researchers do not know which chemical compounds to use for each type of cancer. That’s why they are running tastes on cancer-sniffing dogs that what components they smell to detect cancer.

Maybe in future, the cancer cure machine will be made based on this research. But that doesn’t mean that you can fully depend on your dog to detect cancer. If you have any symptoms, go to a real doctor for the check up and cancer screening.​

Can dogs sniff out Seizures?

First of all, dogs cannot be trained to detect seizures but they can be used to assist when one seizure occurs. While some service dogs that are put with seizure patients do improve.

The capacity to distinguish a potential seizure and give a caution. If the handler gives careful consideration to the dog's signals-promote research is still important.

​There are 2 sorts of dogs that can help a patient with epilepsy. A few dogs can perceive a seizure is coming and caution their proprietor. These are known as seizure alert dogs.

The subject of seizure ready puppies is to some degree questionable. Some place stock in their ability to perceive seizures, while other helpful specialists are not as certain.

According to MNN research article, two small types of research in the journal Neurology reported that 4 out of 7 seizure alert dogs researched turned out to be alerting their owners of physiological rather than epileptic seizures.

Maybe that’s not a great thing but we know that two disorders a fully different. And let me show you how this detection is important. A 2006 study shows approximately 30% of the patients who were suffering from psychogenic seizures were misdiagnosed with epilepsy.

Psychogenic seizures is a kind of emotional difficulty on the other hand epilepsy is a physical disorder and needs drugs to be cured. Mistreatment is really bad for the health. But dogs can detect the actual seizures that are happening in your body.​

Seizure reaction puppies are prepared to help patients who have quite recently encountered a seizure. There is no contention that these dogs are useful to their proprietors.

More research is expected to uncover which seizure patients would profit most from a canine's help. It is still obscure how a few canines know a seizure is unavoidable. Is it conductor body science transforms they are identifying?

A more noteworthy comprehension is required. In any case, as indicated by Service Dog Central, "Roughly 15% of mutts are normally ready to foresee seizures before they happen.​

Dogs have the ability to signal and response to seizure. But the fact is more research is needed to find out especially for which seizures the patients need to get benefitted from the dog.​

Can dogs sniff out Narcolepsy?​

​It’s a kind of brain disorder that manipulates the sleeping and waking cycles. This can mean a man all of a sudden nods off, even amidst an undertaking. It's a risky condition. As somebody who has a disorder could be harmed tumbling to the ground.

Or even could have a pile up on the off chance that it happens while driving. Some of the researchers who are working with specialized narcolepsy service dogs noted that dogs can detect when the narcolepsy patient are going to get hit. That time their biochemical change occurs in the body.

Service dogs help individuals with narcolepsy by playing out a few distinct sorts of assignments. They can remain on the individual's lap when an assault goes ahead. Which keeps them from sliding out of a seat onto the floor.

They can likewise remain over the individual to ensure them on the off chance that they are out in broad daylight, or they can go get offer assistance.

Furthermore, above all, experts says that dogs can give a notice up to 5 minutes before an assault goes ahead. Allowing their handler to get to a sheltered place or a protected position.​

Can dogs sniff out Migraines?

There a bunch of people like me who suffers from migraines on a regular basis. So what if you are getting a way of having some sort of signals before that occurs?

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have a warning? Maybe even a day or hours ago? You may have some preparation for this upcoming intense pain.

Yes, dogs can detect you a migraine pain before its coming. A research showed that nearly 60% of the dogs react differently before a migraine hit the owner.

Psychology Today had published a recent study where they asked 1027 migraine sufferers regarding the changes of behavior of their dog before a migraine occurs. And yes, nearly 60% of the dogs were able to detect a migraine before one or two hours ago in advance.

Migraine alert that dog can detect is a kind of scent named serotonin. It mainly measures when the pain is about to come and before that dogs are able to alert their owners.

But these migraine detecting dogs are special. They possess some rare ability and that cannot be taught. It’s always helpful if your dog can detect your upcoming assault before hours or two. Because this is an icy cold pain each time.

So a little time to take preventive action might save your days or two from this unimaginable pain can be one of the best things happened to you for years.

Can dogs sniff out Low blood sugar and Diabetics?

Imagine your dog is measuring sugar level in your body. Detecting whether blood sugar is dropping or getting higher. It will jump and put its paw on your shoulders if it smells any hype coming.

A 2016 study shows that 8 volunteers who are having type 1 diabetic released 10 chemical from their breathe. And one compound named isoprene was double in quantity. When it raised significantly means that that person was suffering from low blood sugar.

And service dogs can detect that situation by smelling the isoprene from the breath of that patients. And all that needs is its nose. As dogs are breathing sensitive they can narrow down each of the compounds and identify the isoprene easily.

This identification leads the scientists to the edge of revolution of making breathalyzer monitor. The breath of the diabetic patients to detect the blood sugar from their body just like the diabetic alert dogs do.

Also, another study shows that dogs are also good at sniffing historical smells. Means sniffing the difference from the previous episode to recent episodes makes that come to a conclusion.

If that patient needs any insulin and if so, what amount? It is known that having a diabetic alert dog seems to have significant improvement to the of insulin-dependent diabetic patients.

Can dogs sniff out Fear and Stress?​

You may notice that, when we were kids, we got afraid if we saw some hound dogs were roaming around in the street. And the surprising fact is how that dog would know we were afraid of them?

My parents always said that do not show your fear to the dogs because dogs will know it. And this is true, most of the time that dog would stare at us and bark or even run towards us. But that time it was really unbelievable how dogs could understand fear within our head!

After doing some research and reviewing some literature, finally, I came to on a conclusion that yes dogs can smell fear. Dogs do not see enough of the world as they do smell it.

This stress and fear are a debatable concern to the researchers. Psychology today published a research that showed that the part of the dog’s brain cell that detects the anxiety and stress are 40 times bigger than that part of the human brain.

That’s why they are able to sniff out the stress and fear of us even we do not show any outward signs.​

The MNN study shows that there is adrenaline and other compounds of hormones pump out of our body. When we are even a bit of nervous. But this study also argues that even if dogs can detect fear doesn’t mean they can detect the emotion or the origin of the fear as well.​

Now we know that a dog is very good at smelling out the anger, stress, nervousness, and fear of the human being. Which by detecting their adrenaline hormones and by observing the expression and body language.

So when we see that a dog is running towards a fearful person is the combination both olfactory and visual cues. Not just the only one. And that is the beauty; every dog is a born detective.​

Scientists are wondering for a year to find out how dogs can smell the fear of human. Maybe right now the answer is not certain. Maybe they will be completely unable to find the answer but the advice that our parent gave us is so true.

So even if you are a kid or not, do not show any fear or visible cues in front of a hound or a German shepherd dog. That is for sure that they will run towards you. Always keep your cool in front of a deadly dog or army dog.

Conclusion :​ The thing is even if dogs can accurately detect the odd smells out of you. That doesn’t mean you can fully depend on your dog on such a serious despises like cancers, seizures, and diabetics.

So, appoint to your doctor and check up your health condition regularly. What dog can give us is a natural gift so yes taking a proper medicine is also the necessary thing.

Dogs are really an amazing creature. Their incredible combination of sense, loyalty, and restlessness are a very rare furry package. Those who have dog often tell you how happy they are to have a dog.

This animal will never stop surprising you. Some of it they can perform often seems miracles. The dog is well known as a rescuer. They often save their owner by drawing attention. And they can even spot health problem of their owners by smelling the odd situations.

Lastly, I want to say that not just those dogs are our friend because they can detect physical and mental problems of ours. They are like a silent watcher and friend who always watch over us.

Even the things that our own body can’t detect first. What a wonderful creature the dogs are! And lastly, your dog is unconditionally your best friend. Who never judge you, who never doubt you; they just only love you as an owner.

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