Top 6 Tips for Choosing the Best Dog Strollers

You find yourself surfing the internet looking at dog strollers. Thank you, stop and you think to yourself, “Am I really shopping for a stroller…for my dog?”

​Then you smile and think of the amazing bond you and your large four legged buddy have and find yourself thinking “Well yes why not!” Our dogs become a part of our family.

​Whether you are looking for a stroller for a fur baby that has gotten older and needs a little assistance travelling and still enjoys getting out, or you are simply just looking for a way to pamper your pooch, there are several dog strollers to choose. How do you know what dog strollers are best?

Tips to Choose the best dog Strollers

Well shopping for items for your pet can be a lot of fun, and take it from someone who knows, it is very easy to get carried away, and buy too much stuff, or impractical dog items that we think are just “the cutest things ever” when our dogs are looking at us like we are crazy!

Therefore, here are a few tips to keep you on track to finding the right dog stroller for your practical and fun needs.

First Tip of the day: Size is everything

At least when it comes to your fur baby, size does matter . When you are thinking about buying a dog stroller, have you stopped and reminded yourself that you are going to be the one pushing, or pulling this four-legged pup around? How much do they weight?

Do they like going for rides will four legged fur baby​ stay in there, and will they fit; bottom line is this practical? I am assuming since your reading this, then it must be.

Now that you know you “need” a dog stroller, we just need to find the right size. Several pet strollers have a weight capacity or maximum of 160-170 lbs.

Now really that is the size of an average person, but let us be honest, there are some BIG dogs out there! It is important to look at reviews, and weight restrictions when shopping for the right dog stroller.

You want something they will be comfortable, sitting straight up in, and laying down in, so not only does it need to be LONG enough, the stroller needs to be TALL enough as well.​

Secondly, what are you going to use it for?​

Are you a jogger? Are you wanting to take “Fido” with you when you jog along a trail, sidewalk or even on the beach? Maybe you have a service dog you want to take to retail stores with, or long excursions. If this is the case a regular stroller would do just fine.​

IF you are an adventure enthusiast and bike or run, and go through rough terrain, you will need something built to endure these environments.

There are dog strollers made just for jogging, biking and “off road” terrain. All of these are important when choosing the best dog stroller.​

Four Wheel Drive comes in Third​

As mentioned above the type of terrain you are going to be using the stroller on is going to be important. If you are on the beach, well, then your ambitious!

However, if you are looking for something for on the beach or other rough terrain there are specific dog strollers for this kind of use. A standard stroller for dog will not work.​

​Safety first (usually) but fourthly:

Safety is very important with anyone or any puppy. Several dog strollers out there come with very standard and secure safety features​ . Stop and ask yourself do you have a nervous pup?

Will they be moving around? Try to jump out? If you are pulling the stroller behind you, how will you know? Unless they are in their securely.

Most of the puppy strollers do come with a safety belt, and they are adjustable (with most brands). It is important to read the dog stroller reviews of the different brands and find what works best for you.​

Five Fans:​

As a golden rule in today’s retail, always read the reviews. We highly recommend reading at least 7-10 reviews, as you are going to get a wide range of opinions.​

​If you can find a brand that offers at least 4-5 positive reviews than they have something good going they have a good product that their customers are satisfied with. This is just a suggestion, but it is always good to read all the reviews available.

Tip Six: Meet the needs of your fur baby​

You want a dog stroller for your needs, whether it is to take care of your pup when your bike riding, or taking them on vacation, where leashes are not allowed, or whatever the case.

Be sure that you are meeting your fur baby’s needs especially in emergency​ . Dogs cannot speak our language so we have to read their body language and behavior to know if they are happy.

Let your dog sit in, test out, and sniff the stroller; see what they feel most comfortable and safe in. Would you buy a car that you did not sit in or test drive?​


I have listed the best automatic dog strollers below which I have found during my intensive market research.​

Final Verdict

The bottom line is there are several dog strollers out there, and they all offer their own benefits and features. Finding the right fit for you and your dogs can be a task, but in the end, you are investing in a tool for you and your fur baby.

Go through the tips, find what works for you, and always read the reviews, know their return or exchange policies and find what your pup likes and what works best for your both.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a Pet Care consultant from Pleasant, SC. She is very much passionate writing on pets especially the dog, cat and much more!

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