The Best Dog Stairs Reviews: Ramps, Stairs, and Steps

For some of us, the friendship we develop between our pets and ourselves is priceless. As our dogs get older, we should ensure their proper care and comfort.

Many people do not realize that those long lasting bonds between their puppy and themselves will eventually turn into a loving​ trusting relationship  with an adult and eventually elderly dog.

There are two main things to know, and think about when choosing the right dog stairs for your pets needs. Obviously to know the benefits of dog stairs is rather important so we will start there.​

Recommended Top 10 Dog Stairs for Small Dogs​

Why Dog Stairs Needs For Your Pets:

As dogs get older, they suffer from orthopedic pains and disorders. That is when it may be time to invest in dog stairs to help them reach different level off the ground.

Therefore, jumping will eventually become more difficult as they get older. Dog stairs help prevent the stress and or shock on their hips and joints.

In this stage, your pet needs your extra care and nutrition​ . You have to be more careful to choose food and accessories for your far child.

If you have an older dog or a pet that has arthritis pain then the dog stairs will help them get on to lifted areas such as beds, sofas, and other elevated areas. This is a great way to stop added pressure on the joints.

On the other side of things, if you have a young puppy they may not be able to jump that high (to any elevated space) and this will prevent them from getting hurt.

If you take your dog on car rides you can keep dog stairs in your car to help them get in and out of the car, this is a great relief for your back as well if you have large dogs.

How To Choose The Right Dog Stair?

The bottom line is there are several advantages to having dog stairs.

If you are looking for something that you can travel with, so you can take your pets with you than my personal suggestion would be to look into folding dog stairs. These will allow you to fold them up, compact size and store them in a safe area, or take them with you in your car.

Now once you have found the right set of dog stairs it is important that you maintain them and keep them safe for your pets.

There are different stairs that offer a rough area that will help add friction, and keep your pet from slipping. This is one benefit to sand paper steps, or other friction based (slip proof stairs).

What you want to make sure of is that you keep the dog stair clean at all times.

Depending on the material of the stairs you can choose the best way to keep them sanitize, clean and dry on a regular basis. This can prevent accidents from happening.​


When I adopted a small miniature pinscher , I realized the need of dog stairs to help him get up, or down from the bed , couch or other areas, including my car even that is low to the ground.

I know they don’t weight very much, but in the end I wanted them to be self-sufficient, so I bought a set of the smaller folding dog stairs, and I have to admit they have been pretty handy!

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a Pet Care consultant from Pleasant, SC. She is very much passionate writing on pets especially the dog, cat and much more!

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