Top 10 Best Dog Gates to Keep your Pet Safe

Do you really know what dog gates are? Believe me, before being a dog parent, I knew nothing about the gates. After I became a parent, I have faced some difficulties, for example my dog often enters the kitchen and messes up the bottles, bags, food containers, pots etc.

Sometimes my dog will come out while there are guests in the house and makes for some unwanted situations. At this point, I started finding a possible solution with which I can restrict my dog from different places in the house and company that do not feel comfortable with my dog around. Setting boundaries for my Kuvasz became a necessity.

I recently heard about dog gates for the house. I have started to look for one that would be right for me and spent a couple of days on the internet, visiting some online shops and training centers to gather knowledge about the best dog gates and also food habits.

In addition, I have also found some others for my large dog , which also have uniqueness in their design, construction and most importantly are very easy. However, prior to showing the best products on the market, I am going to share my experience on how to select the best dog gate for you.

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How To Select the Best Dog Gates

It is obvious that you will face some difficulty during the purchase process of the dog gates. You may consider these things before buying to get the best dog gates for your house.

Firstly, you have to consider the place where you will put the gate. This consideration will open the window of your search for the gates. Actually, you should use dog gates on the bottom and the top of the stairs, doorways from room to room or from the inside to the outside of your house.

Take a closer look at the architecture of the gates and consider them matching with your house, so that you can set it up easily. Pressure or hardware mounted ends might be a good example of dog gates if your house has a higher structure than usual.

If your requirement is blocking the stairs, hardware mounted dog gates are suitable rather than the pressure mounted ones. This also provides better safety to your dogs.

Most of the people like the doorway type gate to restrict their dogs from going outside or from entering a specific room, as well as keeping them in a specific room when necessary. Since they are available in a range of sizes , finding the right one rarely becomes a problem.

However, if your room has the modern day open concept, where there are a lot of open spaces and not too many doorways, you will have to get creative and create an opening like space, in which case, the large dog gates would be good to incorporate in your design.


There are many points to keep in mind when purchasing dog gates, as everything seems not just important, but crucial in your decision-making process.

You absolutely must consider the distance between the bars of the gate an the wall or whatever is on the side of the gates, since if you have too large of an opening the gate becomes useless. Find a place and measure it out, and then compare the measurements to those of the gates that you like, so that everything fits well and serves its purpose.


Secondly, the size of your dog is a must to consider when deciding what gates to choose for your dog. The standard gates have a height of 30 inches. Therefore, if you have a small breed, you have nothing to worry about, however, it may not be enough for the medium or the large breeds. You may want to consider the 60-inch dog, if you have a large breed. This way it will do its job and keep your pet inside our outside the allocated space.


As mentioned before the distance between the bars is crucial in optimizing the value of the gate, You want the gate to fit perfectly, too big or too small and the gate becomes useless, so make sure you get the correct size for your house and specifically for the location where you have decided to keep the gate at most times.


The gates with the automatic door closings may be the best choice, it is better to have it always closed, rather than forget to close it when you need it most. It is better to have this kind of gate for your dog, just to be on the safe side and keep your dog where you want them, instead of having them roam around as they feel like it.


A tiny door within the gate is very convenient if you have a large and a small dog. If you let your small dog come out and play, but want to keep the bigger one inside a confined area, this is perfect. The small dog can come out at any time, while the larger dog will have to respect the gate, it may not be fair to the larger dog, but it will make all the difference for you


Single hand opening feature is also available which will allow you to close the gate manually, or open it as you wish. However, this feature combined with the auto-closer will might make you forget about locking up your dog and therefore your dog will make its escape, unless you go and manually close all the openings.


Material of construction of the gates, means that you get to choose the color and the material of the gate. This is a great feature since you do not want to just put anything in your house. You can choose the material from wood, metal or plastic, depending on your budget and preference.

Metal is usually preferred with those dogs that have the habit of chewing on everything, as they can not chew threw metal, though they may still try. However, if your dog does not have this chewing habit, you may explore the plastic or wooden options if you feel those will be best for you and your pup!

1. Carlson Extra Wide Walk through Gate with Pet Door - Review

Editor Rating:

Carlson describes their product as an essential kit for your pets. Steel construction makes it chew-proof and has a pressure-mounted door closing for the safety gate. It is easy to install and a role model for extra-wide door closings.

Guaranteed 100% best quality steel gives it the highest durability to these white pet gates. It has a tiny opening for you small pets while the big door restricts the big buddy, who is stuck watching behind the gate.


  • Steel structure for better durability and chew-proof
  • Customizable in case of expansion
  • Tiny gate- to restrict the large pets while permitting the smaller to enter and exit
  • Pressure mounted door closer


  • Small dog breeds prefer sliding through the rod rather than using tiny door
  • The door look feels stiff when opening

Editor Rating:

This outstanding dog gate has the best features. No need for installation and is very thin (only 2”) after when folded. This particular dog gate is for the house and is best placed in the entryway or hallway.

Dark color scheme is suitable to fit in any house. The combination of metal and wood makes the gate perfect for any décor. The added length gives you the option to use in wider areas.


  • Combination of Steel and Wood in dark colors makes it suitable any décor style
  • No need to install
  • Foldable and stores in a small space
  • Added length enables extra area to block


  • Short height is not suitable for large breeds
  • Lightweight product- easy to move but not durable

Editor Rating:

This metal made gate is available in two styles, bronze, and beige. This pressure-mounted gate has dual locking option with auto-closing.

With the feature of easy customization, adjustment, chew proof and zero damage to your house, this gate has become extremely popular among users. The best way to use is to put the gate in front the staircase and in between rooms.


  • Styles are perfect in well blended color that enhance the beauty while fitting in with any décor style
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Metal gives a better sturdy structure
  • Easy adjustable to the door


  • Not good for large breeds
  • Sometime there might be problems of moving the mounting gear

Editor Rating:

This wooden dog gate for the house does not need any assistance or attachments for standing. Autumn Matte finish makes it attractive and very appealing inside the house.

Sustainable rubber wood gives a longer lasting lifespan. Very easy to store once folded, you can practically put it anywhere. Easy to move around as it is very lightweight.


  • Use of rubber wood give durability
  • Assistance free standing
  • ​Easy to fold, store and transport
  • Adjustable length


  • Can only restrict the small breeds
  • Do not able to hold the dog (if medium) in position

Editor Rating:

Premium quality cherry wood in accents with a single hand opening gate is best for small dogs. Most of the users have expressed that they have had no problems with this gate, just like the manufacturers suggests.

Steel frame with chew proof features, this best door gate is available in a premium dark color. Easy installation with pressure-mounted gate will not leave scratches on your wall.


  • Premium quality cherry wood accents with dark color
  • Very easy to install, pressure mounted gate
  • ​Chew proof steel frame for better durability
  • ​Both side opening
  • Sturdy built


  • Can only restrict the small breeds
  • Weak push button and not lasts long

Editor Rating:

This heavy-duty metal gate comes with baby safety features. This exclusive bronze finish is extraordinary and is extremely durable, double locking and built in swing closing system.

Moreover, single hand opening with added safety features gate will fit easily into any household. Premium color blend brings elegance to your home décor. In addition, you get a very clear instruction manual with all the directions from the manufacturer.


  • Added safety feature in heavy duty metal structure
  • Last a long time with better double door mechanism
  • Swing closing allows easy pass through
  • remium color blend for home elegance


  • Cheap quality material used for swing mechanism
  • No instruction for setting lower trim
  • You might go through a tough customization for the setting up process

7. Primetime Petz 360 Configurable Pet Gate - Review

Editor Rating:

The wooden made versatile design dog gates have the elegant look in the walnut color blend. The walk-thru design gives easy access to pass through the gate. You will be able to comfortably fold, store and carry this lightweight gate.

This unique designed gate will ease your guilt by providing your dog enough space to move within the restriction. As a dog parent, you will love this self-standing dog gate in your home.


  • Premium quality wooden elegant design with walnut color
  • Easy to fold, carry and store due to having lightweight
  • ​Provides large space for dog movement
  • Self-standing design with easy to fit in home decor


  • Although claims for all dog breeds, not good for large breeds
  • Not information about its durability

Editor Rating:

This is another Carlson’s premium steel gate in the lightweight frame with the quality rubber edges. Steel makes the dog gates sturdy, longer lasting and chew proof.

Superior plastic and wood, the gate is easy and quick to install. Quality rubber edge helps keep your walls scratch free. Moreover, this gate is easy to install, store and transport.


  • Carlson’s high quality steel made lightweight frame
  • Rubber edge helps to not scratch walls
  • Sturdy, longer lasting and chew proof
  • Easy installation, storing and transport


  • Bit tricky to open and close
  • Flimsy door style

9. Heavy Duty Easy Open Walk - Review

Editor Rating:

This simple walk-thru gate has a pressure-mounted opening. Heavy-duty steel construction makes it durable, chew and scratchproof.

The magical feature of this product is the custom fixing in your doorway with a simple bending technique. You can also set it as a single opening system.


  • Durable, chew and scratchproof steel construction
  • Simple walk-thru gate with pressure mounted opening
  • ​Customized fixation with small bend
  • Single hand opening


  • Not good for the large breeds
  • Extra bending may cause some damage to parts of the gate

Editor Rating:

The four folded dog gates are available in 11 different color blends or 4 styles. This heavy-duty molded plastic gate with steel locking system is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Having non-skid rubber feet in playpens help secure placement and protect floors. This USA made product comes with a manufacturer warranty and simple installation module.


  • Molded plastic frame with steel locking
  • Non-skid rubber feet helps in secure placement and protect flooring
  • ​Made in US
  • Simple installing


  • Not good for the large breeds

Final Verdict

As I had promised, I gave a review of the best dog gates for the house, which covers both indoor and outdoor requirements. I provided their unique features and materials.

Moreover, I have shown their usability. Now, if you are looking for dog gate that will help you to restrict you doggy inside the room or from coming down through stairs, I will definitely recommend the Carlson Extra Wide Walk through Gate with Pet Door

However, if you need this for your small pet I will suggest the Richell Wood Freestanding Pet Gate

You may also find the other gates that I discussed better suited for your needs. Therefore, give yourself and your dog the freedom you both deserve with and create a happy environment in your home, that is suitable for everyone. Chose the right gate and enjoy being a parent to such a wonderful creature.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann is a Pet Care consultant from Pleasant, SC. She is very much passionate writing on pets especially the dog, cat and much more!

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