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What is your opinion of about having a dog? I think like most of the owner, you also feel like a parents of a fur child. Having a fur baby gives a full time responsibility and all need to give the best care to their dogs.

Best care obviously relates the best dog foods in a line. Rather buying frequently most of us like to buy the dog foods at a time for a large quantity. Not only is this to save the money but also to show the best care. At this stage, we feel the necessity of the dog food container.

Unless you put the dog food in an appropriate dog food container, the food nutrients may degrade.Therefore, having such food container is essential to retain the best quality in the served food to your loving pet. Now a day, decorative dog food container is available.

Last couple of weeks, I have spent a lot of time on web and gather a vast knowledge on the best dog food container, which I can use for my own, or recommend to you so that you can use the time in other way.

However, I will give you some useful tips before showing the products I drag out from my long research.​

Recommended Best Dog Food Container

What are you thinking? Am I forgetting about the promise? No, I am not. Now it is time to show you the best dog food container I have found effective –

Dog-Pet Food Container- Large

Editor Rating:

Durability makes this decorative dog food container popular to all. It has great build up with 40-pound capacity.

​This is available as a signature product of Dog Pet. Natural cedar wood makes its frame while cedar made hinged lid is at the top.

​It is best suited for dry dog food and almost 35lbs sacks can have a perfect fit in it.However, the strong feeder with rustic look makes it appealing to the customers.


  • Decorative and designer work
  • Holds up to 40 pounds of food
  • ​Uses natural materials
  • ​Hinged lid
  • Highly durable


  • Large space to fit
  • Size varies from the picture
  • ​Complaint on shipping
  • ​Splinter may off from the wooden shell

Customer Review : Overall, the customers felt that they were getting the best quality for their money, and have been very happy with the dog food container.

Harry Barker Dog Food Storage

Editor Rating:

Harry Barker makes this decorative dog food container with their signature design. This comes in three different sizes, available in 40 lbs. 10 lbs. and 22 lbs.

Barker uses brawny recycled steel for this glossy silver color container. Moreover, this container is US FDA certified.​

In addition, the easy cleaning system with dry clothes and soaps make it very attractive to the buyers. The lid needs only a small effort to change.However, it offers a scoop to better food distribution with it.​


  • Fashionably pleasing
  • Available in three sizes
  • ​Comes with matching treat container and scoop
  • ​Recycled strong steel construction
  • Strong lid set up cause air tightness


  • Smallest size is 10 lbs. container, nothing smaller
  • Dents in lid cause erosion with the container
  • Sometimes scoop missing while shipping

Customer Review: Most of the reviewer loves the recycled steel construction with its unique design and well finish. Many of them like the ease of cleaning while few commented on the awesome durability and others like its lid and closure system.

Vittles Vault Stackable

Editor Rating:

Vittles Vault uses FDA approved high-density polyethylene and plastic for this decorative dog food container. 

It's special air tight feature can keep your food in its best quality over a long period of time while water resistant feature give you freedom from the accidental exposure to water.​

This particular set comes in 6 different sizes. You can get a Vittles stackable vault in 10 pounds, 25 lbs, 30 lbs, 50 lbs, 50 pounds and even 80 pounds.

In addition, the heavy construction enhances the durability and able to last for longer duration. Vault line, double gasket closure system and odor retention capacity make it a classic choice.​


  • 6 different size option with up to 80 pound containing capacity
  • Air tight and water resistant
  • ​Double gasket container and closure system by Spinning
  • ​Heavy duty construction
  • A thread and one cup measuring scoop is free with it
  • BPA free


  • Not too many multi-purposes
  • Report on Gamma2 bad customer service

Customer Rating: Most of the user reviewed with satisfactory comments with the performance. Not plenty of negative review on performance, design, free gifts and else with this product. They only negative feedback found with the unsatisfactory customer service from the Gamma2.

Iris Airtight Pet food storage Container

Editor Rating:

This dog food container is something a little different from the others listed here. Large open lid give it freedom to use easily.

Six different size options are available in the market place. It is better for storing up to 20 pounds of dry food.

However, it has others key elements like meeting FDA standards, small space to fit and air tightness in closed flip lid with an easy affordable price make it adorable to all.


  • Air tight container
  • Great for small spaces
  • ​Food grade plastic
  • ​FDA standards
  • BPA free


  • Only for dry food preservation
  • Not suitable for outdoor storage

Customer Review: Customers love to review the product for its better airtight performance and small-required space. Some also says they got the first container for their dog that is from USA.

Simplehuman Large Pet Food Storage Can

Editor Rating:

This BPA free decorative dog food container has a food grade plastic inner bucket and heavy-duty fingerprint proof steel made outer layer and lid.

It has an ergonometric lock for container closer system. It is available in two different sizes and up to 40 pounds of product can have better accommodation in it.

However, built in wheel and attached scoop with the lid make it the users choice.Moreover, this easy cleanable container comes with 10 years manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Great modern style
  • Available in three sizes
  • ​Stainless steel outer layer and cover
  • ​Magnetic auto closure
  • Food grade plastic inner bucket
  • Equipped with wheels and handle for easy maneuvering
  • Easy cleaning facility


  • Stainless steel does show streaks, and needs cleaning frequently
  • Loose fitting of the closure while fully loaded

Customer Review: Clients were very happy with sleek look and design of the dog food container, and said that it was very easy to use and keep clean and did not have issues with keeping it clean.

How to Use the Best Dog Food Container?

Like any degradable materials, air more specifically moisture is the main enemy for the dog food. Moisture in the air may cause severe damage to your purchased dog food.

An airtight decorative dog food container might be the best possible solution to keep the food in its best quality. This airtight dog food container gives you more advantages over the retaining quality. They can reduce or prevent food drying out, becoming sodden, budding freezer flame and engrossing whiff.

Moreover, the best dog food container has strong fitting lids, which does not allow passing air after closing.Most of the experts give their opinion that glass containers provide most effective air tightness while plastic containers in their closed lid also found effective.​

However, for having the best dog food container, you should remember the following points, which will become most effective –

  • It is better to avoid ceramics while you need air tightness. Although, the ceramic containers provide plastic or Teflon gasket, it does not become pore free.
  • For space optimization, it is better to use rectangular or square shaped containers rather than round.
  • ​Inside layered dog food container is more suitable for storing
  • ​It is better to use the exact size container as larger container can trap air inside. Therefore, the change of degradation, gaining bad odor etc increases for the stored food.
  • Make the dog food container empty after cleaning and before storing the new foods.

Final Verdict: As I promised, I have shared all the best dog food containers with you. All of them uses best materials for construction; provides safety to your pet food and can able to save your money by giving you the freedom to purchase a large amount of dog food at a time.

However, if you want to ask that which one I prefer for my pet food? I will definitely recommend Vittles Vault Stackable because I can even put it outdoor, as it is not only airtight but also waterproof.

Therefore, do not worry to buy the right one for your pet as you get the best five decorative dog containers in a single list.

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