Top 5 Best Automatic Dog Feeder Reviews

With no surprise, many of you may have to work a 12-hour shift and live alone makes it more difficult to make sure the proper care to the furry kids. At this point, you may feel the necessity of having an automatic dog feeder.

Although, I have heard about the automatic dog feeder with timer earlier, it was actually new for me. Moreover, thousands of questions were puzzling my mind and I became worried about the proper care of my lovely young doggy.​

Therefore, I started shopping online for an automatic dog feeder for my dogs. I simply could not have it waiting 12 or more hours to get the attention and food that it needed.​

I sit for a long week to decide the best one for my pet and found few amazing products for my need. Now I have decided to help you with those products. However, before that, I am detailing the criteria to choose the best automatic dog feeder for your pet.​

Top 5 Recommended Dog Feeders:

I have listed the best automatic dog feeders below which I have found during my intensive market research.

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What to consider for an automatic dog feeder?

When I am looking for an automatic dog feeder, I have to think about how often Iwill feedmy pet and the amount. Again, during my long working hours, I want to make sure that my dog gets adequate amounts of food, more than once throughout the day.

Therefore, I need something that could dispense food for my dog at a certain intervals. Luckily, I found some automatic dog feeder with timer and they are perfect for my purpose. I have considered few other things before my purchase and they are equally important for you.


One of those is the number of bowls and capacity. I found two distinct types of automatic dog feeder in this criterion. The number one is simply open the different bowls with food while the later gives a predetermined quantity dispensed in the same bowl. A prefer the second one which is a bit costly.


Another point is the type of foodstuff you want to serve your fur baby. The automatic dog feeder for dry food is very simple and available all over while the wet food feeder is also there. You may find options for other food element and water.


Finally, you may have already train your dog to take food while you call and now it is not taking food otherwise. There is automatic dog feeder with a small voice recorder to serve your purpose.

1. Feed and Go Smart - Pet Feeder Review

Preferred pet: Small Dog

Feed and Go Smart - Pet Feeder Review

Editor Rating:

This is an upper product from the respect of price but you got the best chance to take care of your fur baby and look after it while outside home.You can connect with your home Wi-Fi and it built in webcam make your pet visible to you.

​You can set the timer or can change the schedule as and when needed from a single profile.

You can control your doggy food intake by your Smartphone (Windows, iOs).

You will get sixcompartments in it and can able to schedule wet or dry food separately. However, the best thing is you can see your pet eating the proper meal and growing healthy. You will get a small startup app for operating this device and it is simple.​


  • Six compartment for keeping different types of food
  • Leave your dog a recorded message
  • ​Wi-Fi connection facility
  • ​Easy operating from Smartphone
  • ​Webcam for monitoring dog feeding and movemen
  • Portion and time controlled feeding options
  • Free startup app for controlling


  • Built-in webcam does not contain wide angle lens
  • Single size available
  • Size is pretty large for kennel

My Final words on Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder All most all the buyers were happy with their purchase. They love the Wi-Fi and built-in Webcam while others like the free startup app.

2. PetSafe Healthy - Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

Preferred pet: Most Dogs

PetSafe Healthy - Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder Review

Editor Rating:

It may be the best selling automatic dog feeder with timer. Having a lot unique feature and easy operating mode makes it the best among the others.

It has pre-programmable food dispensing system that can ranges from very quick to a slower dispensing speed. In addition, you can set up to 12 times auto meal dispensing.

You have nothing to worry with your dog care. Moreover, it provides the flexibility of dispensing from 0.25 to 4 cups meal. It has also pausing system of the dispensing without removal of the schedule. Again, it comes with a SS bowl, which is easy to clean with detergent.


  • Dog meal scheduling
  • 4 D battery to operate the electronic part and its rechargeable
  • ​Quick and slow dispensing facility up to 0.25 to 4cups
  • Dispense pausing without removal of schedule
  • 24/6 Customer service for US clients
  • Free SS Bowl[/s-li]
  • Easy to clean


  • Additional charge needed for 4D battery
  • Power Adapter setting also need extra charge
  • No Voice recording or video calling facility

My Final words on PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder: Due to the facilities, it provides in such a price makes it a favorite product to all of its users.

3. MOTA Perfect Dinner - Pet Feeder Review

Preferred pet: All Dogs

MOTA Perfect Dinner - Pet Feeder Review

Editor Rating:

The premium quality materials are the main attraction of this automatic dog feeder. This will actually control the feeding times and the portions.

It has a built-in voice recorder for 10 sec where you can record something important as call for a feed to your fur baby.

​In addition, you can schedule the pet food timing with the actual quantity you want to give. It can dispense up to six time meals for your child from 0.33 to 6 cups.

As a result, your dog will never be hungry during the long working hours or you can enjoy a holiday without worry. Moreover, the PLC control system is very easy to operate and you will get a removable bowl.


  • Premium quality materials for construction
  • Scheduling and portion controlling facility
  • ​Dispense up to 0.33 to 6 cups for 6 times
  • ​US based best customer care service for personally help your dog
  • Built in microphone and voice recorder
  • Helps keep food fresh


  • Feeder use fragile plastic finger which may broke easily
  • Up to 25 lbs is the largest food storing capacity

My Final words on MOTA Perfect Dinner Pet Feeder V2: Most of the people say that it is nice to have such a great feeder. However, some reported about miss scheduling and breakage of finger like feeding chute.

4. Pet Feedster USA  DOG - Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder Review

Preferred pet: All Dogs

Pet Feedster USA  DOG - Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder Review

Editor Rating:

Most of us know about the ant related issues while giving food continuously in feeder. Pet Feedster comes with this automatic dog feeder with timer for a solution. They assure that this is a product of ant proof.

In addition, you may save time to lubricate the feeder parts to stop jamming. You can use any shape and size of kibble. 

Therefore, you do not need to adjust food preference for your fur baby.​

Moreover, you do not need any expertise for setting or dismantling the feeder.Both AC and DC power backup will help the maintenance of the meal schedule.

Again, with 1-year manufacturer warranty, this product offers 30 days money back policy.​


  • Able to dispense from 1 teaspoon which may be up to 6 cups
  • Anti jamming technology with ant proof feature
  • ​Both AC and DC power back up
  • 1-year warranty with 30 days money back policy
  • ​Internal memory to save the unplugged time


  • Not suitable for giant dogs which need about 7-8 cups food at a time
  • You might get a product with faulty firm ware which may lead to worse dispense

My Final words on Pet Feedster USA PF-10: Many of the reviewers found it as a good dog feeder. Some of the people say the operating firmware has some programming errors, which leads to dispense inappropriate amount.

5. Lusmo Automatic - Pet Feeder  English Ver Review

Preferred Pet: Small - Medium Dogs​

Lusmo Automatic - Pet Feeder  English Ver Review

Editor Rating:

This is the simplest, cheap and easy operating product in this list. You got three-color options with cute design.

The portion control system is able to dispense from 15cc (1/16 Cup) to 1 cup with only ± 1.65 gm standard deviation.

The feeder and bowl are easy to set and dismantle so that you can wash are without any difficulty. However, for your smart dog, you may use a mischief guard.


  • Simple, cheap and Easy Operating
  • Easy to dismantle and clea
  • Portion control, auto dispensing facility with very small chance of deviation


  • For smart pet, you may need to buy mischief guard
  • Battery life is poor

My Final words on Lusmo Automatic Pet Feeder: People make satisfactory comments with this product. They love the outlook, cleaning options and operation. However, many of the users said a complaint on its battery life.

Final Verdict

I have kept my words and presented the best automatic dog feeder for your doggy.Now you have not to worry about feeding your pet during your work shifts. The timer gives you the freedom to feed your pet timely.

Now, if money is not an issue for you, then I definitely recommend Feed and Go Smart Pet Feeder while I would recommend PetSafe Healthy Pet Simply Feed Automatic Feeder if you have to save your pocket but also want to give the best to your fur baby.

However, the other options you can also take which will give you satisfactory performance. Thus, pick up the link, go for the best gift for your fur baby, and bring the automatic dog feeder today.

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